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How To Kiss A Guy You Like: 13 Steps To The Perfect Kiss

How To Kiss A Guy You Like: 13 Steps To The Perfect Kiss

Have you ever wanted to kiss a guy you liked so badly but you were too embarrassed to make the first move?

You were afraid of him turning you down or you thought that a man should always be the one to initiate any form of physical contact?

Well, guess what? You were wrong. Because there is absolutely nothing wrong with you kissing the guy you like.

In fact, it shows him that you know what you want and that you are brave enough to take it.

Trust me—this attitude is always a big turn-on for all men.

Besides, we often forget about the importance of a simple kiss and that a kiss can say a lot about someone’s feelings .

Once you start having sex, kissing becomes underrated and forgotten about.

Trust me—that is a huge mistake because sometimes, kissing can be more intimate than sex itself.

After all, a kiss is usually the first romantic physical contact with someone you like.

It helps you create a deep bond with your special someone and the first kiss should always be worth remembering.

But it doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a perfect kisser, there is always room for improvement.

There are always some tips on how to kiss that can come in handy and some kissing techniques you might need to be reminded of.

This is especially true in situations where you are scared that your nervousness will mean you will blow it.

But fear not because you’ve come to the right place, where you are about to read a step by step guide on how to kiss the guy you like.

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Flirt with him

You might not know it but the preparation for the kiss is sometimes even more important than the kissing part itself.

Even though kissing a guy out of nowhere may sound romantic, it can also turn out to be a disaster and that is not a risk you should be taking.

Naturally, before you do anything, you have to examine the situation completely and try to decode the signals you are getting from your crush.

First of all, you have to respect this guy’s boundaries and see if he is up for the same things as you are before you make your move.

Besides, your first kiss will be much more exciting if you see all of it as a game and as a chase.

If the guy you like is too shy to make the first move, make him anticipate and wait for what you will do next.

And the best way to make the atmosphere as magic as possible is to flirt with him .

This way, you’ll know where you stand and you’ll be able to tell if he is into you without looking desperate or needy.

At first, start with some subtle flirting. Look at him directly in the eyes and carefully observe his reaction.

Don’t think that he doesn’t like you just because he looks away—there is a huge possibility that he is just scared of being too obvious about the fact that he is crazy about you and that makes him overly nervous.

After that, you can compliment him by casually mentioning that you like his hair or that new sweater he is wearing.

Don’t think that paying compliments is reserved for guys only because it definitely works the other way around as well.

Just make sure to pay attention to this man’s reactions. Does he flirt back? Or does he ignore all of your hints?

Prepare yourself

After you’ve seen that you have the green light from this guy and that he probably won’t reject you once you try to kiss him, it is time for the next step.

And this one concerns physical preparation.

If you like a guy and you wish for him to like you back , it is completely natural that he has to find you physically attractive, before anything else.

I am sure that you’ll win this guy over with your sharp mind and amazing personality once you go past the first stage but let’s face it—we are all visual beings and our first impression about someone is always related to their appearance.

And the same goes for this guy as well.

Therefore, all of this means that you should pay special attention to the way you look when you are around him.

Besides being more attractive to the object of your affection, looking your best will also help you boost your self-esteem and it will give you more bravery to try to kiss him.

Make sure your hair looks awesome and dress your best. I am not telling you to wear something spectacular—just choose an outfit which looks good on you and which makes you feel relaxed.

Also, mouth hygiene is everything.

Don’t forget to brush your teeth and have some refreshing mints before doing anything because bad breath is a huge turn-off for everyone and it will definitely chase your crush away.

The next step is concerned with keeping your lips soft. The last thing you want for this man to feel is your dry lips.

But you don’t want to put on a ton of sticky lip gloss either.

No matter how good it looks on you, it will only make things too messy once you engage in the kissing part.

Also, don’t put on a dark lipstick, which can end up all over your crush’s face after you kiss him.

All of this shows you that keeping things simple is always better.

The best option is to put on some lip balm which won’t leave any traces behind but it will help your lips to look fresh and more attractive.

Think positively

Making the first move is scary, there is no doubt about that. So, it is perfectly normal for you to be nervous before doing so.

But even though a certain level of this nervousness is cute, it can also be counterproductive if you show it to your potential partner and it can chase him away.

If you show him that you are anxious, it might cause him to back out.

So instead of allowing your insecurities to get the best of you, defeat them by thinking positively.

Be sure that this will work out the best possible way. Nobody will ridicule your emotions and you won’t be a fool for trying to kiss the boy you like.

Besides, what is the worst thing that can happen? Yes, the truth is that he might not want to kiss you back. And so what if this happens?

At least you’ll always know that you tried and you won’t spend the rest of your life wondering what could have happened if you had just been a little bit braver.

This way, you’ll know that you’ve followed your heart and even if things don’t go as planned, you’ve gained a new, valuable experience.

Body language signs

After you’ve sorted that out, it’s time to send this guy some signals and clues that you see him as more than a friend.

And what is a better way to do it than by sending him non-verbal signs?

This is an opportunity for you to loosen things up a little and an opportunity for you to get closer to him.

Don’t get me wrong—I am not saying you should be all over this man but you can show him how much you like him in more than one way.

The first thing you need to do is break the physical barrier. Make him get used to your touch and always leave him wanting more.

