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Wherever This Life Takes You, I’ll Always Be Here For You

Wherever This Life Takes You, I’ll Always Be Here For You

This life may take you down roads that are full of obstacles and hardships, paths that are hard to cross and full of unexpected twists.

You may lose your footing at times and feel like you’re nearing your end. But when that happens, just know, I’ll always be here for you! No matter where life takes you, I will stay by your side.

If you decide to run away from things, or when it all just becomes too much, know that I will never judge you. When you fall victim to the wrong people and you feel yourself trapped, I will still be here.

Even if you push me away, saying things I know you don’t mean, I’ll know the real you. And I will still fight for you. For both your sake and mine.

Maybe I care too much but isn’t that better than not caring at all? Isn’t that better than believing lies from people who mean no good? I know you may shut me out again but you also know that it will never work.

I know you too well. Life gets hard and people screw you over and you cope with it as best as you can. But shutting me, the one who loves you unconditionally, down is not the way to go.

I want you to chase your dreams. I want you to find yourself. And no matter how much my heart might ache for you, I will be here for you, even if it means from a afar.

I would rather see you happy and far away, than here and miserable.

It’s hard for me to forget. Some things will always be ingrained in my mind.

But that doesn’t change much. I can’t pretend that just because you chose a life different from the one I wanted us to have together, that I stopped caring.

I didn’t. I don’t think I ever will. Some people are just too special. And you are one of those people.

You may hurt me. You may leave me… but that cannot change my feelings. Even when you chose a different life and left. Even when you decided to trust someone else instead of the girl who was your anchor for all those years.

I will always feel compassion for you. You were my man once and I foolishly hope you still may be.

Please don’t take my hope away from me. It’s all I have now. I know you’re going to see this one day.

You are going to see that what we have is real and you will appreciate the fact that I stuck by your side, even though you tried to push me away.

Even though you distanced yourself from my open embrace, it will be waiting for you when you realize what you’ve lost.

You see, I’m one of those people who you can’t just get rid of easily. And I don’t mean it in a stalker way. I mean that I’m not letting you remove yourself from my life when I know you’re not being yourself.

I know you’re scared. Life is unpredictable and you’d rather cut ties with the one you love than try to make it work when things are up in the air with everything else.

Well, let me tell you something… Life almost never works out the way you have it imagined in your head, so it’s not smart to discard the people who love you due to fear. It’s also not fair.

We all have fears. We all have to face this life. But what makes you a man is the fact you weather the storms alongside those who want to be there for you.

You don’t chase them away. Life is hard to live alone. I’m waiting for you to see that.

I’ll always offer you a hand, whether this life takes you to the highest mountains or to the lowest points of your life.

And once you see that not everyone is wired that way and that not everyone will stay no matter what… I’ll be waiting.

I truly believe that some things are worth the wait and you’re that person for me.

If you find yourself falling to pieces, or better yet, adding the last puzzle piece to the story of your life, I’m not going anywhere. Happiness is better shared. Always!

If you go back to drinking. If you end up sitting alone in a room full of people but never feeling lonelier. If your head feels like bursting and you’re wiping away tears from your swollen eyes.

When you look at the stars and admire the sky. When you enjoy your favorite Beethoven piece and smile as it soothes your soul.

When you laugh at something you remembered but nobody else finds funny. When you’re unsure of who you are or who you’re supposed to be with… I’ll still be here.

My love knows no bounds. When I love, I love wholeheartedly. If I give you my heart once, I’m not taking it back without a fight.

But you already know that. You’re at your most vulnerable now and I understand that. It takes time and that’s okay. I have all the time in the world.

I hope you know that you can call me when you’re feeling perplexed. I won’t expect anything. I just want to help you find your way again, no matter how far it may take you from me.

I know your heart better than anyone and it’s always going to be safe with me.

Whatever direction your path may lead you, my support is unquestionable. Chase your dreams… Just make sure you’re doing it with the right person.