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The Person Will Come Who Will Make Your Heart Forget It Was Ever Broken

The Person Will Come Who Will Make Your Heart Forget It Was Ever Broken

It’s hard to try to pick up all the broken pieces of your heart and fight with your heartache, right?

No matter how much you try, no matter how strong you are, does it seems like you’re losing the fight?

I know that being betrayed by the only person you thought would never do that to you hurts like hell.

Being stabbed right in the heart by your loved one is something that changes a person completely and forever.

It changes us, the way we think and behave, how we live, and how much we give ourselves to other people. It’s fine. Those changes are just normal.

It wasn’t your fault. You gave your vulnerable, fragile heart to a person you were sure would never break it.

You loved him, and no one has the right to blame you for loving someone so deeply and honestly.

Love should never be a mistake. However, it would be a mistake, a major mistake, to allow that awful experience to control your future and make you lose your faith in true love.

Set yourself free of those shackles because one day you’ll meet a man and…

He’ll help you put the shattered pieces of your heart back together

He’ll see your pain, and he’ll feel it as his own. That’s the whole point of loving someone honestly, sharing your happiness but also your pain with that person.

He’ll help collect all those broken pieces of your heart, and he’ll be the glue that will help you put them all back together. His love will heal all the sorrows of your broken heart.

You’ll feel whole again

You’ll probably never be the same again, but you’ll feel whole again, and that’s completely enough. He’ll fill that gap in your life that was missing to make you feel happy again.

You’ll be able to love again, to give yourself to another person again. He’ll encourage and motivate you every day to be a better person.

He’ll encourage you to do the most difficult thing: to forgive yourself

After we’ve been betrayed by someone we truly loved, one of the most difficult things is to forgive ourselves for trusting them and allowing them to use our honest feelings and hurt us so much.

The right one will help you to stop blaming yourself for your broken heart. He’ll encourage and help you to forgive yourself for loving the wrong man.

He’ll accept you, all of you

It’s true that he’ll fall insanely in love with you even before he meets you, but even after that happens, he’ll still keep loving you the same.

Getting to know you, your flaws, your imperfections, and your bad sides will change nothing for him. He’ll keep choosing you despite all of it. He’ll keep loving you no matter what.

In his eyes, you’re the most beautiful, intelligent, strong, and kind-hearted woman alive. That’s something that nothing and no one can ever change.

Only then will you be able to learn the true definition of love

He’ll show you what it means to be loved, honestly and unconditionally, by another person.

He’ll show you the true definition of love, and you’ll understand that love was completely missing in your previous relationship.

For him, you’ll always be enough

You’ll be the only woman in his life. He’ll never even look at other women because you’re enough for him and always will be.

He knows very well what kind of women he has by his side, and he feels damn proud of it. He’ll never risk losing you.

Nothing will be more important than your love

Your present will be far better than you dreamed. You won’t allow your past to affect your present, and that’s why you’ll want to leave it all behind.

Your love will be sacred to both of you. You will never do anything to jeopardize it. You won’t remember who existed in your life before you met him because he’ll be the only one that counts.

Everything will fall back into place…

You’ll understand that the guy who broke your heart never truly loved you. You’ll be thankful to God for removing him from your life and clearing a path for true love.

Be patient. We have to go through some storms in our lives but remember, after every storm, the sun will shine again.

And it’ll shine more beautiful and brighter than ever before. Just wait and see…

You’ll meet this guy one day, and you know why? Because you deserve it.

You deserve someone who’ll make you forget your heart was ever broken and who’ll make you feel like the most loved and happiest woman alive. You deserve it, and your heart does too.