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What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Cute? 15 Hidden Meanings

What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Cute? 15 Hidden Meanings

He calls me beautiful. He calls me pretty. I’ve noticed that guys are really creative when it comes to compliments and different names to call girls.

Usually, these adjectives are straightforward, but there’s still one unresolved mystery: What does it mean when a guy calls you cute?

If a guy calls you beautiful or pretty, it usually indicates that he’s attracted to you and he really likes you. But, what does it mean when he calls you cute?

Whenever a guy calls me cute, I can’t help but think the following: Does he really like me or is he just thinking that I’m cute because of my curly hair and glasses? I’m sure he calls every girl cute. Hmm…

It took me a while to realize that guys don’t call every girl cute because calling you that has a special meaning to them.

Sometimes, it is one of those subtle signs he likes you (more than a friend), and other times, it is related to a platonic friendship.

When a guy calls you cute, you should feel flattered because it is one of the most beautiful compliments to a girl, and it has a deeper meaning! Next time a guy calls you cute, here’s what it means!

Note: If you’re not sure whether this guy likes you in a romantic way or if he just sees you as a friend, then below, you’ll also find body language signs he secretly likes you more than a friend!

What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Cute? 15 Hidden Meanings

You are different from other girls.

Words have different meanings to different people, but one thing is for sure: If a guy calls you hot, chances are he sees you only as a one-night stand.

Being a hot girl has more cons than pros, and it only refers to physical appearance. Also, being hot requires lots of money and time, and that’s why men don’t really like these types of women.

If he calls you cute, it means you’re different from other girls! You don’t seem to bother with heavy makeup and other girly things.

You feel confident in your own skin, you are genuine, and you don’t care what others will think of you. That’s what makes you truly unique and different from others.

You are warm-hearted.

If there’s one thing men really hate, it is girls who are spoiled. So, if a guy calls you cute, it means you’re the complete opposite.

You are charming, warm-hearted, and good-natured. Cute girls are always happy, and they find joy in little things.

Cute girls are attractive to men because of their inspiring and charming nature. Cute girls are beautiful girls inside and out! (And, they are also girls who every mother-in-law dreams of).

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You have a cheerful attitude.

Anyone can be grumpy all the time, but it takes strength to have a cheerful attitude even when the world is collapsing around you.

So, what does it mean when a guy calls you cute?

It means that you make people around you happy, relaxed, and comfortable. You make people laugh and you don’t take yourself too seriously.

You’re not a drama queen (which is the biggest red flag to every man out there). You are modest, you always find a silver lining in everything, and you never lose hope.

Congratulations! You’re a legit girl next door, and that’s the type of girl every man dreams of being with! So, if he calls you cute, don’t friend-zone him.

You have a beautiful smile.

Did you know that one of the first things men notice about you is your smile? Well, now you know.

If he calls you cute, it means he’s mesmerized by your beautiful smile and he enjoys your company A LOT!

But, this is not just about your beautiful smile or cute hairstyle. It’s more than that. He also acknowledges the beauty of your aura and your positive energy.

Guys enjoy spending time with girls who are easy-going, who have a great sense of humor, and who know how to make people laugh.

You know that a guy is really smitten by you if he also calls you by those cute nicknames for girls like Cutie.

If he ever calls you that, there’s no need to overthink things. You can be sure that he’s completely smitten by you.

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You’re a lot of fun to be with.

When I wasn’t sure about the real meaning behind a guy calling me cute, I would constantly ask myself the following: What does it mean when a guy calls you cute? Is it a bad thing?

Now, I know for sure that it’s not a bad thing at all! On the contrary, it’s the BEST thing out there. And, do you know why?

Because the reason why a guy uses the word cute is to describe a girl who is great company.

Knowing that you’re the type of girl he enjoys spending time with makes you feel really special. When a guy calls you cute, know that you’re the type of girl he’ll never want to break up with.

You appreciate the true values.

You are not materialistic. You don’t desire luxurious things and expensive gifts. You’re a simple girl with an inspiring mindset, and that’s what makes you truly amazing. That’s why he calls you cute!

You don’t crave other people’s attention and you don’t need validation from anyone. You appreciate honesty, commitment, and effort.

You probably have some unusual hobbies that make you even more special in his eyes.

And, he knows that you would prefer a pizza night or a Netflix night over a glamorous event. He also knows that simply staring at the ceiling with you would be more fun than doing anything else with other girls.

He’s trying to win your approval.

We often forget the fact that guys can be insecure as well. They can be really anxious about making the first move and letting you know that they like you.

When a guy calls you cute, it might be his way of telling you that he’d like to get to know you better. He’s not sure if you like him back, so by calling you cute, he is hoping that he’ll succeed in winning your approval.

When dating a shy guy or an insecure guy, keep in mind that they will need more time to tell you how they feel about you. Be patient and subtly let them know that you like them back (of course, if you truly do).

He thinks you’re girlfriend material.

Yup. If a guy calls you cute, this is a great sign indicating that he sees you as girlfriend material. If you really like that guy, know that chances are high that he’s dreaming about YOU being his girlfriend.

What does it mean when a guy calls you cute in a text?

It means the same thing! If a guy calls you cute in a text or in person, it means that you’ve captured his attention and now he can’t stop thinking about you.

Also, if he sends you those sweet pick-up lines, girl, that man is totally crazy about you!

He’s mesmerized by your personality.

When a guy calls you cute, it means he’s completely mesmerized by your personality.

He likes your ability to think outside the box, he likes the way you get excited when talking about your favorite TV show, he likes your funny facial expressions, and so on.

