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55 Spiritual Goals To Set Now And Strive Towards Every Day

55 Spiritual Goals To Set Now And Strive Towards Every Day

Do you want to enhance your relationship with God, or do you want to focus on yourself? Regardless of whether you’re Christian or not, setting a spiritual goal for yourself will improve your spiritual life and help you achieve smart goals.

So, set a date for when you want to start your new spiritual pursuit. It can be the New Year or next Monday. Just make sure you stick to it. Don’t forget to add a pinch of willpower and strive to achieve your goals.

Don’t forget, even if the road is long, it is always worth it. I will help you choose a fitting goal from these numerous examples of spiritual goals.

How Does Setting Spiritual Goals Work?

Spiritual goals bring us closer to God and ourselves, teaching us more about who we are and how His grace shines upon us. Setting these goals is part of the spiritual worksheet we need to prioritize to gain self-love.

God wants you to thrive as a Christian and a person, so he also wants you to challenge yourself in your spiritual journey. I would recommend setting a goal for yourself in the form of a challenge.

This is why you should read through my list of goal ideas first and choose one that is attainable for you. After that, you should work every day to attain your goal and finally achieve it.

Remember, some of these tasks are not easy, and some might need more time and hardship than others. So, choose to start small and easy and then move up.

This means you need to work to achieve your goal every day, not only when it’s easy. Don’t get cold feet or back out once it becomes challenging. Think of God’s word and Jesus, who will guide you through all of it.

55 Spiritual Goals Examples For Spiritual Growth

Next up are my examples of spiritual growth, but don’t limit yourself to these ideas. You can always choose personalized spiritual goals:

1. Reflect on your actions

Self-reflection and objectively critiquing your actions every day are recommended by the church and Scripture every day.

This means you should look back at yourself today and ask if you could have done something in the past better. This way, you will remember to do better tomorrow.

2. Be grateful

One of the first spiritual goals you can try out is being grateful for what you have. Feeling gratitude is tied to religious satisfaction and can make you a happier person.

It’s beneficial to be grateful for even the smallest things in life, like having a place to live, a tank of gas, or running water.

3. How was your day?

Just like reflecting on your actions during the day, you should also reflect on the events that happened.

This means being grateful for all the people you’ve met, how much time you spent praying, time spent with family, and also things you wish you did better.

4. Journaling

Keeping a journal of all the things you did during the day for an extended period of time, like a month, will help you.

You will appreciate all the positive things you did, and it will help you grow out of your bad habits.

5. Know yourself

Knowing yourself makes you more devotional to God and helps you follow in the way of Jesus Christ.

You can explore the deepest parts of your being through meditation, prayer, or other spiritual disciplines. Knowing how you feel about something and reacting to situations will make you a more stable Christian.

6. Meditate

Just like I’ve said before, meditation is a great way to comprehend the different ways God’s grace is given to us.

In other words, meditation and prayer are sometimes the same. In fact, meditation can help deepen your bond with God by only taking 5 to 10 minutes out of your day.

7. Be kind

Kindness pays off. God always has a plan, even if your kindness doesn’t pay off right away. Kindness is a goal we all ought to strive for.

It can be a kindness to strangers or those around us. The main thing is to be kind. The world would be a better place if we were all kind.

8. Try mindfulness

While not mentioned in the Scripture, mindfulness is a new method Christians use, and it implies living in the moment.

Mindfulness helps you experience the world with all of your senses and enables you be more relaxed and present at any moment.

9. Celebrate freedom

You live in a free country where everyone has the freedom to choose what they want to believe in.

So, you are free to celebrate Christianity every day just like everyone else is free to celebrate their own religion.

10. Show them you care

Who? Those who are in your heart, of course. It can be your spouse, your children, your family, in-laws, or even colleagues from work or other acquaintances who are having a hard time. It might not be a hassle to you, but giving them a hand will mean so much to them.

11. Minimize your ego

The ego is what stands between most of us and God’s grace. The ego is not measurable, but the Devil smiles when it grows.

So, think of ways to minimize your ego, like stepping down and complimenting someone, and let your pure heart and soul shine.

12. Choose mindfully

I’ve talked before about mindfulness, but choosing to be mindful on a daily basis is something different.

