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When Dating A Girl With A Strong Mind But A Fragile Heart, Know This

When Dating A Girl With A Strong Mind But A Fragile Heart, Know This

She is a girl who has found herself stuck somewhere in-between her strong mind and her fragile heart. She is the one who strives to be strong all the time.

She even surprises herself at how tough and fierce she can be. But her heart is fragile and it can easily get hurt.

You see a girl with a strong mind and a fragile heart is someone who is complex. There is always more to her than meets the eye.

People judge her for being too straightforward, big mouthed and opinionated, when in reality, she thinks it’s better to be open and honest instead of beating around the bush.

She prefers the truth. When it comes to her as well, she can handle it. However, people around her can’t always handle the truth.

She is strong when it comes to anything – anything but him. He is her weak spot. He is her Achilles heel.

He saw right through her strong façade and he knows she has a huge heart underneath. He knows that that heart melts when she is in his arms and he is using it against her.

Every time she sees him, she forgets everything she needed to say. She has the whole speech prepared in her head.

She decided to act tough and tell him everything, but the moment he walks into the room, she forgets all about it.

When he hugs her, she can hear his heartbeat and that sound soothes her strong mind. His kisses seal her lips and she loses her ability to talk. She forgives him for not calling.

She forgives him for standing her up. She forgives him for the lack of attention and affection. She forgives him for everything.

He doesn’t even have to apologize. Him, being there, is apology enough.

When he leaves, she is upset because she couldn’t persist in her intention to tell him everything. To tell him how much his behavior is hurting her.

To tell him that she couldn’t sleep the entire night because tears were running down her face. This feeling of loneliness and having him and not having him at the same time is haunting her.

Her heart is stronger than her mind when it comes to him. But in these lonely nights, she realizes that is something she will have to change.

She will have to put her feelings aside and talk openly and honestly with him like she does with everybody else.

She knows she deserves more. She knows that she is meant to be somebody’s first choice.

Somebody’s first thought in the morning and their last thought before falling asleep. She knows that she is worthy of somebody who will go an extra mile for her as she would for him.

She knows that he should be her strength, not her weakness. She knows it too well and it’s only a matter of time before her strong mind prevails. She wants love, respect, and happiness and that’s what she is going to ask for from him.

If he is unwilling to give her that, she will have to leave. She wants it all. She was not made for half-loves and half-commitments.

She won’t be able to live in this uncertainty for much longer. Soon, she will reach her breaking point. She will demand to be treated properly, and if she isn’t, she is going to leave, even if it breaks her fragile heart.

You see even though her strong mind and her fragile heart are complete opposites, they complete each other. Her strong mind will help heal her fragile heart in case it breaks.