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10 Rules Every Spiritually Empowered Woman Lives By

10 Rules Every Spiritually Empowered Woman Lives By

There’s nothing more powerful than the force of spiritual connection. It is the key to ultimate happiness and the blessings one could only desire to experience in life. A spiritually empowered woman knows this very well.

Her heart and soul are connected to her spirit and this serves as fuel that feeds her strength, wisdom and prosperity. She is not afraid of anything because she believes in herself and that she will eventually find a solution to every problem.

She is deeply in touch with her biggest fears and a variety of emotions which truly make her a spiritual warrior because it takes a brave woman to digest everything that others are throwing at her and still behave like nothing happened.

A spiritual woman is a gifted individual

They are like nothing you’ve ever seen or felt. Not only are they in touch with their emotions but they also have an incredible sense of intuition. They can feel when something’s not right because they are sensitive to other people’s energy.

And they never tolerate bullshit. They can’t do something just for the sake of doing it. Every single job or task is done with special care and for a higher purpose. Their world is full of collaboration, taking care of each other, community goals and innovation.

These women are here to cleanse the world of all of the negativity and make it a better place where happiness will be abundant and sadness will become a scarcity. If you’re wondering if you’re one of them, the easiest way to find out is to check the following rules that every spiritual woman lives by.

10 rules every spiritually empowered woman lives by

1. Always listen to your inner voice

If you’re a spiritual woman, you know the importance of listening to your intuition and gut feelings because these are the main sources of truth and they help you to stay in touch with yourself. When your body is telling you that something’s not right, in 99% of cases, this is true.

And that is why you find it so important to listen to what your body is saying to you. But in order to keep your body and mind healthy, you also need to take special care of them and nurture them. Yoga and meditation are your best friends when it comes to getting rid of all of the negativity that your body has accumulated and clearing your mind.

2. Live your dream life now!

You don’t make excuses for not accomplishing something or living your life to the fullest. You live your dream life and you’re definitely not wasting your time imagining how it would be if things were different.

You are a woman of action.

You feel like there’s nothing in the world you can’t achieve because there’s some inspiring force inside you pushing you to rise if you fall, to do what makes you happy. You don’t satisfy yourself with mediocrity and you certainly don’t let toxic people enter your life.

3. Be open to improvement

You always try hard to improve yourself and to influence others to become the best version of themselves. You are open to criticism and to new things that enrich your soul. You simply cannot sit still and wait for things to change on their own.

You are the one who initiates changes because you believe that we all deserve to be happy, which is the main goal of every spiritual woman. Being stuck in a rut is simply impossible for you because your body is constantly giving you signals and signs on how to make things better around you.

4. Surround yourself with positive, inspiring people

As a spiritually empowered woman, you suggest that everyone surrounds themselves with positive, inspiring people because you know the importance of good company. Positive and inspiring people bring the best out of you, just like you bring the best out of them.

You perfectly complement each other because you’re on the same wavelength. Toxic people simply don’t exist in your world because you know that they are not worthy of your time. You don’t hate everyone but you have your standards when it comes to choosing company and these standards are in accordance with your well-being.

5. Take risks

You’re brave. You are not afraid to speak up for yourself or to take risks. Sometimes you fail, sometimes you don’t, but this doesn’t discourage you from continuing to take risks in the future. You are not afraid to do things differently, regardless of what others might think of you.

And that is what makes you truly beautiful. Your spirituality is your biggest guide when it comes to facing bad things and that is why you’re never afraid. You believe in yourself because you know that if you don’t, no one else will.

And you’re a true role model to other people who are afraid to be who they truly are. You motivate them to get rid of their facade and show their true beauty to the world. And they are really thankful for that.

6. Enjoy the little things

You know that you’re in touch with your spiritual self if you have a tendency to enjoy the little things. You never pass by a flower without smelling it, you are amazed by nature’s wonders, you appreciate every single thing you possess and you’re not greedy for more.

Spending time in nature is important to you because your spirituality needs to be fed by a healthy environment. You enjoy the forest, the sun, your breakfast, every hug from your loved ones and every beautiful gesture of others.

7. See the good in everything and everyone

The core of every spiritual woman is her ability to be down to earth and to treat everyone and everything with the same amount of respect. Ranking people according to their status is something you’re appalled with because you know the importance of showing everyone that they are worthy and loved.

You have this amazing energy in yourself that forces you to stand up for others when they are being disrespected by someone. It is because you’re sensitive to the world’s injustices and you’ll do anything to make things better.

8. Make changes

When it comes to making changes, it is your second nature. You spend a great amount of time devising how you could improve your life as well as the lives of others. You spend a lot of time thinking about your community and not only about yourself.

And when you decide that something needs to be changed drastically, you roll up your sleeves and start working on it immediately. For example, you don’t wait until tomorrow or next Monday to decide to go to the gym; you do it now because your determination works like a fire within you and it motivates you to push harder.

9. Accept what you cannot change

You know very well that not everything can be changed and that is why you’re ready to accept what you cannot change. You’re ready to accept someone’s annoying habit because you’re not in control of them.

You’re also ready to accept what life gives you. If it is something good, you’re happy. If it is bad, you’re not mad, yelling at everyone around you. You understand that patience truly is a virtue and that everything happens for a reason.

10. Be grateful

This is something that many people forget during their life. But if you’re a spiritually empowered woman, you never forget to be grateful. It is a part of your day and night routine to give thanks for every blessing you’ve been given that day.

You understand that gratefulness is the only way to ultimate happiness and you’ll always be thankful for everything life gives you because in your eyes there is no good or bad. Everything is good to a certain degree and if you choose to believe it, it will become the truth.