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80 Wishes List: A Clear Insight Into Achieving Your Life Goals

80 Wishes List: A Clear Insight Into Achieving Your Life Goals

This wish list is something I’ve been meaning to put into words for a long time now.

The first time I got the idea to put my life goals into written form was during some of the most challenging moments of my life a few years back.

This 80 wishes list is a reminder that life is too short to put off doing things that make you happy to be alive.

I hope this list of wishes inspires you to do the same and gives you the push you need to stop putting your life on hold.

Don’t wait for the new year to make an important decision or to learn what to do with your life. Don’t forget to say I love you to that one person who gives your life meaning.

Your loved ones are precious—make sure they know it!

There is no special day to decide to make your dreams come true. The right time is today, tomorrow and each following day!

My bucket list is here to remind me that I’m not promised another day… So why not start living toward a happy life?

Here are some of the best wishes I am planning to make happen and why you should too! Close your eyes, make a wish and work toward achieving it… What better time than right now?

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My Ultimate Wish List

1. Stand up for myself when no one else will. I am my own warrior and I can fight my own battles.

2. Stop being stubborn and give people time to explain their side of the story. I am not always right and I need to learn to accept it and embrace it.

3. Help people in any way that I can, be that through a charity or simply by helping out a neighbor in need.

4. Inspire people and let them inspire me. Life’s too short to be closed-minded!

5. Be honest about how I feel and never hide behind a mask again. Transparency is the only way to live authentically.

6. Do what makes me happy, as opposed to what others expect of me. Channel my passion and never let anyone kill my shine.

7. Travel a lot for the purpose of discovering new cultures. Explore the world and enrich my horizons. Nothing is more exciting than traveling and learning about the world.

8. Buy that overly expensive dress I’ve been eying on Amazon since January. If you want something and you’ve earned your own money, then why the hell not indulge yourself?

9. Learn a new language (perhaps Spanish) and hold conversations in it. I can already speak some but my goal is to perfect it and continually work on it.

10. Go to Hawaii with my sisters. Just spend a week with no obligations, worries or stress, soaking up the sun, reading great books on the beach and swimming in the ocean.

11. Stop saying yes to everything. Learn to say no and do it often. Life is way too precious to keep pleasing everybody and hurting yourself. I have every right to say no when I feel like it.

12. Follow my dreams. If I get a strong urge to change something in my life, so be it. It’s all about being true to who you are. If something isn’t making me happy, I have no reason to pursue it.

13. Swim with sharks (or at least with dolphins).

14. Get off social media and be more present in my everyday life. Spend more time in nature and less time in front of my screen.

15. Visit my best friend in Germany. I haven’t seen her in a very long time and I owe it to both of us to spend some much-needed quality time together.

16. Stop being so hard on myself. Just because I’m not where I expected to be at this age doesn’t mean I’m doing it wrong. We all have our own journeys and my story is just beginning.

