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6 Eye-Opening Secrets A Narcissist Doesn’t Want You To Know

6 Eye-Opening Secrets A Narcissist Doesn’t Want You To Know

Narcissists can fool anyone who has never been in contact with that kind of person.

They can sell all kinds of stories and make up all kinds of lies to victims tangled in their webs, but they can’t fool someone who has already been through their terror.

So, in light of this, I’m going to use my experience with a narcissist and share it with you, so one day if, God forbid, a narcissist crosses your path, you’ll be ready to defend yourself.

I never wanted to really talk about what happened to me because I was ashamed. I didn’t want to admit to anybody, including myself, that I fell for the lies and tricks of one vicious man.

I kept it so long inside, bottled up. I blamed myself for being so stupid, for keeping my eyes shut, for ignoring everything that was happening right beneath my nose.

This went along for a long time until I decided to forgive myself. I’ve realized that I’m not perfect and because I made that mistake, I’m not stupid either.

It happened; it went down horribly wrong. I could have prevented it, but I didn’t.

I made peace with it, and I moved on. It was a spiritual trip covered in blood, sweat and enormous amounts of tears, but it was a road worth taking.

So, I’m here now offering you my help. I want you to know all the tricks narcissists have up their sleeves because I want to save you from the pain I went through.

Keep on reading to find out the secrets and narcissistic tricks they never want you to find out:

Don’t confront him

If you say anything that will shame him or give him a clue that you’re up to what he’s doing, he’ll make your life impossible.

If you let him know that you’re aware of his narcissistic traits, he’ll bring out the big guns with the intention of destroying you.

In this case, and in general, ignoring a narcissist is the best and the only option you have left. That is the only way to chase him away.

Don’t get caught in his provocations. In fact, don’t show any emotions while talking to him.

Acting like that will make you unappealing and uninteresting, and eventually, he’ll walk away because you’ve cut off his supply.

He is scared of getting caught

Every time he performs any kind of abuse, try to record it or write it down. The important thing is that you have evidence of harassment.

It’s important because when you have tangible proof of abuse, he can’t gaslight you.

He can’t use various tactics to make you think you’re crazy. and the abuse never happened. You just overreacted.

He’ll try to go with it anyway, but since you have proof, you can always show it to someone you trust to really confirm that you’re not imagining things, that the abuse actually happened.

Narcissists think highly of themselves, and their reputations are the only thing they care about.

So if they see that their reputation has been compromised, they will run from you like hell because you’re too big of a risk.

He can’t stand your indifference

Any kind of response you give them, even one in the form of revenge, feeds them.

They need constant attention—good or bad, it doesn’t matter.

Instead of hatching plans on how to get back at them, focus on yourself, and try to make your life a better life to live.

If you choose to stay in contact with them for whatever reason, be prepared for constant attacks and guilt trips designed to get back their source of narcissistic supply – you.

On the other hand, if you’re forced to stay in contact with your narcissist, make yourself as boring as you possibly can.

Limit your conversations to only what’s necessary and never give them a single detail more than they need to know.

Making yourself appalling to a narcissist will definitely make him leave you alone, but you won’t win that war without putting up a fight—that’s for sure.

He can’t stand getting dumped first

If you discard him, he’ll freak out. He can’t stand that huge hit on his ego. So, his next step, only logical to him, is to try to come back to you.

He doesn’t want to get back together because he misses you and wants to work on your relationship.

He wants you back to hurt and traumatize you for having the audacity to leave him first.

He wants to revive the relationship, so he becomes the one who kills it. Of course, later on, he will spread rumors about what a crazy bitch you are, how you destroyed his life, etc.

Basically, he’ll be telling the truth but your side of the story.

In other words, he’ll take your side of the story and all the things you’ve been through and present them as his own.

He doesn’t see you as a person, he sees you as an object

To him, you are what psychiatrists refer to as ‘narcissistic supply’. He doesn’t see you as a human being with emotions and thoughts of your own.

He sees you as an object, something he must use to feed himself.

You’re exactly the same to him as his exes and his future targets. He probably spoke of his exes in a bad manner; he probably called them crazy when he first met you.

Now, he’s doing the same thing to you with someone else, with his next target. He is always making sure he has backup supply just in case he drains his current source.

He sees you as a disposable object which he can replace instantly with a fresh and new narcissistic supply.

He is far from humble

He is neither noble or humble. He is just an extraordinary actor giving the performance of his life.

At the beginning of the relationship, he presents himself as such a flawless character that you even began to feel guilty because you’re not more like him.

His ability to make himself appear as a charismatic and irresistible personality gives him the power to make everyone like him.

But after he’s been putting on his show for such a long time, and after you’ve truly seen what’s he like, you stop buying it.

But only you—those who don’t know him, fall for his false modesty instantly.

What really goes down is that he’s hiding behind the false modesty to hide his arrogant and egocentric self.

These are their biggest secrets, their main tools of destruction.

If they even suspect that you’re on to them, they won’t even try to get involved with you because you’re a high-risk victim.

If you reveal their tactics, you may come to your senses and cut off the narcissistic supply which he cannot allow.