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What To Say When Someone Calls You Cute: 162 Best Responses

What To Say When Someone Calls You Cute: 162 Best Responses

When someone pays you a nice compliment, the basic rule of thumb is to return the compliment… to say thank you and offer them a kind word in return.

However, I think we all have the same struggle because it’s like we’re left without words in those moments. The question that bothers us all is what to say when someone calls you cute,.How do you return the compliment?

In order to stop the cat from getting your tongue the next time someone calls you a cutie, I’ve found the best and most appropriate responses and put them into this collection below. I really hope you find it useful – actually, I know you will. 😉

What To Say When Someone Calls You Cute: 27 Polite Responses

Wait no more and check out this amazing list of the nicest things you can say when a girl/guy calls you cute ASAP:

1.Thank you. That’s so kind of you to say.

2. It’s so rare to meet such a kindhearted person – I’m grateful to be here with you.

3. I’m not nearly as cute as you, but I’m always trying!

4. Thank you for being the one good thing today! 

5. It’s so rare to meet such a kind person – I’m grateful to be here with you.

6. Thank you. I look the cutest in my birthday suit, but thanks for appreciating this outfit! 😉

7. Thanks so much – I really like your (insert a personality trait).

8. You’re definitely making me blush right now. Thank you!

9. Aww, thank you! You’re cute too!

10. That’s the nicest thing anyone has said to me today.

11. Thank you. I really appreciate you taking the time to express that.

12. The feel-good brain chemicals are at it again. All it took was a text from you. Sorcery! 

13.Thanks so much for the compliment! It made me smile.

14. You always know the right thing to say at the right time. Thank you.

15. You have no idea how much that means to me.

16. You are the medicine I needed today. 

17.Well, thanks – if you could see me, I’m full-on blushing!

18. I appreciate the thoughtful compliment. Thank you!

19.Wow, you know how to make a girl feel great!

20.Thank you so much! You’re pretty cute too.

21. How did you know I needed to hear that? 

22.I appreciate you for saying that.

23.I see your compliment and raise you a hug. 

24.We’re both clearly in the complimenting mood because I think you’re pretty incredible too.

25.You know just what to say. Never take that power for granted. 

26.I could say the same about you.

27.You’re a man of few words, but you sure do make them count. 

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What To Say When Someone Calls You Cute: 54 Funny Responses

If you want to add a bit of humor to your response, the next list is the one you should look for your perfect reply in.

1.What? Is the end of the world coming?

2.Thank you. You’re very observant. 

3.Sorry, you must have mistaken me for someone else. I get that a lot.

4.Thank you! Please vote for me in the upcoming election.

5.Well, at least someone other than my parents thinks so.

6.It’s hard to get that kind of honesty. 

7.Give me some time, and I’ll find something to return the compliment.

8.You have such a good eye for quality.

9.You’re only saying that to get in my good graces! Well, you’re in.

10.You’re so right! Okay, my turn.

11.Are you on any medications or under the influence of any drugs?

12. I’m sorry, I couldn’t quite hear you . . . could you please say that again?

13.Aww, I would disagree, but you make it so believable.

14.It isn’t easy to achieve such perfection.

15.I left my humility at home, so I’m just gonna say, “You’re right, and keep going.”

16.Now that you’ve got my attention, carry on.

17.If I had a dollar for every compliment I’ve received so far, I’d be a billionaire.

18.My boyfriend says so too.

19.Points for being right and not being gross about it. 

20.Yeah, the genie finally granted my wish.

21.You are wise beyond your years.

22.Cuteness is an ancient family secret. I’ll never tell you why I look this way!

23.Yep, it’s just mother nature. Anyway, thank you, fan! 😄

24.Directness, honesty, and impeccable taste. Way to stand out. 

25.What took you so long to notice?

26.Thanks. I sacrificed many lives for it.

27. I’m listening. This is my listening face. 

28.Are you going to wait for a compliment back now?

29.Aw, shucks! Wish I could say the same about you!

30.Don’t tell anyone, but I used to be an ugly duckling.

31.Thanks. It’s probably because I took a shower today!

32.I bet you get tired of people telling you that you have great taste. But I’ll say it anyway. 

33.Give me a pen, and I’ll give you my autograph.

34.You’ve just upgraded yourself to my best friend.

35.I could tell you how I do it, but you’d have to pay me.

36.Weirdly accurate. Have we met?

37.Mwahahahaha . . . the human sacrifices I offered have finally worked!

38.I woke up like this. 

39.Finally, I found someone who agrees with my mom and dad.

40.Are you sure you’re not mistaking me for someone else?

41.It’s extremely rare for me to hear that.

42.It is my responsibility to spread cuteness in the world.

43. Well, I won’t argue with that.

44.Right? Same page. 

45.I’m glad I made your day brighter.

46.Wow, keep ’em coming.

47.Well put. I like the way you use words. 

48.My comb and mirror are my other two big fans.

49. Well, 11 out of 10 people agree!

50.Oh, stop. And by that, I mean stop holding back. 

51.Nice. You’re making it hard for me to tell you to get lost. 

52.It’s really refreshing to meet someone who has a similar sense of humor – I love how sarcastic you are.

53.That’s me – all-natural, no preservatives, and just spicy enough to keep things interesting. 

54. After hearing what you just said, I realized that honest people do still exist!

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37 Flirty Responses To “You’re Cute

If it’s your crush or someone you want to engage in a romantic relationship with, you should use these flirty compliments as a comeback to their kind words:

1.That’s something else we have in common.