Touch his hand while you two are talking or hug him a little bit tighter the next time you see him.

Just do something that will make his body get used to having yours around and something that will help you reduce the tension and chase away the awkwardness once a real kiss takes place.

This way, you are forming a physical bond and a connection between you and this guy, without him being aware of it.

And this is exactly what you need to be doing before this perfect kiss takes place.

Make sure the two of you are alone

When you plan on kissing a guy, one of the most important things is to choose a perfect setting for this kiss.

You can’t do it in front of everyone because you’ll just create an awkward situation for both of you.

That is why you need to understand the importance of you and your potential partner being alone, in a quiet place, before doing anything.

I know you think that you are more confident among friends but that is one of the worst decisions you can make; even if the guy likes you, he might get embarrassed and back out.

I know that sometimes it is hard to get some alone time with the person you like but please try your best.

If you can’t seem to catch him one-on-one, ask him for a few minutes of his time and then proceed with the kiss.

Timing is everything

The next thing you ought to be concerned about is timing.

Because let’s face it—we all know that bad timing can ruin a perfect situation.

That is why you should try to find an intimate moment for this kiss.

Don’t kiss him out of the blue and wait for a moment of soft lighting or some romantic music to play in the background. Kissing under a sunset or next to the campfire is always a good idea.

I know you are nervous and you probably can’t stop talking but try and be quiet for a while, without turning it into an awkward silence.

Try to determine this guy’s mood—you don’t want to kiss him when he is upset about something.

Eye contact

Before you proceed with the kiss, you need to maintain prolonged eye contact with this guy.

Whenever you see him, look at him deep in the eyes and try to read the signs from his look.

Don’t beat yourself up if he looks away every time you lock your eyes with his.

It is possible that he is crazy about you but he is just too embarrassed that you’ll notice it because he is very well aware that he can’t hide his emotions.

But, when the moment for your first kiss finally comes, don’t be afraid to look at this guy straight in the eyes.

It definitely makes the atmosphere more romantic and it can say a lot about your intentions.

Just don’t forget to close your eyes when the kissing part actually starts.

Also, a good thing to do is to look at this guy’s lips or bite your own before you kiss him.

This way, you are sending him a signal about what you want to do and you are giving him a chance to play along or to back out in time.

Lean in toward him

Once you’ve followed all of the steps mentioned above, it is time to do some actual work and to kiss the guy. And obviously, you can’t do it from a distance.

Therefore, you need to get as close as possible to him. If there is loud music playing, use that to your advantage and whisper something in his ear.

Move your head toward this guy and lean in to him so that your face is right next to his. This way he’ll feel your breath, which is a big turn-on.

If he doesn’t pull back, it is a good sign and it means that you have the green light. But don’t kiss him right away.

Instead, let the tension grow and let him wonder about your next step.

This way, you are giving him a chance to take the initiative and make him want to kiss you first.

Also, you are creating just the right atmosphere for the kiss to happen.

Use your hands

One of the most common misconceptions about kissing is that it only happens with your lips.

But the truth is quite different; when you kiss someone, you should do it with your entire body.

And this especially applies to your hands, which will help you in pulling this guy closer.

Before you kiss him, don’t be scared to hold his face or to touch him with the tips of your fingers. While the two of you are kissing, put your hands on his head.

Grab his chin gently and tangle your fingers through his hair. Also, you can move your hands over his body and put them on his shoulders or hips.

Anything is better than letting your hands just rest there, next to your body.

Kiss other places besides his lips

If you are too nervous to actually kiss this guy on the lips, start with kissing other parts of his face.

You can start with a gentle kiss on the cheek and slowly approach his lips, which gives him enough time to be the one to liplock you.

Start gently

When you are finally ready to kiss the guy you like, don’t rush things. Instead, start things gently and wait for his feedback.

If he doesn’t pull back, it can only mean one thing—he likes kissing you and you are safe to continue.

Remember that you don’t have to French-kiss him right away; after all, this is your first kiss and there is nothing wrong with taking things slowly.

Start with massaging his lower lip with your lips and proceed to the upper lip.

Then, put his lips against yours and continue with the soft kissing.

Let him take the lead

Congratulations, you broke the ice and you’ve done the hardest part. But now, it might be time to allow this man to take the lead, although this isn’t something you have to do.

Your intentions are clear and you’ve taken the first step. Now it is time to follow him and to let him be the dominant one, so you can see what he wants.

Remember that you don’t have to do everything—kissing isn’t a one-man job.

Besides, you want this guy to know that you care about his needs as well and that you won’t be selfish in a relationship.

You both should enjoy this kiss and make it a memorable one.

If he is being passionate about this kiss, don’t be scared of gently biting his lip or adding some extra tongue.

If you see that things are heating up, you can try kissing his neck or ear because that will make him go crazy.

On the other hand, if he prefers taking things slowly, proceed with soft kisses.

Enjoy the moment

Now that you are finally kissing your man, stop with the overthinking and go with the flow.

You know how everyone keeps telling you that kissing can’t be explained because it simply happens on its own?

Well, it is the truth. Once you start kissing, everything happens spontaneously.

You just have to do your best to relax and to shut your mind off as much as possible.

Follow your instincts and senses and you can’t go wrong. Follow your crush’s wishes and moves and just enjoy the moment!