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10 Proven Ways To Spot A Woman Hater

10 Proven Ways To Spot A Woman Hater

Have you ever been involved with a guy who feels as if he’s better than you, just due to the fact that he was born a male?

A man who thinks he has many more rights and who is convinced that he is entitled to some things just because of his sex?

Well, all of that makes him a misogynist, and here are some effective ways to spot one right away.

1. He has no female friends

When you first meet a man who has no female friends, you think of it as a great thing.

You don’t have to worry whether they’re more than friends and whether they’ll interfere in your relationship.

However, this can also mean that this guy doesn’t appreciate women enough and that he doesn’t consider them to be worthy of his friendship.

2. He uses your emotions against you

A misogynist man is the first one who will call you crazy, weak or overly sensitive when you show a sign of emotions.

He uses every chance to rub your insecurities right in your face and to show his strength and superiority, due to the fact that he can control his feelings and is always led by reason.

3. He talks badly about other women

Whenever this guy comments on other women, he uses derogatory terms to do so. He badmouths all of his exes and sexualizes all the girls he encounters.

It doesn’t have to necessarily mean that this guy insults you directly.

Nevertheless, pay attention to the way he treats the cashier, the waitress and even his own mother or sister.

4. He uses every opportunity to put you down

A man who hates woman thinks he is above them in all possible ways. And he uses every opportunity to show you this.

This guy will constantly belittle you and make sure you question your worth.

It’s actually pretty simple—he considers himself above you just because he is male, and according to him, nothing you ever say makes sense.

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5. He doesn’t take responsibility

If a guy is a woman-hater, he’ll never think of himself as guilty for any of his words or actions.

Even when he does something wrong, he’ll try accusing you, saying that you provoked him and put all the blame on you.

He never takes responsibility and always finds a suitable excuse for his lousy behaviour.

6. He tries to tell you what to do

He is the smartest person on Earth, and he is entitled to criticize your every move because everything you do, he would have done better. At least, that is what every misogynist thinks of himself.

This is the man who will use every chance he gets to tell you how to live your life, what decisions to take, and how to act in certain situations because no matter what, he always knows better.

7. He doesn’t let you talk

Deep down, a woman-hater doesn’t like the fact that you (as a female) are entitled to your own opinion, that you can speak your mind or that you have attitudes of your own.

However, he will rarely say this out loud because he is aware that something like that would be socially unacceptable. 

Nevertheless, he will never listen to you, and he will interrupt you every time you try to make a point.

Not only that—when he can’t defeat your opinions with arguments, he’ll probably start yelling or calling you names.

8. He humiliates you in the bedroom

Being into BDSM is nothing unusual; after all, everyone has their preferences in the bedroom.

This fetish alone doesn’t have to mean anything if it’s not followed by some other signs, as well, and many women enjoy having a sexually dominant partner.

Just have in mind that a woman-hater will channel all of the negative emotions he has towards females under the sheets.

He might call you names or ask for you to be completely submissive in the bedroom because that is a way for him to feel more powerful and in control.

9. He is threatened by your success

One thing all misogynist men hate is a successful and ambitious woman, so they usually choose partners who they see as inferiors.

If your guy is a woman-hater, he’ll never cheer for you, and he’ll never push you forward.

Instead, he will feel bad every time you stand out because he can’t stand having a woman who is more successful than him or earns more money.

He will even try to convince you that you’re intimidating, just to hide the fact that he is intimidated.

10. He doesn’t respect your time

Another telltale sign that a man is a woman-hater is the fact that he doesn’t respect your obligations, your daily schedule or your time.

Even though he never says it out loud, this guy expects you to always be available to meet his needs, patiently waiting for him to call you, and for him to be the centre of your Universe.

Because according to him, that’s what women are for, right?