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One Day, You’ll Change A Man’s Life And Be The Best Thing That Happened To Him

One Day, You’ll Change A Man’s Life And Be The Best Thing That Happened To Him

You’re not perfect, but trust me on this one: You’re precious and unique. Your kind and loving heart is rare, so please don’t be ashamed of your emotions.

Don’t let those who keep telling you that you’re looking for a fairytale kill your spirit. Don’t allow them to shut off your heart and convince you that you should become colder or be giving less of yourself to others. 

Instead, be proud of your incredible ability to love. Be proud of the fact that you’re a giver, a girl who saves people, and a woman who has the capacity to change a man’s entire world. 

Believe me when I tell you that a day will come when you’ll meet a guy who will see you for who you really are. A man who will realize you’re an angel sent from heaven to save him.

This man is out there and he’s spent his entire life waiting for you to march right into it. Waiting for you to give him a hand and to fix him in all the ways a person can be fixed. 

When you cross his path, he’ll realize that you’re his savior. He’ll have no doubt that you’re the best thing that has ever happened to him and he’ll be grateful for your arrival.

One of these days, you’ll meet a man who’ll see how beautiful you are inside and out. A man who will consider himself lucky for having the chance to meet you.

You’ll be this man’s reason to live and his greatest motivation. You’ll heal his crushed soul, chase away his insecurities, and open his heart to love. 

The best part is that he’ll know how to appreciate everything you do for him. He’ll be thankful for all the good things you bring to his life and he’ll know that you’re one of the kind.

This man will be perfectly aware of your impact. He’ll see how lost he was before you came along and recognize you as the most important person in his life.

No, this won’t be a one-sided relationship. In fact, all the love and efforts you’re investing will be reciprocated.

This guy will do everything in his power to pay you back for all the sacrifices you make. He will praise you for all the changes you effect and be eternally grateful for the light you bring within yourself.

Once you meet a man like this, he will do his best to make you the happiest woman in the world. He will see your worth and he will know he can’t afford to lose you. 

This man will love you like no other because you’re the one who shows him the real meaning of love in the first place. He will prioritize you and only have eyes for you. 

He will realize how outstanding you are from day one. There will be no need to compare you with others since he will always know that someone like you is nowhere to be found.

So please, remain single until a guy like him shows up. Don’t waste your precious energy and time on those who only want to take advantage of your kindness and empathy. 

Don’t chase the ones who use you just to abandon you once you help them. Those who drain you and get the best of you just to end up leaving you once you turn them into their best versions. 

Don’t settle for a man who will fail to see your value – who won’t treat you like a real treasure that you meet once in a lifetime. 

Instead, remain on your own and wait for your forever person patiently. Wait for your Prince Charming and don’t let all the frogs you’ll meet along the way distract you from your final goal.

I know you might not believe me now, but trust me when I tell you that he will appear one day or another. 

Even though all of this sounds too good to be true, this kind of love is the least you deserve and exactly what the universe will send you, as compensation for all the good things you’ve done so far.