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Be Man Enough To Admit The Truth – You Never Really Loved Me

Be Man Enough To Admit The Truth – You Never Really Loved Me

For once, just for once, at least this one last time, be a man and admit the truth. Admit that you never really loved me. Please, you at least owe me the truth.

Don’t try to fool me like you always did and say how you care for me and love me in your own way because if you think that all of that you put me through was love, then I can’t even imagine how you treat people you don’t love.

No, I don’t want to say people you hate because I know you didn’t hate me. How could you hate someone who never gave you any reason to?

It’s just not possible, no matter how bad a person you are or how cruel your heart is.  

All I ever did give you was my pure, honest and unconditional love. You knew I loved you with my whole being and you still used me and my feelings.

I never asked you to love me more because it was simply impossible. I never expected you to love me the same, I just wanted you to love me. No matter which way or how much.

That was also wrong, I know that now. I deserve someone who’ll rock my whole world.

I deserve a guy who’ll be present in every moment of my life, showering me with his love and affection. I deserve to be loved to the core or not at all.

I remember how you used to call me your little birdie at the beginning of our relationship because, as you said, I’m so full of life, always singing and sharing happiness and love wherever I go.

Well, this little birdie can’t fly anymore. Her melody became sad and sorrowful. She’s now full of hate. It’s all your fault, you broke her wings. You broke her. You with your cold, dark heart.

Don’t flatter yourself, I don’t hate you. My heart is done with you. It doesn’t have any emotions for you anymore.

I hate myself for opening my heart to a man who didn’t know what to do with it.

I hate myself for allowing you to hold my heart in the palm of your hand so you could throw it away and then trample on it, over and over.

Now, I have learned that I have to keep my heart locked. And I have locked it and immediately hid the key. A guy who comes into my life after you will have to try very hard to find that key.

He’ll have to prove to me that he is worthy of letting him into my heart.

It’ll be different the next time I let someone into my life for sure.

You see, you managed to find a way to the deepest chambers of my heart and I let you stay there for too long, even though I understood a long time ago that you didn’t deserve to be in my heart at all.

That’s a place I keep only for myself from now on. I’ll never again allow anyone to take that place. I’ll never again love anyone from the bottom of my heart.

That bottom of my heart is reserved only for me and I’ll never again love anyone more than I love myself.

I feel like I’m not made for this world. I’m too good for it, for fake people like you. I’m naive, my feelings are honest, my heart is pure. I’m everything you never were and never will be.

It was so hard watching such a warm and pure heart that was burning away every day a little bit more.

Don’t worry, I’m changing. I’m slowly and finally changing. I’m still learning how to deal with fake people with even more fake emotions.

No, I’m not saying that my heart will turn into ice. I’m not saying that I’m changing to become a heartless woman. I’ll just try to learn to use my heart less.

I have to admit, you are one of the most clever people I have ever met. You played with me, betrayed me

You put me through hell and never cared about me because you knew that I loved you that much that I wouldn’t mind some burns just to keep you by my side.

After all, I realized that my heart isn’t the only broken one here. There is something wrong with yours too because it’s incapable of love and that’s one of its main functions.

I know I’m going to find a cure and heal mine but you’ll never be able to heal yours. And my dear, that’s my victory.