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I Should’ve Listened To My Gut, As You Turned Out To Be Exactly Who I Thought You Were

I Should’ve Listened To My Gut, As You Turned Out To Be Exactly Who I Thought You Were

Before I started dating you, I thought I had you all figured out.

You seemed like the type of guy who never paid too much attention to the relationships in his life. You seemed like a guy who was only looking for fun and excitement.

I always thought we were way too different to even be friends. 

Still, something about you was so attractive to me. Was it your naughty smile? Your adventurous spirit? The way you went through life like it was not a big deal?

I guess I was one of the girls who fell for the bad boy.

I used to think that I was too smart for something like that to happen to me. I never guessed that that kind of guy would pretend to be so charming and kind when they wanted to win a girl over.

You told me we could have fun together, and that was all that mattered. 

You told me I was special and that everything we should care about in life are the experiences with other people, no matter how short (I guess that should have been my red flag), are blessings that should be enjoyed and appreciated while they last.

Still, you treated me like a queen for that short period of time that you were set on making me yours. 

I now know you were only intrigued by a girl who wasn’t willing to fall into your arms immediately because that’s what you’d been used to.

I started thinking I really was special to you. I secretly thought I could change you. I was so sure that you were like that just because you hadn’t found the one so far.

And boy, did I think I was the one.

When I told you we had no similarities at all, you told me that opposites attract and we’d make it all work.

Whenever I shared my doubts about having that kind of a relationship, you changed the topic and distracted me with your charm.

And yes, I fell for it. I fell for it because I wanted to believe that I could have my cake and eat it too; that’s just how special you made me think I was.

For a certain period of time, I forgot that I ever even doubted our relationship working out. It seemed so natural and cozy, being with you.

Life’s biggest misfortunes don’t come when you expect them though.

Just as I started to lose myself in you, trusting that we had a lovely future in front of us, you burst my little bubble.

You’d had enough. You’d won me over, you’d had your fun and now you’d had enough.

You were ready to move on to the next girl and for me… well, it felt like a bus had hit me when I was peacefully walking next to a lake.

At that point, I didn’t expect it at all. That’s why it hurt so bad.

I knew who you were from the beginning and I let you manipulate me into thinking we had what it took to be a real couple.

Just as I dropped my guard down, you attacked me with all you had.

Do I wish I had trusted my instincts? I sure do.

When you left, I felt like the biggest fool in the universe. We sure had fun but the way you hurt me was no fun at all.

I knew from the beginning that you were the type of guy who’d leave the minute he thought there was something more interesting out there and I was right.

Still, I chose to ignore everything I knew was right and chose to be with you. That was my mistake.

I’ve learned to trust myself more and trust people when they show me who they are, instead of losing my mind in sweet fantasies that will never be reality.

I know that for many girls out there who get their heart broken the problem is that the guy wasn’t who she thought he was.

When it comes to my heartbreak, the problem is that you are exactly who I thought you were.