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10 Exceptional Things Only ‘Extroverted Introverts’ Can Relate To

10 Exceptional Things Only ‘Extroverted Introverts’ Can Relate To

Whenever the topic of extroverts and introverts would come up, I always wondered why it had to be either or? I never felt like I could completely relate to just one, I would always fall somewhere in the middle and I know a lot of people share my opinion.

Digging a bit deeper into the matter, I discovered that there is a balance between an extrovert and an introvert.

A combination of two incompatible personality characteristics that tells you that you can indeed have the best of both worlds. This is what being an extroverted introvert is all about:

1. You have periods of time when you like being around people and other periods when you avoid them completely

There is no middle ground. You like being among people, you are talkative, open, warm, approachable and the life of the party if you feel like it. But if you don’t feel like it, you are nowhere to be found.

You pull back for a while. You need some time alone, with a good book or a new movie, or simply chilling to recharge your batteries before you are among people again.

2. Your mind never stops racing

Basically, you are an overthinker. You like to get to the bottom of things that happened in the past. You also like to think about situations in the future that are unlikely to happen and that is often the cause of your insomnia.

You have these inner monologues that both comfort you and make your life more complicated.

3. You easily adapt to any situation

You are a perfect balance in everything. So although you tend to overthink, you also manage to adapt quickly to anything life throws at you, good or bad.

You learned that you can’t control everything and that sometimes you just need to let things be.

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4. You are surrounded by people who value you

You are selective when it comes to people. You don’t let just anybody invade your privacy or your life. That’s why you have few friends who are close to your heart and few you completely open up to. You also have people who you socialize with on and off.

You completely avoid people whose behavior doesn’t suit you or those who harmed you in the past. You don’t pretend to like somebody if you don’t and you don’t waste your time socializing with them.

5. You are indecisive for the majority of the time

Your friends make fun of your inability to make quick decisions. You always like to consider all the pros and the cons when it comes to the more complex everyday stuff and big or small life decisions.

6. You are flexible and easy-going

But when it comes to some decisions like what movies to watch, pancakes or cake, pizza or burger, where to go next on a night out, etc., you go with the flow.

As long as you are surrounded by people you like, you don’t really pay attention to the small things, as everything seems like a good plan.

7. You are a great listener

You have this feeling that your friends see you as their personal therapist. They come to you with everything because they know you will be all ears and will offer some good advice on the matter if you can.

8. You love being alone but you hate feeling lonely

No matter how good it feels to be all by yourself, have some peace and quiet, spend time doing things that make you happy, it’s completely different to feel lonely and that is the feeling you despise the most, as you know that is something you can’t influence.

9. You are outgoing but you also get shy at times

When you find yourself in a new situation, like meeting new people, for example, you will never be the loudest person in the room, you will be the one who keeps to herself until you adjust to the new situation.

New situations can be uncomfortable at first but once you assess the situation you will be your perky, outgoing self again.

10. You are simple yet complex

That’s why you might have already heard some people or some ex-partners tell you how they can’t figure you out. That’s not surprising, as being an extroverted introvert, you are a balance between two extremes.

You are the best of both worlds. That’s what makes you unique and invaluable and those who don’t get you are just not looking properly.