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7 Worst Text Messages To Send Him During A Fight

7 Worst Text Messages To Send Him During A Fight

Even though despised, fights are an inevitable part of every relationship and the only difference is in the way of dealing with it, or, rather, dealing with him.

But, before diving into any of it, the most important thing to understand is that fights in a relationship are totally natural.

Some experts say that they are actually desirable because they help you strengthen your bond.

Now, the second most important thing is learning how to react during fights, or better said, learning how not to react – you don’t want to add more fuel to the fire.

One badly sent text message can prolong the “fighting period” and cause more damage to your relationship than anything else.

To help you deal with your next fight and minimize the consequences, here is the list of the worst text messages that you could send him during a fight!

1. Sarcastic messages

7 Worst Text Messages To Send Him During A Fight

While it is totally okay to regularly send sarcastic text messages in jest, it is totally wrong to send them during a fight with your partner.

If you do this, it certainly won’t be funny and you will just make things even worse than they actually are.

Sending sarcastic messages means provoking and making fun of them and the situation, which has never benefited anyone.

So, it is always better to keep those sarcastic thoughts to yourself and not send something that you might eventually regret.

2. Curse words and insults

7 Worst Text Messages To Send Him During A Fight

I understand that fights are closely connected with being mad and wanting to hurt your partner verbally (and maybe sometimes even physically), but one of the worst things you could do in such situations is send curse words and insults via text messages (that goes for saying them in person, too).

If you do this, it will just display immaturity and lack of reason, and you certainly don’t want that.

So, if you avoid sending any kinds of insults and curse words during fights, your fights will be healthier and shorter than usual (no matter how strange that sounds).

3. Desperate messages

7 Worst Text Messages To Send Him During A Fight

Other bad kind of text messages are the ones linked with being desperate. Now, what does it mean to be desperate?

It means to beg, plead, make yourself a victim, and feel utterly sorry for yourself.

So, if you send him desperate messages like some of the above, you will not achieve anything with it.

On the contrary, he will only think that you have no idea what you’re going on about or you’re thinking only about yourself.

4. Threats

7 Worst Text Messages To Send Him During A Fight

It is understandable that when you’re in a fight, you are desperate to find solutions to it and perhaps convince your partner to change his mind regarding some things.

Given that it is really hard to influence someone’s mindset that easily, sometimes we decide to use threats (as a last resort).

If you tell your partner that you will leave him if he doesn’t change his mind regarding some things, it is considered a threat and it is definitely the last thing you would want to say to him (believe me).

5. “Making him jealous” messages

7 Worst Text Messages To Send Him During A Fight

There are millions of ways to make a guy jealous, and women are somehow by nature pretty good at it.

While making him jealous is actually good from time to time (a healthy dose of jealousy, of course), doing it during a fight it’s a big no-no.

Avoid doing things like sending him pictures with other guys, saying that you’re about to go for a drink with someone, or that other guys are courting you and you’re seriously thinking about their propositions.

Avoid making him jealous; by doing so, you will only make yourself more vulnerable and discontent.

6. A million messages

7 Worst Text Messages To Send Him During A Fight

I’m pretty sure that the biggest nightmare of every guy is receiving an endless stream of messages by a woman (regardless if she’s his girlfriend, sister, or someone else).

Indeed, sending text after text will only show him how furious you are and it will not give you any positive results.

It will only bombard him and his mobile phone, and when he sees that, he will think that he certainly doesn’t have time to answer any of it because there is no end to them.

In turn, he will get mad and then you will get mad because he’s mad and – you see where I’m going with this. So, do yourself a favor and just don’t do it.

7. Not sending anything

7 Worst Text Messages To Send Him During A Fight

While it is not a good idea to send tons of messages, it is also not recommend to not send anything, in other words, ignore his messages.

You see, there’s only one reason why you would ignore his messages and that is because you’re not interested in what he has to say and that you don’t care about your relationship.

It will look like you don’t have any desire to make things better and you’re not eager to listen to his side of the story.

Ignoring someone’s texts translates to being passive aggressive, which is the main killer of almost every relationship.

7 Worst Text Messages To Send Him During A Fight