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You Don’t Need A Man Who Comes Back, You Need A Man Who Doesn’t Leave

You Don’t Need A Man Who Comes Back, You Need A Man Who Doesn’t Leave

Even though this is the last thing you would ever admit to anyone, including yourself, the truth is that after all this time, you are still waiting for this one guy who got away.

That you are still waiting for him to walk back into your life, telling you that you are the one for him.

Yes, it seems that you’ve learned to live without him but deep down, you still await his phone call or him showing up on your doorstep out of nowhere.

You are still waiting for the apology you never got—for the man who broke your heart to tell you that he repents for everything he did to you.

For him telling you he is sorry for all the tears and pain he caused and admitting that his biggest regret was losing you.

You expect him to return to you, wiser and smarter than he ever was, finally taking responsibility for all of his mistakes and asking you to take him back.

Even though this is the last thing you would ever admit to anyone, including yourself, the truth is that a part of you is waiting for him to come to his senses and to come back to you.

For the two of you to continue exactly where you left off and for you to give him another chance to make things right.

Well, let me tell you one thing—honey, you deserve much more than this and much more than him.

Much more than someone leaving you and coming back as he pleases and much more than putting your life on hold while patiently waiting for some dude to get his shit together.

You deserve much more than being someone’s last resort and safety net.

The person he comes to when he sees that he is all alone in this world, the number he calls once everyone else abandons him and the door he knocks on when he realizes that you were the only one he could always count on.

And that is exactly what you’ll be for this guy, if it happens that he comes back to you.

I know you think that everything would be perfect between the two of you this time but the truth is that you would always wonder why he returned—did he really understand he loved you all along or did he just run out of all other options?

You might not see it now but the truth is that you deserve more than a guy who needs to lose you in order to see your true worth.

More than a guy who had to kiss hundreds of other women to realize that you were the one all along.

More than a guy who had to feel your absence to understand how valuable your presence in his life was.

So, instead of settling for a man who comes back, wait for the one who never leaves your side.

For the one who sees how precious you are from the start and the one who wouldn’t even think of walking away from you even if it was the last thing he did.

For a man who doesn’t abandon you at first glance of trouble and who sticks by you through all the storms.

For a man who loves you the same at your worst and at your best and who’s got your back through all the good and bad days.

You deserve a man who can’t be taken away by some other girl and who only has his eyes for you.

A man who will give you all his love and attention every single day and a man who is loyal and committed, no matter what.

A guy who is ready to fight and to put all the necessary effort in just to make your relationship work.

A mature man who will be your lover, best friend and partner in crime—all in one.

However, this boy you keep on waiting for isn’t any of these things, is he?

So, why do you still think that he is the one for you? Why are you still convinced that he is the one who deserves the depth of your love?