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13 Signs That Tell When A Sagittarius Woman Is Done With You

13 Signs That Tell When A Sagittarius Woman Is Done With You

You had a bad fight with your Sag lady and she told you that she is breaking up with you forever? You hope she said it in the heat of the moment but you’re also scared that she really meant it?

Sag ladies really do stand behind their words, however, impulsiveness is also one of their most significant personality traits. So, I get why you have that dilemma. Below, you’ll find a few signs that show when a Sagittarius woman is done with you for good and I hope they’ll help you solve this dilemma.

I just want to warn you about something. You shouldn’t mess with a Sagittarian lady. She has her boundaries and she’ll put up with your mistreatment or disrespect for some time, but once she decides to end things, her decision will stick permanently and eternally.

When A Sagittarius Woman Is Done With You: 13 Definite Signs

Without further ado, let’s find out if you have lost your Sagittarian lady forever.

1. She was giving you hints

You were seeing the signs for quite some time but you decided to go blind to them and tried to ignore them. You couldn’t accept them because you were afraid of losing her.

But, as you can see, the time has come anyway. You’ve lost her now and forever. You chose to turn a deaf ear to those hints she was giving you and the signs you were seeing because you didn’t want to be hurt.

If you could only accept them on time, maybe it would be easier for you to deal with it all right now. This can serve as a huge lesson that you shouldn’t ignore your gut that easily anymore.

2. She focused her energy on herself

If a Sagittarius woman is done with you for good, she’ll shift the focus on herself. She’ll work on herself and try to keep her self-esteem high.

She’ll be planning her new future, the one which you won’t be a part of. She’ll look for new interests and indulge in new hobbies. She’ll want to bring back the part of herself that she lost or was missing while she was in the relationship with you.

3. She’s totally absent when she’s with you

When the archer lady decides to end things with her significant other, she’ll be completely unavailable and detached from him. He won’t be able to get through to her and establish a greater connection, no matter how much he tries.

That will compromise their connection and affect their relationship totally. Even if the Sagittarius woman doesn’t break up with you directly, sooner or later, you’ll get sick of her emotional unavailability and you’ll break up with her.

4. Her disrespect is intolerable

You feel like you’re talking to a wall when you speak with her. She cancels on you and doesn’t even try to explain herself. She doesn’t answer your calls nor does she bother to call and tell you her whereabouts.

It’s obvious that your Sag woman doesn’t respect you anymore, which means that her feelings towards you have changed, too.

You simply feel that you won’t be able to put up with her disrespect any longer and neither should you. Remember that love always starts with respect. If there is no respect, there is no love either, at least not the true one.

5. All she wants to do is to fight

Unlike Taurus and Scorpio women, who always seem to be itching for a fight, a Sagittarius woman is way more relaxed. She’s always up for compromises, especially with her loved ones.

However, when a man hurts or betrays her, she can become very fiesty. She’ll always be seeking reasons to fight with you.

All the debates and disagreements you once had will turn into nasty fights. So, you should think carefully about whether you really did something that could make her turn on the combative part of her nature.

6. You’ll meet the evil side of your Sag bae

The fun-loving, caring and affectionate lady you knew before will disappear completely. You’ll meet the other side of your Sagittarius woman, the one I’m sure you won’t like that much.

She’ll be grumpy all the time and you won’t know how to handle her mood changes. She’ll also change her opinion frequently and that will drive you crazy the most.

A Sagittarius woman in love always tries to bury that dark side of her and shows only the bright side of her personality to her significant other. However, once she loses interest in her man, she slowly lets that dark side of her come to the surface.

7. She’s neglecting your needs

Females with the Sagittarius sun sign are everything but empathetic and understanding. They care about other people and they really try to understand, accept and fulfill their partner’s needs when they’re in a relationship.

They’ll expect the other side to be equally considerate towards their needs, too. If, at any moment, she stops caring about your needs, you should know that she has changed. Or, even worse, that her feelings have changed.

8. She’s up for new adventures but without you

Women born under this fire sign are fun-loving and adventurous, just like Aries and Libra women. You can even say that they’re true adrenaline junkies. That’s one of the reasons why others love them and enjoy their company.

Dating a Sagittarius woman is never boring because she always tries to include her partner in her interesting adventures. The moment she starts excluding her SO from her adventures and interests, it’ll be the moment she has decided to remove him from her life, too.

9. She portrays herself as single on social media

The truth is, females born under this horoscope sign are pretty unpredictable, especially the ones born with Jupiter in Sagittarius. You can hardly predict what their next move will be.

However, if your Sag partner changes her relationship status on social media, the next step she’ll take is quite logical. She’ll end things with you forever.

Also, you should know that she probably did it because she is already texting other men on social media and wants them to know that she is no longer in a relationship.

