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Bedroom Alert! These 5 Zodiac Signs Might Disappoint!

Bedroom Alert! These 5 Zodiac Signs Might Disappoint!

Have you ever compared your lovers? Why are some of them were lazy and some of them made fireworks under the sheets? Well, it is all written in stars, and the truth is that the stars never lie.

Here are the 5 zodiac signs that act totally uninterested while having sex, so read further if you want to know if you or your lover is one of them!


Aries is pretty lazy in bed and they think that is totally fine. They have a lot of self-esteem so they want their partner to know that they are already lucky to even sleep with them.

They act like a starfish letting their partner do all the job. Even if they are not so energetic, they tend to enjoy every second of having sex.

It is pretty easy to enjoy while someone else is doing all the job, right? If their partner is shy and polite, they will always criticize them for not participating at all.

Some of their partners leave them because they think they are not doing things properly but they never find out that Aries is the only guilty one.


Leo is a “king of the jungle” and they think that they don’t need to go an extra mile when referring to sex.

They always let their partner lead them, and they accept all kind of kinky games. But in all that action under the sheets, Leo has to have all the control.

They want to have an orgasm no matter if their partner can’t come. Their feelings are a priority to them and they don’t have so much sympathy for their “partner in crime”.

They act cowardly and selfish in bed so if you don’t have a lot of self-esteem you will think something is wrong with you.


This zodiac sign likes sex a lot. But the problem is that they are not so creative in bed, and they like when their partner does all the job.

Their pleasure is in first place for them, and they won’t miss it for anything in the world. It is vital for their partners to keep spicing things up in bed.

If they don’t do it, their routine will eat them alive. And guess who your Sagittarius will blame? Of course, you!


Libra has the best intentions regarding sex but they lose interest soon. They want to try new things but at the same time, they don’t want to make any effort about that.

If you are dating a Libra, be prepared for a bunch of surprises in bed one night and a totally different atmosphere the next night.

The good thing is that Libra will always be a dedicated and loving partner but they will let their partner be a leader when it comes to sex. Evaluating all the pros and cons, Libra is tolerable.


This zodiac sign likes having sex but the main problem is foreplay. It takes them a lot of time to get turned on and if you don’t look like a Miss World, it will be so difficult to turn an Aquarius on.

That is the price you need to pay if you are dating them. They will constantly insist on different poses and lingerie, and you will lose any hope that you will have a good time with them.

In bed, they want to see your action, and they just lie there and watch. They are extremely visual human beings, so if you want to have a remarkable sex with them, you will have to go an extra mile to reach your goal. You know, the one that starts with an O!

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