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Why You Are Not Over Him Yet Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Why You Are Not Over Him Yet Based On Your Zodiac Sign

1. Aries

You are not over him yet because you still go out to the same places as him. Every time you go to one, you see him and you start thinking about the idea of going back to him.

You can’t get rid of the idea of being obsessed with him and no matter what you do, he is the first thought when you wake up and the last one when you go to bed.

2. Taurus

You still keep his mementos and you don’t want to get rid of them. Every time you feel bad, you start thinking about him, asking yourself what your life would be like if you were still together.

In fact, a photo of the two of you is right next to your bed so every time you enter your bedroom, you start thinking about him.

3. Gemini

You are not over him yet because you think that nobody will ever love you or accept you as he did.

You believe you are too broken to make a guy like you and you stick to him even if he is toxic for you.

He was your favorite poison and he will continue being one unless you find a man who will treat you like you deserve.

4. Cancer

You simply can’t get over him because you got attached to him so easily and now you can’t find anyone who is like him.

Even if you try with another man, you will seek his eyes in him, as well as his sweet smile and the way he talks. You won’t settle for just anyone because that is not him.

But you need to know that you will end up alone if you don’t give a chance to the new people in your life.

5. Leo

You are not over him yet because you think about your past memories all the time. When you are alone, you call him just to hear his voice and then you hang up.

You can’t live without him but you don’t want to admit that to yourself. Just know it will take so much time to get over him if you continue acting like this.

6. Virgo

You can’t get over him because you see him wherever you go. He actually ghosts you and he wants to win you back.

Even if you are trying to forget him, he somehow always pops up in the places where you are and that is why you can’t get over him.

I suggest you stop going to places where he goes and every time you see him, run away and have no contact.

7. Libra

The main reason you can’t get over him is that you still talk about him. Every time you go out with your friends, you tell them that he likes that drink or that he dances in that way.

You are totally obsessed with him and no boy is as good enough as him. You need to stop idolizing him and take off your rose-colored glasses.

Only by doing that will you see his real face and you won’t have the same opinion about him anymore.

8. Scorpio

You can’t get over him because you still follow him on social media sites. You see all his new photos, the places he visits and the people he hangs with.

You know more about his life than your own. And that is not good if you are trying to get over him.

I suggest you focus on yourself more and start a new chapter of your life with someone who truly deserves you.

9. Sagittarius

You can’t get over him because you have mutual friends who talk about him. Some of them ask you if you still have contact with him and you catch yourself talking about him more than you should.

What surprises you the most is that talking about him is not painful anymore and you are even considering going back to him.

10. Capricorn

The main reason you can’t get over him yet is the fact that you still go out with him. You decided to break up with him in a slow way so you two often go for a drink.

You think it will not be as painful if you go step by step but frankly speaking, I don’t know if that is the best solution.

You should stay away from him as much as you can. That is the only way you will get over him more easily.

11. Aquarius

You still can’t get over him because you don’t think you will ever find a man like him. You believe nobody will accept you like he did.

Even if your friends tell you that he was toxic and that you would never be happy with him, you still care about him.

You feel sorry for him and hope that he will change one day and ask you to be together again.

12. Pisces

You can’t get over him because you don’t know what to do with all those emotions inside of you.

You love him even if he didn’t treat you right and you still suffer because you can’t be with him.

But if you didn’t feel good in a relationship with him and he didn’t want to change, then you should have nothing to do with him in the future either.