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When You Truly Love, Don’t Run Away From Rough Days

When You Truly Love, Don’t Run Away From Rough Days

Nobody ever said that relationships are easy. Nobody ever said your relationship was going to be all sunshine and rainbows. There will be hard days and you’re going to need to make compromises and sometimes you won’t know what to do. But the worst thing you can do is to give up on the person you love just because you’ve fallen into a hole and you have no idea how to get out of it.

The best thing in this world is to have someone who never gives up on you, no matter how many bad days you find yourself in. The best thing is to have someone who never leaves. And a person who loves never leaves so easily. A person who loves fights till the last breath. That’s how you ‘do’ love.

If you love, if you truly love her, don’t run away from the rough days. When you two hit bumps in the road, don’t leave if you really love her. Stay with her, and no matter how many other people are trying to get your attention, choose to stay next to her every day. So, choose her every day.

Don’t run away when she tells you about the things she did that she’s ashamed of. If you truly love her, don’t pour gasoline on the fire, fight that fire. Don’t leave, no matter how dark it gets, because those dark days are nothing compared to her worth. So, choose to show her how worthy she is.

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Don’t leave when she tells you how much she loves you or how long she waited for someone like you. Don’t run away when her love scares you, and don’t hit the door when your feelings overwhelm you. Instead of running away, embrace those feelings and decide to love even more.

When you truly love, you love even more when things get rough. You love more than every fight you get yourself into. You love so hard that the distance between you two shrinks. You love so much that you make everyone scared to stand between the two of you.

Don’t give up when a situation stops being ideal. When your relationship steps up to the next level, that’s when devils start appearing. And that’s exactly when you need to remind yourself why you got together in the first place. That’s exactly when you push harder and do your best to unlock the new level. You raise the game, you don’t give up.

When you love, you put yourself all in. There is no giving up. There is no chickening out. You man up and you stand before her and you tell her that no matter how insecure she feels, she is your number one choice each and every day. Tell her that she’s all you need and want in life. And tell her that you’re not leaving, no matter how rough things get.

Stay and choose to fight for her, for your love and for your relationship. Choose her and choose to work on you two. And don’t ever turn your back on her. Because if you’re going to ‘do’ love, do it right, or don’t do it at all.