10. She flirts with other guys in front of you

We all know that Sagittarius women aren’t the most loyal females of the zodiac (unlike Scorpio and Virgo gals) because they have flirtatious nature. However, as long as they’re in love with a man, they’ll be committed to him only.

If you notice that your Sagittarius lady has loosened up her flirtatious nature and started flirting with other men when you’re around, it’s a clear sign she doesn’t care about you anymore.

11. Her friends become a priority

A Sagittarius woman likes to spend time hanging with her female friends. Her family and friends carry a special place in her heart but the most special corner of her heart is always reserved for her significant other.

If that changes, if she puts her friends in front of you, that should be the first red flag for you that something is off. She’s losing interest and, very soon, you’ll lose her for good and all.

12. She does everything to make you break up with her

Just like Aries women, Sag females are also very direct and they always get straight to the point. They can’t hide anything or keep things to themselves, especially when it comes to their loved ones.

That’s why, if your Sagittarius woman wants to call it quits with you for good, she’ll tell you that directly.

However, if she knows you still love and care about her deeply, she’ll try to make the breakup as painful as possible for you. She won’t be the one breaking up with you because she doesn’t want to hurt you that way. Instead, she’ll try to make you break up with her by being totally indifferent.

13. She ditches you out of her life completely

When a Sagittarius woman is done with you, she’ll be showing it to you loud and clear. She’ll probably be upfront with you and admit it to you directly.

You won’t have to try hard to read her mind because her actions will be telling it all. You’ll instantly become a past for her and she’ll move on with her life as if you’ve never been a part of her life at all.

You’ll see her going out and partying with friends, which definitely isn’t the behavior of a person that is suffering after a breakup.

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Sagittarius Woman Love Compatibility

Leo, Gemini and Libra men represent the best matches for a Sagittarius woman. Their fiery personality and need for freedom help them understand each other very well and establish a good relationship.

Even though they aren’t quite soulmates, Pisces men and Sagittarius females also have good potential for building a successful relationship. Also, Aquarius men have good chances to win over a Sag woman’s heart.

Capricorn and Scorpio men are bad matches for a Sagittarius woman because they simply can’t find a way to work through their differences.

However, according to the opinion of most astrologers, Sagittarius men represent by far the worst match for Sag females. It’s probably because their similar personalities collide and they simply can’t handle it nor function well together because of it.

How Do You Know If A Sagittarius Woman Is Losing Interest?

When a Sag woman starts avoiding talking and spending time with you, it’s the most obvious red flag she’s losing interest. If you don’t try to spark things up again, she’ll leave you before you know it.

Also, you’ll notice that she stops engaging in your relationship. She won’t be planning any dates, and we all know that Sag females really try to make their every date special.

If she starts losing interest, she’ll stop being affectionate. She simply won’t feel the need to continue flirting with you and winning you over because her feelings towards you will start changing.

It won’t take too long for her to become completely indifferent. So, if you don’t do something to get her attention back soon, your Sagittarius woman won’t be a part of your life anymore.

How Do You Make A Sagittarius Woman Fall In Love With You Again?

If you’ve hurt her and made her go through a heartbreak, it won’t be that easy to win her over. You’ve probably lost her trust and respect and those are precisely the aspects you should focus on rebuilding again.

My relationship advice for you is to suggest to a Sagittarian woman to start all over again. You should basically behave as if you two have just met and start from a totally blank page.

Take baby steps. Be affectionate. Flirt with her. Be her gentleman and treat her as a true lady. Be patient and attentive towards her needs. Most importantly, be honest and upfront with your intentions and emotions.

Will A Sagittarius Woman Come Back After A Breakup?

It’s very unlikely. Once a female born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign decides to move on from a relationship, she doesn’t look or come back ever again.

However, no one can tell that for sure because, in the end, it all depends on you and the effort you’re ready to make to win her heart back.

If you keep being persistent and keep trying to prove your love to her, you may succeed in changing her mind. Be ready to take a few rejections because the Sag lady definitely isn’t the kind of woman who gives second chances that easily.

If you’ve hurt her, don’t try to make her forget that. Show her that you’re sincerely sorry for what you have done and make it clear to her that you’ll never hurt her again. Good luck with winning her over because it’s a very challenging journey you’re about to take.

In The End

Sometimes, it’s complicated to understand the Sagittarius personality. Luckily for you, it’s easier to understand female Sags than the male ones.

The truth is, you can never figure out whether she still loves you or not, but you can definitely see and understand when a Sagittarius woman is done with you for all time. And it doesn’t even matter if she loves you or not because she’s capable of cutting you out of her life despite her feelings.

She’ll be willing to give you more than one chance but when she decides to make you a part of her past, she’ll stick by that decision no matter what. If you hurt her, she’ll break up with you and wave you goodbye forever as if you’ve never meant anything to her.