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What To Expect From Your Love Life This May, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What To Expect From Your Love Life This May, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


The month of May will be one of those deal maker or breaker moments.

You are at that phase where you are finally clear about what you want and you are not afraid to ask for it.

This is your month for love and if your significant other or potential partner doesn’t step up, you will choose self-love and make sure it grows every day.


You have high hopes for this month – how could you not when the better part of it is yours.

Unfortunately, someone you care about and trust a lot will disappoint you. They will definitely lose their role in your life.

Luckily, by the end of the month, you will start noticing someone you haven’t given the time of day to so far, perhaps someone shy or maybe a coworker who has a crush on you.

That person will wow you in a completely unexpected way.  


Whether you are in a relationship or you are just starting one with someone, one thing is for sure. This will be a month of passion for you.

If you are planning a road trip or some shorter holiday, the chances for shaking up your love life and making unforgettable memories will be increased.

You will cross a lot of things off from your kinky bucket list.  


You will have a lot of plans and desires this month and you won’t be able to concentrate on something specific.

You will have a hard time understanding yourself, so understand your partner if they feel overwhelmed with everything you want to share with them.

Word of advice: communicate, talk things through, and make sure you are honest about everything.

There is nothing like a heartfelt conversation to bring two souls closer together.


Turbulences in your love life are a constant occurrence and you are beginning to feel tired and fed up with all of it.

You want something different, a calm and steady relationship without all the dramas, playing games, and wasting your precious time.

Sadly, this month your wishes won’t come true. The stars agree that your time for stability is not yet here.

Your adventurous spirit is still on the lookout for the next best thing and it isn’t ready to settle down yet.


You are going to meet someone new and completely different from your ex, possibly someone older or someone who is mature for their age.

They will be a change you were hoping for after someone who was immature and not quite ready to give you what you need.


Just like a true Libra, you will awaken your social life this spring and there is no month like may to get a fabulous start.  

You will be in a good mood and absolutely radiant.

Don’t turn down any invitations for hanging out with friends. Even if you don’t want to, go make yourself.

You just might meet someone interesting and worthy, and work your charms on them.


Your communication skills will be exceptionally low this month.

You won’t be able to transfer into words all you are feeling, so misunderstandings with someone you care for are inevitable.

You and your partner or potential partner seem to have the same goals, but you are not quite clear on the path that needs to be taken to get there.

You will have to find a common path if you want to continue your relationship.


This is a great month for your love life.

If you are single, this just might be the month where you will meet someone who’ll make your heart skip a beat.

If you are in a relationship, you will feel ready to take your relationship to the next level and commit a bit more.

It might be something life-changing or it could be something minor; it will depend on the stage you are in.


This is a great month for you if you are already in a relationship to make it even stronger.

You will realize you need to make time just for your partner, at least once a week to talk openly about everything.

Your mistakes, likes and dislikes, resentments, fears, and past and even exes are allowed in those conversations.

You will realize that both of you made your fair share of mistakes, and you will find a way to get through them and make an even tighter bond.

If you are single, it’s the perfect time you do something about it. Stop burying your head in books and work.

Go out and socialize with people; it will do you a lot of good even if you don’t meet anyone special.


This is the month in which your jealous side will resurface. You will get all worked up over nothing and get into a huge fight with your partner.

Luckily your partner will show understanding and you will kiss and make up in no time.

Try to trust your partner more and leave your insecurities behind.


After a long drought, potential suitors will be lining up and you will be tired of all of them in no time because the whole situation will be overwhelming.

Just because you have a good heart and you feel like you should be nice to all of them at some point, you will just be fed up with conversations that are just not up your ally and men you are not interested in.

If you are in a relationship, you will notice a lot of positive changes Your partner will slightly step up his game and put in a bit more effort, and you will finally be on the same page.

What To Expect From Your Love Life This May, Based On Your Zodiac Sign