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15 Signs You Are Exactly Where You Are Supposed To Be Right Now

15 Signs You Are Exactly Where You Are Supposed To Be Right Now

How many times have you needed reassurance that you are exactly where you are supposed to be at the moment? Well, I bet one too many, just like myself and the rest of the human race!

When we break up with our loved one or something bad happens, we instantly start thinking that things are going south and we’re not on the right track. 

And this is nothing you should worry about. Questioning where you are in relation to every aspect of your life is not only normal but desirable!

Life’s rough patches are inevitable, but this doesn’t mean that where you are right now is not where you’re supposed to be. The truth is otherwise: You are exactly where you are supposed to be!

But, I understand. It’s hard to believe that this is true when you have no evidence of it, right? 

No worries. That’s exactly why I’m here today – to help you realize the validity of this statement. (You see, I’m also where I’m supposed to be at the moment of writing this and I could’ve been somewhere else. Hmm…)

You’re not afraid of feeling a wide array of emotions

The desire to only experience positive emotions like happiness is deeply rooted in every human being. 

We often think that if we’re laughing 24/7 and nothing bothers us then we must be doing everything right and the universe is in our favor.

As you already know, such a thing doesn’t exist.

So, if you no longer feel that way and you’re actually welcoming and embracing a wide array of emotions from joy to heartache, then you know you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

You’re not afraid to cry when you feel like it or when someone makes you sad, and you’re excited about experiencing different emotions.

You don’t try to suppress feelings of sadness. Instead, you express them without any shame. 

This is the number one sign that you are in touch with your higher self. So, trust me, you’re on the right path and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Challenging yourself has become your new hobby

You often get out of your comfort zone and challenge your beliefs, skills, and knowledge for the sake of further evolving. 

Because of that, you often find yourself in uncomfortable situations, but to you, this is no longer something you run away from.

Instead, you embrace every new challenge, letting it enrich your mindset and life overall. 

Since I’ve started practicing a challenging routine, my life has changed completely. Before, I would never agree on streaming video games with my boyfriend, but I did it because I wanted to “face my fears.” 

I deliberately put myself in an awkward situation and realized it was the right thing to do.

There are many other minor and major daily challenges that constantly push me to try harder and change my perspective on things. 

They say that the hardest battle you’ll ever fight is against yourself, and if you’re doing just that, then you know where you are right now is exactly where you need to be.

Other people’s success doesn’t make you feel resentful

When you see that someone is successful in a certain area of their life, you don’t get instantly jealous or think that you’re doing something wrong. 

Instead, you remind yourself that every single one of us has our own path. 

You know that just because you don’t have the same expensive car or aren’t in a relationship at the moment, this doesn’t mean your life is broken and needs fixing. 

You stay away from comparing yourself with someone prettier than you because you know this habit is toxic.

This is a legit proof that you’re happy with your own life and because of that, you don’t compare it with someone else’s or think that they have something better than you.

You understand that every single one of us has our own unique pace and you’re not trying to rush things or overthink the past. 

You’re happy where you are at the present moment and that’s why your perception of other people’s success is positive rather than negative.

Things are finally falling into place (and you feel it with every fiber of your being)

Do you ever get that feeling that everything is finally starting to make sense? Your past, present, and future suddenly become interconnected and you now understand why some things needed to happen.

You experience multiple coincidences on a weekly, monthly, or even daily basis and things are going really smoothly. 

You might think that these coincidences are nothing more than just that, but the truth is that you’re connected with the universe and it’s communicating back. 

Those things you were anxious about before are no longer on your list of worries. You generally feel good about every aspect of your life and believe that everything will fall into place sooner or later. 

And that belief is the essence of being where you’re supposed to be. 

Time has become more precious now

You’re aware of the fact that your time here is limited and that is why you value it more than ever before.

Perhaps you used to take time for granted in the past, but now you often remind yourself of transience and how small and fragile you are.

And you’re not afraid of that. You accept it and decide to make the best out of it. Instead of worrying about being stuck in a certain aspect of your life, you focus on finding a solution for it.

If there’s no solution, you won’t waste your time on it; you will move on (this is especially the case with relationships). 

You’re determined to spend your time wisely because you know you won’t be able to get it back one day. 

You choose to encircle yourself with fulfilling hobbies, inspiring people, and things that are worthy to you. Mediocre romances, toxic people, and other negative things don’t have a place in your life. 

Whenever you find yourself in a new environment, you question whether you should pursue a certain idea or back off. 

If your intuition is telling you that it’s not something that will enrich your life one way or another, you listen to it and act accordingly.

Rejection no longer scares you

You no longer see rejection as solely destructive, but as something necessary for your well-being and further growth. 

Of course, you’ll try to give your best to avoid experiencing rejection, but if it still happens, you won’t be paralyzed by it. 

You understand that rejection, just like acceptance, is an inevitable part of your life and there’s nothing you can do about it. 

You can strive to be the best version of yourself and do the best you can each day, but you don’t have power over every aspect of your life.

That fact doesn’t bother you because you turn rejection into something helpful rather than discouraging. You see it as a chapter of your book called Life lessons.

Other people’s opinions don’t bother you anymore

The number one reason people tend to worry about what others think is because they are subconsciously seeking validation. 

They are not satisfied with themselves (mostly due to low self-esteem) and their lives in general, and because of that, they seek approval from others.

If you’re less preoccupied with what others will think, then it means you basically don’t give a damn about others’ opinions of you. 

You don’t care about gossip, whether they’ll approve of your job or outfit, or anything else. In the same breath, however, this doesn’t mean that you’re disrespectful. 

