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Women In Love: How Each Zodiac Sign Acts When In Love

Women In Love: How Each Zodiac Sign Acts When In Love

Love is the most complicated feeling in the world. It’s not white, it’s not black, it’s more like fifty shades of grey.

Finding out what a woman in love wants and why she acts the way she does is almost impossible to do on your own.

But when you look into the stars, you’ll find a number of personality traits which will instantly chase away all the doubts and questions you’ve been having.

Check out how women in love act and why, according to their zodiac sign:

Aries women in love


Loving an Aries woman is only for the strong-headed. An Aries woman won’t take crap from anyone.

She’s brutally honest and impulsive. She is passionate and persistent. She won’t put up with intolerable people, people who don’t respect her or talk down to her.

Her passion fully takes its form in bedroom affairs. She is a divine lover, ready to give so much more than she gets.

She wants to give you the time of your life and her personality makes it possible.

If you are only intellectual or only emotional, that won’t satisfy her. You have to have it all to keep up with her.

You have to do your best at all times if you want to tame this wild, passionate woman.

You can trust her as long as you are trying to make the relationship.

You have to work on yourself and constantly try to impress her. It’s not an easy thing to love an Aries woman but it’s worth the trouble.

Taurus women in love


They will be their best friend, their rock to lean on. They will give them their trust and eternal love.

But if that person makes just one wrong move and betrays a Taurus woman, she’ll be out of their life forever.

She knows a lot about love and you can actually learn a thing or two from her.

So don’t even bother trying to change her mind or make her think exactly like you do. That won’t cut it.

As a Taurus woman is a goddess of love, she is a goddess of sex as well. She makes a sexual experience one worthy to remember.

It’s not about just doing it to her. She takes her time and she puts a lot of effort into sensual kissing and provocative massages.

She’ll make sure both of you have the time of your life because pleasure is not a one-way thing. If you want to keep up with her, you have to be bold and not at all shy.

She waits for no man to come to his senses. She doesn’t give second chances.

The most important thing you need to know about Taurus women in love is once you get them to trust you, it’s for a lifetime, if you treat her fairly, of course.

Gemini women in love


Gemini women don’t care a lot about looks. Intelligence is what makes their engine roar.

Cute but not so bright men don’t impress her much and, simply put, they don’t stand a chance with a smart woman like her.

Intelligence means a lot to her. A bookworm like her needs to have a man by her side who’ll be smart enough to get all of her jokes and smart remarks.

He needs to keep up with her intellectually. Only then is he going to be interesting.

When a Gemini woman recognizes someone as her potential partner and her intellectual equal, she won’t let go of that person.

Loving a Gemini woman is not an easy thing to do. They tend to change their mind a lot and you have to be prepared for that.

You know from the beginning what you’ve signed up for.

She is very interesting because she knows a lot of things. She likes to talk to her partner about things she has learned or things she already knows. This can go on for hours.

She usually has a lot of suitors and she genuinely loves all the attention she’s getting. A natural flirt like her can’t wait to find herself in a situation of mutual seduction.

Gemini women don’t like men who are withdrawn or quiet. They like communicative men who say what they want and what is on their mind.

She doesn’t like men who play games or who plays hard to get.

In the bedroom, she enjoys role-playing which makes it possible for her to make all of her fantasies come true.

All in all, if you are a fun and imaginative person, you’ll definitely keep her attention.

Cancer women in love


Cancer women who are a bit needy tend to become overly dependent when in a relationship.

When they fall in love, they tend to ignore themselves and ignore working on their self-improvement and self-care.

That usually leaves them heartbroken and wounded in the case when the relationship fails.

Cancer women love to flirt when they are single but when they are in a relationship, they take it seriously and only the person they are dating really matters.

Their love is so pure and strong it can heal and nurture you.

When in a relationship, they are extremely protective of their partner but if a Cancer woman’s needs are not met, they are prone to cheating.

During sex, they are deeply intimate and passionate. They will leave the marks of their passion on your body but they will heal them with their deep and true love.

Leo women in love


Leo women always get what they want because they never give up, even when it comes to love.

If she finds a man who interests her, she will do anything to capture his heart.

She embraces her animalistic side and if you are a prude, she’ll make sure you know that your animalistic instincts aren’t gone; they are always present and you must embrace them.

You can’t go against nature.

She is very connected to nature and is not ashamed of her God-given body and all the things it can do.

Her energy is rough and tameless. No one can stop her or tame her passion.

Leo women enjoy being in the center of attention. They love when someone pets them.

She may look like and act like a lioness but in reality, she is a soft, sweet, little kitty inside.

Virgo women in love


Virgo women are deeply romantic. It takes time for them to fall in love but when they do, their heart belongs to no one but you.