2. I could listen to you complimenting me all day if you’d like to continue.

3. That’s so sweet! Maybe I’ll show you how cute I can be later.

4. And there you go again…making me wish you were here. 

5. Thanks. Wanna get a room? 😆

6. Getting warmer. Keep talking. 

7. I was going to say the same about you!

8. So, do you like seeing me this way? It’s all for your benefit, of course…

9. I am surviving on food, water, and your compliments.

10.Stop it before I fall in love with you.

11.Well, you’re the cutest person I know.

12. Aww, stop. You are spoiling me already.

13.Thanks, but let’s save all that for tonight.

14.Thank you! I think you are handsome.

15. I think we are both cute and totally matched!

16. I guess that makes two of us!

17. I’m glad you can’t see my face when I get this kind of text from you. It’s embarrassing. 

18. You must be looking at a mirror.

19. I see you went with my favorite compliment. 

20. If you think I look cute now, wait and see what I put on tonight.

21.Cute, like a cute little kid? Or cute, like a sexy kitten?

22. Okay, but have you seen yourself?

23.It’s about time you said something! I’ve been wondering what you were thinking all day.

24.Shucks! That’s the sweetest thing I’ve heard today!

25. I’ve been waiting to hear that from you all day. Thanks, babe.

26.Thanks! But you’re way cuter.

27.I can picture your smile with this text. And now, I have to sit down. 

28.Your good looks must have rubbed off on me.

29.How is that possible when you exist?

30.You’re just a cuteness overload!

31. You must’ve rubbed off on me.

32.I’m so glad that you feel that way about me. It makes me feel so special.

33.Totally not smiling like an idiot at that.

34.Thanks, babe. I tried to put in a little extra effort today.

35.Aw, thanks! But we totally shouldn’t be flirting right now.

36.Takes one to know one!

37.Okay, I’m gonna be honest with you. You and me… this could work. 

How To Respond To Someone Calling You Cute: 28 Sarcastic, Rude Responses

If you don’t want to respond politely because you know the other person isn’t offering you a genuine compliment, check out this list of sarcastic responses:

1. Don’t try. I’m not interested.

2. Don’t worry – you’ll get there . . . eventually.

3. I know I am. Thank you.

4. Keep going and keep trying. I believe in you. But, seriously, keep going. 

5. Whoa, there, tiger, are you hitting on me? I’m already taken, sorry.

6. Is that the best you’ve got?

7. Do you say that to anyone who looks at you?

8. You can’t keep your thoughts to yourself, can you?

9. But I can get ugly.

10. Alright, what do you want?

11. Oh, sorry, what? I was too busy thinking about how gorgeous I am.

12. You have a good sense of humor! 

13. I’m glad that we share the same opinion.

14. Not this again . . . take a number and wait in line.

15. Oof. Try again. But with someone else. 

16. I know, right?

17. If you didn’t look the way you do, I would totally have a clever comeback for that. 

18.You’re saying nice things, but your eyes are saying something else…

19. Flattery won’t get you anywhere, fella. Scram!

20. Damn, I wish I could say the same about you! Burn!

21.Thank you, but if you want me to give you my phone number, you will need to do better.

22.You sound like my mom.

23.Why are you drooling? Here’s a handkerchief.

24.Tell me something I don’t know.

25. I wish you could experience it as well.

26. Let me guess, you need something.

27. Pointing out the obvious is not a winning strategy – at least…not for you. 

28. You need glasses! 

What To Say When Someone Calls You Pretty On Instagram: 16 Good Responses

If someone leaves a comment on your Insta post saying you’re cute, here are the most appropriate responses to that kind of comment. Of course, you can always make your comment more aesthetic by adding a nice emoji at the end of your reply.Aww, thanks. You just made my day.

1.Yup, hashtag NO FILTER! 😂

2. Aww, you’re the sweetest!

3. Oh, stop it! You’re making me blush!

4. It must be the light!

5. Look who’s talking!

6. It’s all-natural and organic. Lol, thank you!

7. That’s very sweet. Thank you.

8. My heart just exploded.

9. Hello, my favorite person. You’re right on time. 

10. Love you, my dear friend. You’re the best.

11.Well, you’re not bad yourself!

12.Compliment accepted. 😜 Thank you so much, cutie! 😘

13. Hashtag BLESSED!

14. You have no idea how much this comment means to me.

15. Right back at ya.

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What Does It Mean When A Friend Calls You Cute?

To be honest, there are several ways you can interpret this. The first (and most common one) is that your friend really considers you a cutie and wants you to know that.

The other way to interpret it is that you’re currently going through a hard time, and your friend is trying to comfort you with those kind words. Maybe they think you need a self-esteem boost, and that’s their way of doing it.

The third scenario may be that your friend has a crush on you, and they’re showering you with these flirty compliments to make you realize it. If your friend displays other signs that they like you more than a friend, you should take it seriously and do something before it costs you your friendship.

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What Does It Mean When A Girl Says You’re Cute Too?

She might tell you that just to return the compliment, or she may tell you that because she really thinks you’re cute. So, in the best-case scenario, she likes you, and in the worst-case, she’s just being polite and nice.

The only way you can know for sure what she is really thinking is by paying close attention to her body language. Based on what she says, her body movements and facial expression will reveal the real truth to you.

However, don’t get your hopes up immediately because it may take you down the road to a painful heartbreak. Give her some time, spend some more time with her, and she’ll reveal her true feelings eventually.

To Wrap It Up

I hope now you know what to say when someone calls you cute. Well, you’re equipped with the best compliments and responses, so I know this won’t be a struggle for you anymore.

Be careful with your response, especially if it’s someone you like very much. They might take it the wrong way, and you could ruin every chance you have of engaging in a romantic relationship with them.

Also, always keep in mind the type of friendship/relationship you have with that person so your response doesn’t cross the line. If someone is being nice to you, you should return the kindness and be nice to them too.

No matter what, always choose kindness in life!