You respect their opinion, but more than that, you respect yourself and you nourish self-love. 

You’re open to receiving advice, but you don’t play to their tunes for the sake of winning approval. If you’ve achieved this level of self-growth, then you know you have nothing to worry about. 

Constantly worrying about what others will say, think, or do is one of the biggest enemies that prevent you from reaching your full potential. 

Once you shut those voices down, you become more focused on yourself, what you really want to do in life, and your dreams. 

You no longer do things only to appease others, but because YOU want to and because YOU believe that it’s the right thing to do.

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The past has become your friend

You used to blame yourself for things that happened in the past and overthink about too many what ifs, but now you’re totally okay with it. 

For the first time, you understand your past and see your mistakes as a part of your growth.

You accept responsibility for everything you’ve done, but you don’t blame yourself, others, or the universe for anything. 

You understand that everything happens for a reason and that is why you no longer question the validity of your past decisions and outcomes.

You have learned a lot by your past events and you are determined to implement that knowledge into the present and the future.

Surrounding yourself with inspiring people is on the list of your priorities

Perhaps you used to surround yourself with toxic people, narcissists, and other negative crew without even being aware of it. But, now you’ve become selective when it comes to your friendships.

You no longer surround yourself with people who make you feel drained, gossip, or don’t bring quality into your life. You don’t really care if you’re going to have one or one hundred friends. 

The only thing you really care about is that those relationships are inspiring and genuine. You have ditched or you’re in the process of ditching toxic people out of your life and you know you’re doing it for your own good.

You know that sacrificing your own happiness and well-being is basically self-destruction, so you’re selective about who you welcome into your life. 

Also, you’re constantly working on yourself to be the best you can as a friend, lover, daughter/son, and husband/wife.

You’re less afraid of the unknown

Even though you have no idea what will happen tomorrow, in a week, month, or year from now, you’re still not afraid of it. You’re less afraid of the future because you believe that everything will be alright in the end.

You don’t focus on overthinking things or fearing them. Instead, you focus on finding a solution and you’re optimistic about every aspect of your life, even if others are telling you that you shouldn’t be.

You trust in yourself and because of that, you’re not afraid of what might happen in the future. You know that you’ll fight like a warrior and do the best you can, and that’s all that matters.

The future is officially no longer something that scares you when you think of it, but inspires you to become stronger, wiser, and bolder. 

Alone time has become your favorite self-care method

You don’t have a problem being alone because you’re at peace with yourself. Do you know how I know that? Well, one of my friends was constantly in action and she literally couldn’t sit for a second in peace with herself. 

She was overly anxious about everything and didn’t even realize that all this time she was running from herself and her problems. 

So, if you value alone time and enjoy it, it means you’re in touch with your higher self and you don’t need to be constantly surrounded by other people in order to feel alive and happy.

You don’t need to attend every single event in your area in order to feel like you’re living your life to the fullest.

Spending some time alone has become a routine to you because it helps you recharge and evaluate your connections and where you are at the moment. 

This is one of the best self-care methods. You see, the fact that you’re worrying whether you are exactly where you are supposed to be is proof that you truly are.

Being argumentative and judgmental has become a thing of the past

The main reason why we tend to judge others is because we don’t like ourselves. 

By accentuating quirks and flaws of other people (especially on social media), we’re making ourselves look more presentable, but that’s not a real perception of how things truly are.

When we try to outsmart others, we’re actually doing it because we think they are smarter than us and we want to prove to ourselves or the world that they are not. 

We see everyone as a potential threat to our self-esteem (especially those who are “better than us” in certain areas of life). People sometimes do that because they are not happy with where they are right now.

So, if you don’t feel the need to judge others or argue with them (or you’ve never had the need at all), then you know you’re satisfied with yourself and your life. 

It means you’re connected with your true self and know you have a good life, but also willing to improve things by making an effort on a daily basis.

The importance of seeking help is not lost on you

You don’t have a problem asking others for help when needed because you don’t think that this will make you look weak or less competent.

You understand that every single one of us excels at some things that others don’t and you respect that. 

So, whenever you have some difficulties that you can’t deal with on your own, you ask for help or advice because you know that this is how it should be.

You’re not supposed to go through or do everything alone and that’s more than okay. 

You’re an active, fully responsible participant in your life

Taking care of yourself and your loved ones is your main goal in life. From your work to self-care rituals, you try to do everything the best you can and you’re proud of that. 

Your state of mind is in active mode instead of passive because you’re a fully responsible participant in your life. Perhaps you don’t enjoy doing certain things, but you know it’s necessary for improving your existence.

You don’t want anything to be served to you just like that because you value hard work, invested time, and dedication above everything else.

In your mind, everything is an opportunity to grow

You no longer perceive challenges, contradictions, or arguments as something negative, but as opportunities to learn new things and acquire new perspectives. 

You’re open to improving your mindset and you’re constantly on the lookout for new ways to grow both mentally and physically. Recently I stumbled upon this amazing quote that is still ringing in my ears: 

“You must always be willing to truly consider evidence that contradicts your beliefs, and admit the possibility that you may be wrong. Intelligence isn’t knowing everything, it’s the ability to challenge everything you know.” – Unknown

And here’s one extra sign that you are exactly where you are supposed to be: 

You are a one-of-a-kind unique human being and there isn’t another YOU in the whole world. You are special and you have your own unique path and pace of evolving. 

No matter how you’re feeling right now about where you are, remember these wise words by John Lennon: 

“Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.” 

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