They are old souls and they are not interested in casual relationships or one-night stands. It’s simply not their thing.

Virgo women have no trouble with long-distance relationships because they rock at writing love letters and notes.

They don’t mind the wait if the man is the right man for them.

It’s hard to put a finger on Virgo’s ideal partner due to the fact that she’s picky. She has a clear list of the things she wants in a man and she wants nothing less.

That’s the main reason why Virgo women are almost always single. They are waiting for the perfect one to give their heart to.

In the bedroom, they are passionate, caring and insatiable lovers.

Loyal Virgo women will always stand by your side and have your back any time of the day.

They are true friends in and outside of a relationship. They are the people you can trust with your life.

Libran women in love


Libran women are not the type of people who easily commit to someone.

They are in love all the time, whether with one man while in a committed relationship, or in several of them in casual ones. In other words, love is all around Libran women, all the time.

They love to flirt and play harmless games but they won’t cheat if they are truly committed to someone.

But a word of caution just to be sure, if you are the jealous type, better stay away from Libran women. You won’t be able to handle them.

Sometimes Librans get carried away in their search of Mr. Perfect, so they give their partner a hard time because their own expectations are too high.

They have to understand that no one is perfect and even someone’s imperfections can become perfect in a way.

Libran women need to open up to their partner and share their secrets or pain with them.

Otherwise, they will use it as an excuse to walk away from a relationship.

Scorpio women in love


Keeping that in mind, Scorpio women don’t have sex all the time. They simply don’t do casual sexual relationships.

They don’t have to have sex all the time.

So it can be extremely frustrating for people who enjoy sex that much when they are in a dry spell or in the search of a person to have a sexual connection with.

This doesn’t have to mean that they avoid occasional hook-ups but without having sex of course.

Scorpio women put a lot of energy into harmless romantic flings which usually take up a lot of their energy.

They will only have sex when they are absolutely sure they have found the right person to do it with. And they will withhold themselves for as long as it takes.

Scorpio women tend to be a bit jealous but not because they are insecure. On the contrary, they are actually very confident.

They just don’t want to easily let go of someone they fought so hard for.

Sagittarius women in love


When a Sagittarius woman wants something, she’ll do everything necessary to get it.

She is all about the chase. It’s thrilling and she’s great at it. Not many people are able to resist her.

An independent and powerful woman like her takes matters into her own hands. She doesn’t wait around for anybody.

And this can present itself as a problem because her behavior tends to look intimidating to others.

Because of that, men are afraid to approach her. This is one of the main reasons why Sagittarius women are usually single despite their breathtaking attractiveness.

Sagittarius women can have sex anywhere, anytime. Note: You have to be athletic to be able to keep up with a woman like her.

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Capricorn women in love


They don’t believe in love at first sight because it has never happened to them. It takes a lot of time for them to even realize they like someone.

They have no idea when someone likes them and they simply are oblivious when someone flirts with them.

If you want a Capricorn woman to realize you like her, you have to say it to her face and be direct about your feelings toward her.

A Capricorn woman looks and acts tough but actually, she is total softie inside.

So, don’t forget to tell her how much you appreciate her even though you don’t think she needs to hear it.

Sex-related, Capricorn women are the total opposite of how they appear to be. In the bedroom, they are beasts, insatiable of human touch and raw passion.

You’ll see when you get to know her that she seems to be the type of person who wants to have everything under control but in reality, she can’t wait for someone else to take the steering wheel from time to time.

Aquarius women in love


Instead, they should keep up with what they feel at that moment and they should explore their own feelings and the situation their relationship is in.

Aquarius women are extremely independent and they appreciate their alone time more than anything else.

In a domestic relationship, they can easily lose themselves in a daily routine and become bored.

That’s why it’s important to always give them some personal space to let them explore and do things that interest her.

They are turned on by intelligence, so if you want to satisfy her sexually, first you have to learn a few things and use some smart words.

In the bedroom, they are always up for trying new and exciting things, things that might even surprise you.

Pisces women in love


Unfortunately, Pisces women are tragic hopeless cases when it comes to love.

Almost all of their love stories end badly because they always fall in love with the wrong people.

Pisces enjoys getting away from their own problems, so they occupy themselves with their partner’s.

It’s not unusual for them to fall in love with emotional psychopaths and manipulators.

She doesn’t want to commit unless you give her everything right away. She doesn’t want your relationship to grow one step at a time, she wants it all or nothing at all.

That’s another reason why her love stories end tragically.

Sex is very special to Pisces women and it appears they have a sixth sense when it comes to your needs.

They will do everything you want them to do before you even tell them. It’s like they’re reading your mind.

Pisces women are very good in bed and those who have slept with one probably don’t want to sleep with anyone else anymore.

Women In Love How Each Zodiac Sign Acts When In Love