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This Is What Selfless Love Really Means

This Is What Selfless Love Really Means

True love, selfish love, selfless love… There are many variations of love and only some of them are pure.

There are also many definitions of selfless love and only some of them are true!

Selfless love is when other people’s happiness is a reflection of our own. True love is selfless love.

It is unconditional love that consists of devotion, respect, appreciation, sacrifice, and – most importantly – selflessness.

However, to love someone selflessly doesn’t mean neglecting your own needs.

It means first loving yourself, taking care of your own well-being, and then giving your love to your loved ones.

Because to love yourself means to love others. To find yourself means to find others. To understand yourself means to understand others.

To be selfless means to take care of other people’s happiness just as you take care of yours, because the only language that selfless love understands is the language of true love!

Selfless love means accepting that no one is perfect but everyone is enough.

Influenced by the modern media, we human beings are constantly in pursuit of happiness and we think it’s hidden in something that is known as perfection.

We tend to seek happiness for our entire life only to realize that it was right in front of us the whole time.

Perfection doesn’t exist and the only thing that knows this is selfless love. We often have high expectations for our job, appearance, and love life.

We are constantly on the lookout for that one perfect partner only to realize that such a thing doesn’t exist.

Selfless love knows this. Loving selflessly means accepting that perfection doesn’t exist, it means celebrating both the good and the flaws; it means trying to understand and show sympathy before judging someone.

Selfless love is the kind of love that celebrates the idea of being perfectly imperfect together!

It’s the kind of love that doesn’t know age, stretch marks, bad haircuts, pimples, or a few extra pounds.

It’s the kind of love that doesn’t judge stubbornness, weird habits, or childish behavior because selfless love is free and uplifting.

To love selflessly means to understand that you don’t need to be perfect to be loved and that no one is perfect but everyone is unique and enough.

It means accepting the fact that every single one of us has their own individual goals and dreams that make us who we are – imperfectly perfect.

Selfless love means doing what’s best for others, even if it’s going to be painful for you.

Only focusing on our own goals and trying to get our own way is the definition of being selfish.

But, doing what’s best for others even when you know that it might be painful for you is the definition of being totally selfless.

Every single one of us can say I love you. Those three words are often said too much, and when it comes to real love – the kind that is selfless and gracious – they’re just not enough.

Selfless love is about following our words with our actions. It’s about not just talking and listening, but also doing.

It’s about doing things that are necessary for the other person’s happiness!

To love selflessly means to maintain self-control and to be willing to see, hear, and understand other people’s needs and desires.

It’s about doing what’s best for others at the moment and not what’s best for us.

It means not being afraid of heartbreak because you know the other person will be happy and content.

This kind of love requires strength, sacrifice, and faith. This kind of love knows there’s enough love in the world for everyone and all we need to do is believe.

Selfless love means being willing to compromise and sacrifice.

Loving someone selflessly means being willing to compromise instead of focusing only on yourself.

It’s when you would rather Netflix & chill than go out, but you compromise and watch one episode of your series, dress and go out – not because it will make you happy, but because it will make your loved one happy.

Because their happiness is a reflection of your own. It’s when you have different plans in mind for the weekend, but you make a sacrifice by compromising with your partner and listening to what they want instead of only listening to yourself.

Loving someone selflessly means being open to suggestions, improvement, compromise, and sacrifice. And this is not an easy thing to do.

Compromising with others is the concept of lifelong learning and the more you give, the more happiness you’ll receive.

Because selfless love works on the principle of both giving and receiving rather than only receiving.

It means doing things for your loved one without any conditions or limitations because you want to and not because you have to.

Selfless love means growing together.

Selfless love is not stagnant. It is free, uplifting, and growing. It doesn’t make you feel imprisoned or stuck in a rut. Instead, it helps you grow and improve yourself every single day!

It has the power to motivate people to start working on becoming the best versions of themselves because they want to and not because they ought to.

It is an inspiring force that can motivate us to replace our bad habits with healthy ones, to workout more, to be more kind and to be a worthy role model to others.

