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Modern Dating Doesn’t Suck, You’re Just With The Wrong Guy

Modern Dating Doesn’t Suck, You’re Just With The Wrong Guy

Whoever you talk to, everyone will tell you that dating in the modern age is the worst nightmare.

Rarely anyone knows what’s going on in their lives, everyone sleeps around, and almost no one is in a real relationship.

Sounds familiar, right? After all, you’re the one who is fighting the same battles with your so-called boyfriend as well.

worried woman standing by the wall

It has been like this since day one. You’ve been trapped in a seemingly endless circle of make-ups and breakups, vanity games, tears, laughter, and a whole rollercoaster of emotions.

This has kept on happening until today. This man keeps leaving you and coming back as he pleases.

Silly you, you always take him back. After all, you’re the one who agreed to this kind of relationship the first time when you took his sorry ass back, even though you should have sent him to hell.

sad woman sitting on the bed with her boyfriend

The worst part is that you’re perfectly aware of how things are. Yes, you hope that he will change, but you don’t deceive yourself believing in his faithfulness and loyalty.

In fact, he probably keeps on seeing other girls and you don’t know where he spends most of his time. You’re in no way involved in his life and you don’t feel a part of it.

You’ve spent months trying to get to the bottom of his feelings and your main occupation in life has become decoding this guy’s mixed signals.

couple in argue sitting in the bar

Your entire existence has turned into waiting for him to remember that you exist – for him to text you or show the slightest sign of affection.

After all this time, you’re not even sure whether he is playing mind games with you or just doesn’t care.

Is he playing hard to get because he wants you to fall for him even more? Or does he not want to get caught because he wants to remain a player?

stylish man holding cup of coffee

Is he a commitment phobe or does he just not want to commit to you?

Is it true that he doesn’t believe in labeling things? Or does he not want to get exclusive so he can have an excuse to keep on cheating on you?

It would be logical to ask him all of these questions, right? Well, sadly, that’s not possible.

Modern Dating Doesn’t Suck, You’re Just With The Wrong Guy

First of all, you’re not his girlfriend. Besides, the truth is you’re too scared you’ll chase him away if you open your heart to him.

So, you accept this kind of almost relationship and pretend you’re perfectly okay with it. You act like you couldn’t care less about him either.

At the end of the day, you’re just trying to fit in.

man cuddles worried woman

Everyone around you lives similar lives, so there must be something wrong with you if you’re the only one who can’t seem to cope with the practices of modern dating.

Well, let me tell you an eye-opening truth. Modern dating doesn’t actually suck – your boyfriend does.

You see, when you find the right person, the age in which you meet becomes completely irrelevant. When someone loves you, he doesn’t care about trends and society.

Modern Dating Doesn’t Suck, You’re Just With The Wrong Guy

Basically, this guy you’re with is a jerk and he would be one in all eras.

He’s just using modern dating as an excuse. He’s using it to justify his lack of emotions and morals.

If he loved you, he wouldn’t have treated you this way. He would respect you and give you the place you deserve in his life.

Modern Dating Doesn’t Suck, You’re Just With The Wrong Guy

If he were a real man, he would never use your kind heart. He would never keep on deliberately hurting your feelings and he would give you what you deserve.

If this guy was mature enough, he wouldn’t have the need to boost his ego this way. He wouldn’t have to humiliate you in order to feel like more of a man.

If he wanted to be with you for real, he would have been.

Modern Dating Doesn’t Suck, You’re Just With The Wrong Guy

After all, being in a committed relationship and being faithful to just one person never goes out of style.

So don’t blame modern dating for your pseudo-relationship.

Blame the immature brat you have by your side and at the end of the day, blame your poor choices.

Modern Dating Doesn’t Suck, You’re Just With The Wrong Guy