17. Be kinder to people even when they don’t deserve it.

18. Go back to playing the piano and work on my skills more.

19. Get a new hobby. Life may be hectic but a good hobby is healthy for the soul.

20. Love my dog more than ever. She is the best thing in my world and makes me beyond happy.

21. Say I love you, please and thank you.

22. Love my body the way it is. It has taken me way too long to love myself but I’m slowly getting there.

23. Start eating more vegetables and start being less picky with my food.

24. Stop expecting people to read my mind.

25. Call my mom more often. She adores me and deserves to hear from me on a regular basis.

26. Go on a road trip with my friends. That is my favorite thing to do and I haven’t done it in too long.

27. Go to New York. I’ve been wanting to go since I was 10.

28. Read more books and fewer trashy magazines. Empower myself through knowledge and educational books.

29. Stop expecting people who don’t deserve me to take advantage of me. Some people are just not worth my time.

30. Sing as loudly as I want to and whenever I want to.

31. Communicate with people more often.

32. Stop expecting everyone to call me first and pick up the phone.

33. Be loyal to the people who’ve had my back since day one.

34. Stop waiting for next year and live this year! If you want to do something, do it right now.

35. Tweet whatever I want. Don’t let anyone censor my thoughts. After all, they’re just that—mine.

36. Do something so meaningful that someone creates a wiki page for me.

37. Know that no dream is too big. No matter how hard someone tries to weigh you down, keep looking up.

38. Experience winter in NYC. As weird as it may sound, it’s been my wish for a very long time.

39. Don’t be afraid to dig deeper and be more spiritual.

40. Respect people even when I disagree with them. Just because we don’t agree, doesn’t mean they’re wrong.

41. Eat breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day.

42. Stop worrying about what anyone else will think. My life, my decisions, my rules.


43. Go bungee jumping ASAP. If i keep postponing it, I’ll never get around to doing it.

44. Get another dog if I can. Who can tell me that I can’t?

45. Google everything that tickles my fancy. You can never be too informed.

46. Solve a really difficult problem and wow people. Show them how capable and resourceful I truly am.

47. Do something selfless that I won’t gain anything from.

48. Make a decision to try something new every single day!

49. Educate myself on all the issues around the globe and discuss them with people.

50. Actually achieve some of the things from my bucket list.

51. Go on a date with a complete stranger. Who knows, he might just end up being the one.

52. Have more fun! Go out, party until the wee hours of the morning and drink rosé. It’s been too long.

53. Give people more hugs. In this complex, effed up world, people need to feel loved and cared for more than ever before.

54. Smile as much as I can. I’ve learned that one genuine smile really does go a long way.

55. Never take my best friend for granted. She is way too special, even on our most challenging days.

56. Be a woman of my word.

57. Spend new year with my loved ones.

58. Stop waiting for a special day and create it!

59. Never let bad people change who I am. Always be my happy, positive self, no matter what.

60. Know that if I want to lead a happy life, I need to make myself happy first.

61. Build meaningful relationships and maintain them.

62. Go horseback riding. Or ballet dancing. Or paddle boarding. Anything I want.

63. Visit a castle in Ireland.

64. Learn to relax. My body and mind deserve to have a day off every once in a while.

65. Be my own number one fan.

66. Be a great big sister and listen to my sisters with no judgment when they need me.

67. Don’t be too hard on myself if I’m feeling a bit lost. Like everything else in life, this too shall pass.

68. Know that my current situation is not my final destination.

69. If I want to be alone, so be it. There’s nothing wrong with some soul-searching.

70. Learn a new skill and proudly show it off.

71. Go to the gym. I’ve been delaying it for far too long.

72. Take care of myself mentally. Never be too afraid to seek help when I need it.

73. Cook with my best friends and blast my favorite music. An impromptu dance session in the kitchen is the best medicine.

74. Go back to volunteering at my local animal shelter.

75. Find time for the people I love. Work is important but so are the people who love you.

76. Ask a guy out. There’s nothing wrong with taking initiative.

77. Spend my hard-earned money on something I really want.

78. Be kind in giving and receiving compliments

79. Make my parents proud. I know exactly how.

80. Plan an unforgettable summer with the people I love most and don’t let anything get in the way of it.

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Why should you make a wish list?

Because life is here for you to enjoy it. I’ve learned the hard way that nothing good will come to you unless you seek it yourself.

Creating a bucket list is essential to ensure you put your life into your own hands.

Some of these goals are entirely personal, while some are anything but. The entire purpose of this meaningful exercise is to help myself create an environment in which I can thrive and persevere.

Your imagination is your greatest gift to yourself. Don’t let anyone (not even yourself) dim your shine. We all have wishes and goals.

We all yearn for things we don’t dare say out loud. What are yours? What do you deeply want to accomplish but are too scared of failing at?

My 80 wishes list is here for you to get inspired and create your own. However big your dreams are, write them down and find a way to make them come to life!

Create a reservoir of wisdom that will help guide you in your times of need. Explore your ability to try new things and challenge yourself.

If not today, when? Every single thing that is now ‘normal’ used to be a mere dream. That goes to show that anything you can dream, you can absolutely achieve.

You know what they say—go big or go home!

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