It’s the kind of love that helps you see things differently because all of a sudden, your eyes are wide open and you finally notice all those beautiful, little things you haven’t noticed before.

Selfless love has its own unique ways of showing people the beauty of the things around us that are priceless and often neglected because their worth cannot be measured by the amount of money.

It’s the kind of love that becomes your safe haven in a world full of injustice and prejudice.

It’s the kind of love that motivates you to keep working on yourself and make the world a better place.

Selfless love means giving someone your unconditional support and trust.

Being able to trust someone with all of your heart has never been harder.

In a world that is full of fake ideals, meaningless romances, and toxic principles, it’s hard to stay positive and it’s hard to believe in the good of others.

And that’s exactly what selfless love is all about. It’s about giving someone your unconditional support and trust knowing that it’s a risky business and without expecting anything in return.

Giving our trust to someone means giving our heart to them to take special care of it.

And you can never be too sure whether they will break it at some point or keep protecting it.

All you can do is trust them: and this is the definition of the ultimate kind of love.

Selfless love cannot be measured, but the closest thing to measuring it is our ability to follow our heart.

Perhaps you’ve been hurt before, perhaps your heart is afraid of getting hurt again, but you still decide to wear your heart on a sleeve and trust others.

You still decide to be the silver lining to this toxic world we live in and that’s a true act of selflessness.

You’re not afraid of what might happen in the future because you’re fully devoted to living in the present. And that’s the true beauty of selfless love.

Selfless love means being there for them no matter what.

It’s easy to leave someone when they no longer dance to your tune, when they’re no longer as exciting as they were before, when they’re worried, when they’re going through hardships, and when they need your full support.

It’s easy to leave someone when they’re no longer the same person you fell in love with.

People change, things happen, and you never know what will transpire in the next few minutes, hours, days. But, selfless love stays.

Selfless love never changes or evaporates. It’s always there – present in the good or bad.

To love someone selflessly means to be there for them now, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year.

It means being there for them no matter what because you worry about them, you want to take care of them, and you truly love them.

Because you’d never forgive yourself if something happened to them when you know that you could’ve helped them.

To love someone selflessly means to make them your number one priority, especially when they truly need you.

It’s easy to turn off your phone, to lie about your whereabouts, and to show up only when it’s convenient.

It’s easy to be there for someone only when they’re happy, but it takes real strength to wipe their tears and cry with them.

Selfless love doesn’t show up only when it’s convenient: it’s a constant variable that doesn’t know excuses and only believes in effort and devotion.

Selfless love means fighting for what you have and never letting go.

Love is never easy or perfect. Every relationship has its ups and downs, its daily struggles and problems.

And to love someone selflessly means not to give up at the first obstacle, but to keep fighting for what you have and never let go.

To love someone selflessly means being willing to make an effort and romantic gestures, being willing to do little things that mean a lot, to surprise them and then watch their beautiful smile.

It means constantly making an effort to maintain what you have and to make things better.

It means fighting for both your own happiness and theirs, doing your best in every situation and then waiting patiently in the hope that it will bear fruit.

Because that’s what you do when you love someone with all of your body and heart – selflessly and ultimately.

You don’t just disappear when things get hard because you want to fight for what you have and you believe that you can make things right with mutual effort.

You know that where there is a will, there is a way and you always make sure to find a way because it’s the only right thing to do.

You don’t just sit with your arms crossed and wait for things to resolve themselves.

Instead, you roll up your sleeves and protect what you have. You protect your loved one and you make your love flourish again because it’s the only right thing to do.

And that’s how you know that what you have in your heart is selfless love that’s meant to stay and never disappear.

Selfless love is infinite!

It’s the kind of love that cannot be measured, but felt. The kind of love that cannot run out, but multiply.

Selfless love is infinite in its every meaning and it’s everywhere around us.

It’s in our hearts, it’s in the eyes of our loved one, it’s in our tears and smile.

It’s the kind of love that has the power of lifting our spirits up and bringing us down when needed.

It’s the kind of love that is abundant and infinite:

“Selfless love never dies, as it begins with no purpose and finds no reason to end.”

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