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When You Feel It Is Time To Say Goodbye

When You Feel It Is Time To Say Goodbye

In order to reach a relationship that completes us and which we see as lasting in the long run, it is necessary to pass through those that have not been good for us.

Sometimes we can say with certainty that someone is not for us and we break up the relationship but what about when we cannot make a decision?

And we wonder if we should wait and give the relationship one more chance? Or spend unnecessary energy on something that does not make sense?

If you recognize yourself in most of these situations, it may be time to move on.

It’s hard to say when is the right time for a break-up and when you will realize for sure that you have nothing more to look for in that relationship.

Sometimes people decide because there is constant discussion between partners, sometimes cheating, and sometimes it is about disagreeing on attitudes, desires, and possibilities.

The scenarios are always different but the real question is: when is the right time for a break-up? When is the time to say goodbye?

Sometimes, just when we break up, we realize how much earlier this was supposed to happen.

When you are hiding some feelings and problems in your head, without telling your partner about them, you are creating more problems you don’t need.

Sometimes it means the relationship is in its critical phase but that does not mean that problems that cannot be resolved.

They can be resolved and ignoring them won’t help. If you don’t feel the need to talk about them with your partner, think about breaking up.

If people who love you are worried about you because you seem unhappy in this relationship, do not write them off as irrelevant.

Listen to what they have to say, as sometimes we don’t see the situation objectively.

This could be a huge help. If there is a justified reason not to trust your partner, if distrust has become a part of the relationship, then problems are on the way.

You should know that the best solution in this situation is to end the relationship.

If your partner is someone who’s focused on himself, paranoid, defensive, easily angry, or often has bad thoughts and moods, that’s not a man you want to have relationship with .

Do not hesitate to tell him goodbye. A good reason to end the relationship is when you have realized that you have life goals that do not even match your partner’s, as sometimes two good people simply have no plans or ambitions that match.

When you have different views on important life issues, for example you disagree about social issues, politics, faith, children, or finance, you cannot expect a good future together. It is not real.

Communication in a relationship cannot be superficial because if it is, you are not in a position to conduct sincere, constructive conversations.

It is difficult then for the relationship to progress.

If you cannot resolve conflicts, you should definitely end it. In strong relationships, people try very hard to overcome conflicts and this makes them stronger together.

Without it, the relationship will become toxic for both of you.

Also if you do not feel that you have 100% support and the person you’re concerned about shows little interest in your ambitions and constantly insists on talking about himself , you will not be happy.

One of the signs that it is time to break up the relationship is if your guy tells you how he had to share a room with a pretty colleague on a business trip, and you did not even blink. You know that this is not right.

If you feel like this, you should talk to your partner about your thinking. If your partner does not want to talk about it, give yourself and him some time.

Try to fight for it, as you may find out something that will change your mind, but if it does not, don’t stay in a relationship which does not make you happy.

This conversation will not be easy for anyone.

You once liked the guy, you still love him in some way, but it’s time to turn a new page, though you may already share a lot—an apartment, a circle of friends, pets or whatever.

That’s why you have to tell him honestly how you feel right now and why you think you should end the relationship.

Saying goodbye to someone sounds terrible but it cannot be said that it is not beautiful. Just beware enough to talk about yourself and your feelings, and not attacking or blaming him. He will appreciate your honesty.