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Your Toughest Lessons Push You Towards Your Greatest Blessings

Your Toughest Lessons Push You Towards Your Greatest Blessings

I won’t lie to you: nobody’s life is all roses and butterflies. Yes, there are some people who pretend that they have it all figured out and their every day is perfect, but that is nothing more than deception. 

In fact, the truth is that we all have bad moments, days, weeks, months, or even years. We all go through some things we would rather not experience, if we had the option.

The truth is that we all have our share of sadness. We have our battles nobody else knows about, our failures we hide from the rest of the world (including ourselves), and our defeats we would love to forget. 

The worst part is that sometimes, life isn’t fair, whether we like to accept it or not. 

Sometimes, you do everything by the book, you’re extra careful about other people’s feelings, and you make sure that you don’t hurt anyone, but you simply don’t get the same treatment in return. 

As hard as you try to be the good guy, there are moments where you go through some things you don’t deserve.

You experience a tough heartbreak caused by a man you gave all of your love to. You get fired from a job you made so many sacrifices for. 

That best friend you treated like the sister you never had stabs you in the back when you least expect it.

You can’t seem to make ends meet when it comes to money, even though you’ve been working hard ever since you can remember, while it seems that other people’s cash is falling from the sky without them ever doing anything to earn it.

When you look at things from this point of view, you can’t help but see yourself as cursed.

It’s like you are some kind of a magnet for all the misfortune that exists in this world, even though you don’t deserve it.

You can’t see the point of life. Where is the justice and why do bad things have to keep on happening to good people?

Well, let me reveal to you a little secret: Everything you’re going through now will at one point serve as a lesson.

You don’t have to see it at the moment, but eventually, when time passes, you’ll notice that each one of your experiences, including the bad ones, taught you something.

You will learn that all of your pain, sadness, and heartbreaks happened for a reason. That they all shaped you into the person you’re today.

Most importantly, one day, you’ll realize that what you initially thought of as your worst curses actually turn out to be your toughest yet most valuable lessons.

At the end of the day, these lessons push you towards your greatest blessings. 

They teach you to be grateful for everything faith sends to you. To be thankful for all the people who cross your path, even when their intention is to hurt you. 

These lessons shape you into a better, improved, and updated version of yourself. They build you into the woman you’ve been destined to become all along. 

All of your bad experiences make you wiser and smarter. Moreover, they make you stronger than you ever imagined yourself being. 

And that is the biggest blessing of them all: Becoming more powerful and having the strength and the capacity to get whatever you want from life.

Everything you went through will help you open your eyes. Your curses will teach you that you can live without all those people you thought you could never survive without.

It will help you take off your rose tinted glasses and see reality. It will make you realize that you’re way better off without all those toxic people in your life.

These curses will give you the most valuable lesson out there: Sometimes, when you think that you’ve lost someone or something, you’ve actually won a lot. 

After all, you can’t open your heart or your path to the ones who deserve you until you get rid of those who don’t. 

Basically, you can’t have happiness until you go through sadness and you can’t receive your blessings until you show that you have what it takes to truly understand your curses.