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By The Time You Realize You Lost The Woman Of Your Life, I’ll Be Over You

By The Time You Realize You Lost The Woman Of Your Life, I’ll Be Over You

It’s funny how men often have a period of reckless behavior right after a break-up. It almost seems like they’re celebrating it.

On the other hand, women are almost always curled up in their bed and sobbing every night… Well, until they are not.

It seems strangely coincidental that most of the time, that’s probably the time when the man starts to sob and guess what happens to her? She doesn’t care anymore.

Life sure has a distinct sense of humor and in this case, we’re all for it.

This happened to me. I was the late-night sobbing girl. I guess I cried the pain away because one day I just woke up and said, “That’s enough.”

I didn’t want to do this to myself anymore. I wanted to live my life. I wanted my life to have meaning again.

So what if a man thought I wasn’t good enough for him. That was the same man who couldn’t provide me with the simplest things—for example, attention and care.

So what if he’d moved on with his life?

Good for him, because the last thing I needed was to hear from him again and get stuck with the same immature behavior that was one of the reasons we broke up in the first place.

However, for most women, the chances are that when reality finally hits him, he will want you back.

That’s because you were everything he needed; he just couldn’t see it.

It’s easy to take all the love and care for granted. The problem is when that turns into abuse and abuse is something that’s unacceptable.

Love should be cherished and praised and it should go both ways. But in your case, he couldn’t see it.

He lost the woman of his life—and that’s his fault, not yours.

All the things you gave him will haunt him because love doesn’t go away.

Every beautiful thing he sees and touches will remind him of you and the love he lost because of his foolishness.

Once he gets it, it’s going to be late. By that time, you will know better.

By that time, you will give all the love to yourself first.

Loving yourself is absolutely mandatory. By putting yourself first, you’ll not only get over him but learn to recognize true love from others.

You won’t be played again because once you give yourself the love you give to others, that’s when you will realize how little love they were giving you.

You’re over him because he doesn’t match your potential anymore.

He was a part of the learning process you had to go through in order to be where you are now and for that, you can be thankful.

Now you know how to approach life from the right side. You know how to react with power and authenticity, you don’t have to wait for someone else.

You are enough on your own and you know it. That alone makes you a powerful woman.

There’s no force in the universe that can stop a woman who knows herself, who appreciates her own unique beauty, respects her mind and chooses to choose love over anything.

This time it’s the love for herself. If a man can’t recognize those things within her, he’s not the one.

That’s why you don’t settle for someone who is just there. Someone who thinks that their physical presence is enough to make the relationship work.

Think and dream bigger. Give yourself what you want because you can do it.

If that’s a man, believe he exists. If that’s living on your own and feeling happy, that also exists.

You just need to access your own power and make it happen.

And you know what? You have that power within you, just like you had the power to move on even when it hurt like hell.

Don’t wait for things to happen—just take your first step and watch things fall into place.

And most importantly—never forget that you’re the woman of your own life.