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She Won’t Wait For You Forever, Someday She’ll Just Walk Away

She Won’t Wait For You Forever, Someday She’ll Just Walk Away

You made her a fool, but it was only temporary. You could act underneath your mask, but your mask will fall eventually. They always do; it was just a matter of time. You hurting her was temporary because she figured you out at some point, and she just left without looking back. She still had some self-respect left.

It was up to you. You had to choose whether you would cross that line she put when she had had enough of your lies and manipulations.

She has been in this world, dealing with men like you for far too long. Nothing could blind her anymore because she has had her share of broken hearts and she won’t let you be yet another man who strings her along and hurts her in the end.

One day, she realized what you’ve been doing to her and she finally walked away. One ordinary day when you woke up, she was gone and you were devastated.

That moment when her head cleared and when she finally got the courage to leave you, she became a happy woman again unlike you. You were a mess because you understood what you had and what you lost. From that moment on, you will be sorry, you will be broken, but it will be too late. Too late for you, not for her.

You gave her nothing in your relationship. You gave her small bits of what she actually deserves. You failed to give her respect and unconditional love. You walked all over her because she never denied you any of those things.

You never made her a priority. She was always somewhere at the bottom of your list. And what’s even sadder—she learned to live with that. She was sad and broken but she never lost hope that someday you will change.

But, you never did.

She saw good in you. She saw this huge potential, she kept hoping that it will come out, but you continued to play your little cunning game because you were sure she will never leave you. I guess the joke is on you because she woke up from her dream and she snapped out of the false feeling that everything will be okay and so, she finally walked away.

You took her for granted because you thought love is easy to find.

You thought that it’s easy to find someone who will love the whole of you; someone who will take your flaws and accept them because they are a part of you and they make you what you are.

Did you really think she was staying with you because she had to? Let me break it to you—NO! She stayed with you because she didn’t want to give up on something that could be perfect, something that could last forever. If only you could have made more of an effort and made the two of you last. You would be the happiest person alive.



She stayed because she wanted to fight for you. She cared for you and she wanted to keep you. She knew that things won’t be great all the time. She knew she had to live through the hard times and despite that, she kept choosing you although you made her just an option.

She was not asking for much. She wasn’t asking for you to move mountains for her. She wasn’t asking something impossible or crazy. She was only asking for you to commit to her because, despite everything, you would have made a good couple if you had wanted to try.

She wasn’t asking to have a Cinderella ending. She didn’t want to live in a fairy tale. She knew that life is tough and relationships are even tougher. She knew you have to fight hard if you want something to succeed.

That’s why she doesn’t run away from challenges. That’s why she didn’t give up on you. That’s why she kept giving you second chances, although you didn’t deserve them. She wanted you to last because she saw something close to perfection. She saw a potential life with you.

She wanted to make you happy, but not at all costs. She wanted to wait for you and give you time to realize what you really want, but she didn’t want to wait for you forever.  

Now, that she has had enough and she is gone, you realize you were being a jerk to her. But, now, it’s too late to make amends. She won’t take you back because she stayed with you way too long, giving you chances to join her in that beautiful love she made for you.

Now, that she’s left, you feel sorry. You think over and over in your head what a jerk you were. You want forgiveness, but you aren’t entitled to ask for it Even you know that you overdid it.

While you were together, you should have made time for her. You should have fought for her. You should have never shut her out or ignored her. You should have known that she wanted to be yours. She wanted to spend the rest of her life with you and you selfishly ignored that because you thought she won’t be going anywhere.

You made a stupid mistake and now you’re paying for it. You were dumb enough to let such a woman slip away from your fingers. Now, try to live with what you’ve done because never again will you find someone who loved you like she did.