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Got Dumped? Here Are 9 Best Moves To Make

Got Dumped? Here Are 9 Best Moves To Make

We’ve all been there. Without any proper reason or warning, your partner dumps you like you never meant anything to them. It just sucks. 

It’s easy for other people to tell you things like “You’ll heal fast, you’ll move on sooner than you think,” or “You’re better off without them anyway, don’t feel bad about it,” but it doesn’t help.

We feel hurt, disappointed, and confused anyway. And no matter how hard we try, we just can’t stop thinking about it and why it happened.

However, the truth is that no matter how much it hurts, time will heal. But until it happens, here is what you should do to make it hurt less.

Firstly, cry it out

You’re allowed to let out your feelings and do whatever you think is going to help you. Cry, break some plates, eat as much chocolate as you want, or anything else that could ease your pain.

Being dumped by someone you love hurts and the worst thing for you would be to suppress those feelings.

Call the person you trust most, tell them how you feel, and ask them to be your shoulder to cry on.

If you think you deserve an explanation, call your ex and ask them to talk about it

If you feel like you won’t be able to move on without proper closure, call your new ex-partner and ask him to meet and talk.

As much as it hurts – and I know that it really does – just don’t show him that you’re suffering.

Ask him only to explain his reasons for the breakup, but don’t beg for another chance or be pathetic. Don’t humiliate yourself for someone who doesn’t deserve you at all.

Dedicate more time to yourself

Dedicate yourself to self-care. Don’t lock yourself in your bedroom, consoling yourself with sweets and wearing pajamas all day long. Don’t do that to yourself.

Prioritize self-love again. Don’t neglect the relationship you have with yourself. Now would be the worst time to do that. 

Remember: The only person who can help you move on is you and you alone.

Rally up your friends and go out

Call your friends and ask them to hang out. Hit the club or, if you aren’t still ready for that just yet, you can keep it low key and have dinner at your favorite restaurant.

Talk with them about the breakup. If some of them are your mutual friends, though, then you might want to avoid that topic in front of them – you never know if they will tell it to your ex.

Don’t badmouth your ex, you’re better than that

No matter how badly someone hurts you, always try to be the bigger person in the end. Because that’s all that matters.

Don’t talk trash about your ex; you’ll probably regret it later. Maybe things have ended badly between you guys, but that person was a part of your life for some time and you should respect it.

Drunk texts are a big NO

While you’re out with your friends, of course, you can have a few drinks, if you really think that drowning your sorrows will help.

However, before you go out and get drunk, leave your phone at home or give it to your bestie and tell her that she shouldn’t give it to you, no matter what.

Sending your ex a drunk text would definitely be a mistake that you’ll regret the next day.

Don’t try to make your ex jealous and hope it’ll bring him back

If you think that flirting with another guy in front of your ex or dating someone new will make your ex jealous and want to reconcile, I hate to break it to you, but it won’t.

You’ll just end up even more disappointed and hurt after it fails. Dedicate this post-breakup time to yourself only.

Do something that brings you joy

I bet there’s something or someone that can make you happy every time. Then hang out with those people or do those things. Let it help you heal and forget your ex and the breakup.

Just breathe and enjoy your single life again the best you can

Just remember that you enjoyed life and were happy before you even met your ex – and trust me, you’ll be happy again. The right one will come into your life, but until then, embrace and enjoy your single life. 

Give yourself some time and you’ll see. You’ll fall in love with yourself and life again. This will all be just a part of your past, a scar on your heart, and nothing more.