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This Is Why You Need To Trust The Timing Of Your Life

This Is Why You Need To Trust The Timing Of Your Life

“Trust the timing of your life”, he said to me. But back then, I didn’t believe that the timing of my life was in my favor.

I was going through a painful heartbreak, I was desperately looking for a job and as a bonus, I was also fighting with depression.

I thought to myself: “This is not happening. This is not where I’m supposed to be at the moment. How in the world is it possible for everything to fall apart literally overnight?”

I spent a great amount of time crying and feeling like the universe, God and all the other higher powers and forces had abandoned me. All I could think of was: “The timing of life sucks!”

And then, at one point, everything started changing.

I met a great guy who was really supportive. He helped me fight my depression and he happened to know someone who could offer me a job.

I couldn’t believe what the odds of this miraculous chance encounter were!

​Just when I was on the verge of giving up on everything, the perfect timing happened and I realized that all this time, the timing was right.

Perhaps it wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do but it taught me valuable life lessons and enriched me with life experiences.

So, yes, trust the timing of your life because life is not a destination but a process!

How many times have you felt the exact same way as I did? How many times have you thought that you had been abandoned and that everything was falling apart before your own eyes?

Don’t worry, we have all felt the same way at one point in our life. We imagine that we need to be in a certain place at a certain time.

That we need to achieve our goals as soon as possible and that we expect that nothing should interfere with our dreams and wishes.

We forget that this is not really possible (well, not in real life) and this planning and daydreaming is what prevents us from trusting the timing of our life.

Instead of focusing on our personal growth, we tend to focus solely on our goals. We forget that life is not a race that consists of several stations, each one designed for one achieved goal.

Life is a process and the timing is not something you should influence but instead trust with all of your heart that everything that’s happening right now is happening for a reason.

We need to believe that we’re exactly where we’re supposed to be at the present moment and that each hardship and every chance are all a part of a greater purpose.

Instead of only focusing on what’s wrong, we need to celebrate small wins because they are a part of the process.

Small wins are what shape us, whereas big wins are milestones.

Imagine that you could get everything you ever wanted at this exact time; that you could move on without feeling any trace of a heartbreak or that you’re famous on social media.

That the holiday season lasts the entire year, that you have a car, a boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife according to your standards and preferences.

Do you think you would be grateful for all of this if someone gave it to you just like that? I don’t think so.

Neither you, I, or anyone else could feel the amount of gratefulness and appreciation for something that was given to us instantly and without the need to make an effort.

Because we only focus on achieving the end goal, we forget to enjoy all those little moments and celebrate all those small wins before ‘getting to the desired destination’.

We’re only focused on getting there at any cost so that we can cross this item off the list and switch to the next one.

After the next one comes another one and so on.

We forget to breathe and enjoy all the other wonderful things happening around us just because we’re so focused on our cravings, desires and being in control.

Small wins are what shape us and help us with self-growth and spiritual awakening. So, that’s where we should direct our energy.

Recently I stumbled upon this one concept that says getting up in the morning and making your bed is a huge win because this gives us feelings of satisfaction and completion.

Making your bed is the first task that you manage to accomplish, which motivates you to also accomplish other tasks that day.

Do you see how this one small win is connected with other small wins that in the end all unite into a big one or a few big ones?

We cannot control what’s happening around us but we can do the best we can each day and that’s all that matters!

I remember when I was really skinny and couldn’t gain weight even though I was eating like crazy.

So, I decided to start working out in the hope that I would gain some muscle, awaken my body and fill it with positive energy.

I would go to the gym a few days a week and every completed workout session was my small win.

Not one second was I solely focused on the final result of gaining some weight because I knew that it was a process that would take months or years before I would see any visible changes.

Every time I would come home after the gym, I would reward myself with something symbolic to celebrate this one small win.

After a thousand of these small wins, for the first time I realized that I had accomplished the big one as well.

I finally gained weight and I looked healthy and happy. And then when I looked back at the process, I realized how much I had grown up mentally and physically during all that time.

There were days when I felt like crap but I never, ever stayed at home and refused to go to a workout session. This improved my self-discipline, sense of devotion and sheer perseverance.

The same thing can be applied to the college where I perceived every exam as a small win, whereas a final piece of paper that said I’d finished was a big win.

So yes, trust the timing of your life because faith is the most powerful force in the universe!

We often like to think that we can control the present, the future and everything that’s happening to us but the truth is that we cannot and we’re not supposed to be in control of anything.

There are multiple factors that can ruin every possible plan but we still don’t give up on planning.

And when things don’t go the way we anticipated, we end up feeling miserable and like the universe is trying to trick us and play with us. We forget that faith is the only thing that is beyond control.

When we’re focused on doing the best we can each day and every moment and when we have found our silver lining, all there is left to do is trust that the universe will do the rest for us.

We cannot know what will happen next year but when we look back at the past year, we can notice some things we were unaware of at that time.

We get to understand why some things had to happen and then we blame ourself for not trusting the universe.

We finally learn that if we want the rainbow, we have to deal with the rain.

Breaking up with someone might feel like the end of the world but after some time, we realize that it was the best thing that ever happened to us because we were unhappy with our partner.

Once we meet someone new, we learn to be thankful for and appreciate every single nice thing they do for us just because we have tasted how it feels to be taken for granted.

Before going to sleep, we look up, pinch ourself to make sure we’re not dreaming and we say: “Thank you universe and the timing of my life!”

It’s interesting that whenever something bad happens, we see it as something totally undesirable and negative. We dream of living in a state where we’ll experience only feelings of bliss and happiness.

We strive to love, laugh and enjoy and we fear tears and pain. However, all of these are what shape us and make us who we are.

Our laughter, tears, happiness and sadness are what bring us closer to connecting with our true selves!

My life is not perfect and neither is yours and it will never be. We are flawed and imperfect and we have plenty of quirks and weird habits but that’s exactly what makes us who we are.

We might convince ourself that another job would make us happier or that other life circumstances would be more pleasant and enjoyable and we can dwell upon that idea for a long time and feel miserable or we can choose to do our best and trust the timing of our life.

Effort, patience and acceptance are the three secret ingredients to true happiness.

When you know that you have given your best, that you’ve been patient and that you’ve accepted the nature of the universe (instead of questioning it), then you know there’s nothing else you could have done.

Then you know that the timing of your life is your friend and not an enemy that you should exterminate and force to play by your rules.

This timing is not something you can see or influence because it is a hidden force that lives in our heart and can only be activated by faith.

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