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What Each Zodiac Sign Says Right After Having Sex

What Each Zodiac Sign Says Right After Having Sex


This zodiac sign wants it all and wants it right now. So, after you have sex with them you can expect something like:

“Oh my God! This was so perfect! Don’t put your clothes on because Daddy is ready for a second round!”


This sign is quite persistent so they will always want to get as close as they can to perfection. When you finish having sex with them, they will say something like:

“I want you to be totally satisfied in bed but I don’t think I managed to provide you with that.  Let’s eat something and then we are going back to bed for some more action.”


Maybe this sign is interested in sex but they don’t know how to show it properly.

So, after you have sex with them, they will act like they are not interested and say something like:

“Just give me a second to post something on Facebook. And I can check if anyone called me as well. And when I finish that, I can go running for some time, I haven’t done that in a while.”


You should know that you are dealing with one of the most sensitive and romantic signs of all the zodiac and that you will have an unforgettable experience.

So, when the two of you finish making love (Cancers never just have sex), they will tell you something like:

“Do you want to have two or more kids? What do you want to name our baby girl? I have a name for a baby boy. We need to book the church as soon as possible because we are meant for each other!”


This sign is someone who simply loves to show off with everything they can.

So, when the two of you do your thing, you will probably hear something like:

“I don’t want to show off but I can bet I am the best lover you ever had. Nobody has those perfect sex skills like I do and I can make any woman happy in the ways she has never imagined.”


This sign is very practical and they will always make sure that you have safe and clean sex.

After you finish everything with them, they will get nervous because they will want to do so many things at such short notice. They may say:

“Okay, we had some fun, now it is cleaning time. I will change the sheets and you clean the toilet once you finish taking a shower.”


Libra is someone who can’t make up their mind about most things.

That is highlighted well when they are intimate with someone because they want the other side to be perfectly satisfied.

After having sex with them, you can hear something like:

“Was it good for you? I know it wasn’t but I am still asking. Well, maybe you enjoyed it just a little bit but not all the time. You can be honest and tell me that I suck. Or better yet, don’t do that!”


This is one of the most passionate signs of the zodiac and they totally deserve that title.

When you finish having sex with them and all you want is to just lie down a bit to get some air, they will show you that they are ready for more action. It will sound something like this:

“Hey babe, I know that you are tired but I still want to try something that I saw in a movie. Stay still until I get those handcuffs from the closet.”


When they have sex they never know if they will continue seeing the person they are sleeping with.

They are pretty uninterested and distant and you can’t actually figure out what is on their mind. They will say something like:

“I had a great time but I have to go now. I will call you when I get the time.”


If you have sex with this zodiac sign, you can bet it will be an unforgettable experience.

They are very disciplined so it will look like you applied for a job and you are having an interview instead of having sex with them.

They will look at all the pros and cons and say something like:

“It was good for the first time but I am sure that the next time it will get better. I will go the extra mile to please you more and you can also learn some things that turn me on.”


They are pretty adventurous and they like to try new things whenever they have a chance for that.

So, when you finish with the wild games under the sheets they will say something like:

“It was great in bed but let’s try to do it on the balcony now! I like the adrenaline running through my body, warning me that someone could see us. And yes, this time, you don’t need to take your clothes off. I will find my way!”


Along with Cancer, this is one sensitive zodiac sign that feels everything that happens to them more than anyone else.

When they get intimate with someone they feel like they have found their soulmate.

After they finish with the sex act they will probably cuddle with you for at least an hour, saying something like:

“I could never have imagined that I would find a person like you. You are everything that I have been looking for and I simply can’t stop crying while you are here in my arms. I am so blessed to have you so please don’t ever leave me!”