He likes your cheerful vibe and he enjoys listening to your funny childhood stories. He’s impressed by your unique sense of style and choice of words.

He’s mesmerized by your physical appearance as well, but your personality makes him attracted to you on a deeper level. That is how you know that he’s legit boyfriend material!

He thinks you’re beautiful inside and out.

If a guy calls you cute, he thinks you’re a beautiful woman inside and out. He loves your smile, your eyes, your way of thinking, and you’re his inspiration.

He enjoys spending time with you because you always teach him something new. You know how to lift his spirits up when he’s feeling down, and you’re not afraid to contradict him if needed.

Being called beautiful inside and out is the ultimate compliment to every girl. That is how you know that he’s not only interested in getting into your pants, but he also sees you as his potential girlfriend!

He’s subtly flirting with you.

Yes, ladies! You probably already know how much guys enjoy flirting with women. Flirting with us is their way of saying that they like us.

However, sometimes, these flirting signs won’t be so obvious for you to notice them. Calling you cute is one of those subtly flirting signs he likes you more than a friend.

Yes, you heard it right. He wants to get to know you better and he wants you to notice him, too.

You can be 100% sure that he’s really into you if he sends you lots of teasing text messages as well.

As a matter of fact, the only reason why a guy would want to spend a great amount of time texting with girls is to show off his teasing skills and make a girl laugh.

That’s just how they’re wired, and if you pay attention to all those signs, you’ll always be one step ahead, girl.

He thinks you’re a kid at heart.

A cute woman is similar to a cute child. What makes them both look adorable is their big eyes that observe everything with excitement and curiosity.

If a guy notices that you’re still a kid at heart, he’ll make sure to let you know that.

There’s nothing more pure and innocent than being a kid at heart. If you are one, then you’re one of the few grown-ups who still have that spark in you, and you know how to find joy in little things.

Every guy desires to hang out with a girl who is young at heart.

They can’t stand girls whose main hobby is gossiping, and they can’t get enough of girls who don’t have problems experiencing the joys of rain (instead of complaining) and still sensing magic in the ordinary things in life.

Such girls are true jewels and they deserve to be called sweet, cute, beautiful, and simply AMAZING (and he knows that very well).

He likes your energy and vibe.

Are you still wondering what it means if a guy calls you cute? It means he likes your energy and vibe. He enjoys texting with you because you always know how to make his day.

He can sense your uplifting energy even through texting. When he sees you in person, he can’t help but think that your overall aura is totally sweet.

His biggest goal is to make you feel special and that is why he chooses to call you sweet names and nicknames.

He wants to do sweet things with you.

The truth is that guys don’t want to cuddle with just anyone. They always prefer cute girls for that activity and that is why he calls you that!

He wants to do sweet things with you like hold hands, snuggle next to you, kiss you, and hug you. I’ll stop right here before I go “cuteness overload”.

Do you know that feeling when you see an adorable plush toy or a cat? I don’t know about you, but I go crazy every single time.

Whenever I see a cat or a fluffy teddy bear, I can’t help but pet them because it feels so cozy and relaxing.

It will probably sound weird what I’m about to say next, but he probably feels the same way about you.

When he sees you, he can’t help but want to hold you in his hands and do all those sweet things with you.

He adores your natural beauty.

Even though the media is constantly bombarding us with new upgraded versions of “makeup arsenal” and presenting it as something you must have if you want to look pretty, the truth is completely different.

Girls who haven’t fallen for these tricks and who know how to celebrate their natural beauty are seen as Goddesses in every guy’s eyes.

The guy I’m currently in a “texting relationship” with and whom I adore so much (I seriously hope he won’t ever read this) once said to me: Whenever I see a girl without makeup, I instantly feel the urge to kneel in front of her as a sign of my appreciation for her celebration of natural beauty. That’s exactly what attracted me to you the moment I saw you.

If this sounds familiar to you, and if you’re a fan of natural beauty and minimum makeup, then that’s a valid reason why he calls you cute.

Sooner than you know, he will be Googling cute ways to ask a girl out. Guess twice whom he will be asking out (smiley face)!

15 Body Language Signs He (Secretly) Likes You

Guys can tell you a lot of things, and sometimes, they say things they don’t even mean.

This makes it really hard for girls to decipher their behavior and to know what’s exactly going on in their heads. But, not all hope is lost!

The best way to know if someone is really into you (or not) is to pay attention to their body language signs!

If you’re still not sure whether this guy likes you (more than a friend), here’s the list of genuine body language signs that he secretly likes you:

• He always (often) stares at you

• When you look at him, he looks away (this one is reserved for shy guys)

• Whenever he looks at you, he can’t help but smile

• His face is always pointed directly toward you

• He adjusts his hair and clothes when he sees you approaching him

• He’s nervous around you (his legs and hands shake)

• His voice changes

• He touches your waist in a sensual and subtle manner

• He gives you a subtle kiss on the cheek and/or hugs you

• He blushes (because he’s trying to hide how much he actually likes you)

• Sometimes, he shows jealousy

• He notices every little change you make about yourself

• Whenever he sees you, his pupils dilate and his eyebrows raise

• He licks and/or bites his lips (or looks at yours)

• It seems like he has trouble breathing when he’s around you

Summing It Up!

So, what does it mean when a guy calls you cute? It basically means that he likes your personality and your cheerful vibe.

In the majority of cases, it means that he’s romantically interested in you and he sees you as girlfriend material.

To be one hundred percent sure that he likes you more than a friend, you also need to pay attention to his body language signs that we mentioned above.

Remember that body language signs NEVER lie!