This means you need to think about every seemingly unimportant decision you make in a day, not based on what is good for you, but what would please God and help others.

13. Volunteering

I can’t think of any better way to help you minimize your ego than volunteering. Volunteering doesn’t just help you with spiritual balance. It helps you achieve gratitude and spread the word of the Lord.

14. Tolerate

Yes, you are free and happy to be a Christian, and so is everyone else. In fact, you should never take away this freedom from someone else.

In other words, you should tolerate everybody’s choices. Not just religion-wise, but in your daily life, family, and workplace.

15. Be silent

Choosing silence over a fight or making a snarky comment cleanses the soul. In other words, God will be pleased with you for choosing faith and peace over drama.

16. Show unwavering faith

Unwavering faith is something only rare Christians are proud to be able to have. It means that throughout life’s trials, you remain humble and true to God. Choose this goal if you’ve reached a higher level of faith.

17. Feel your emotions

Allowing yourself to feel whatever you are experiencing is a quality not all people possess. So, regardless of the trial you are facing, feel your emotions.

God will be pleased that you are experiencing every moment of life, regardless of whether it is good or bad.

18. Validate yourself

Another great goal to set for yourself is validating yourself. This doesn’t just include emotions. It recognizes a sense of self-worth and self-esteem.

If God has sent you a trial of faith, it is time to give yourself a round of applause and honor where you’ve come from.

19. Connect with God in a new way

So, you’ve read the whole New Testament, enhanced your prayer life, and started Bible journaling?

Then you must be looking for a new way to connect with God that is not through prayer. Try out other worldly techniques like art and music to praise Him.

20. Make everything a ritual

No, I don’t mean religiously. Make drinking your coffee in the morning a ritual you are not allowed to break.

Say a prayer during this ritual, and do it mindfully. You can make putting clothes in the dryer a ritual and other basic tasks and chores like driving or making food.

21. Shine with faith

There is no better way to connect with God than to shine with the happiness that you are a Christian.

Happiness and gratitude are all spiritual gifts you receive for being true in your faith, and you should wear them like a badge of honor.

22. Say no to unhealthy habits

One of my favorite ways to grow spiritually is to say no to unhealthy habits like too much screen time, overusing social media, and binge buying on Amazon. Instead, you could use this time to pray or spend it with family, and that’s what you should do when you try this goal.

23. Say no to alcohol and cigarettes

Just like the last goal idea I recommended, this tip is perfect for those who still indulge in the occasional smoke or schnapps.

If you’re looking to give it up, and I recommend you do so, try to look at it as a religious goal and getting closer to God.

24. Commit to praying every day

If you’re a beginner to spiritualism, then this is a realistic goal you can set for yourself. I love it because it is simple, takes 10 minutes out of your day, and brings you much closer to God.

Of course, only commit if you really believe you can do this, and don’t demotivate yourself.

25. Stop to smell the flowers

We’ve all heard that it’s time to give ourselves a break, meaning that you should take a few minutes out of your day to appreciate it.

It could be where you’re now in your spiritual journey, what a beautiful day it is outside, or feel thankful for everything you have.

26. Try religious quotes and posts

I know that religious quotes are not something every person enjoys, but trying to read a religious quote or article is a good place to start.

If you’re just learning about religion, it will help you maximize your faith in God, and even if you have experience in spiritualism, these quotes will help you reach higher goals.

27. Unplug

I know that social media and the internet or TV, in general, can negatively affect our mental health. Therefore, look for a way to unplug and not be constantly hooked and looking for approval from these man-made objects, but only from God.

28. Deepen your faith

You can reach out to a spiritual coach, take on a Bible journal, or join a small group for prayer. The main thing is that your prayers don’t become stale. If they do, you might get bored of them and stop praying. In any case, give yourself a challenge and follow through with it.

29. Declutter

Clutter in the home is just like mental clutter. It stops the flow of information. This is why you can set a goal of decluttering your mind every day with prayer while also decluttering where you pray.

30. Enjoy God’s grace

Enjoying what God gave us, like the will to refuse the Devil, pray to God, and read the Scripture, is something we should enjoy every day.

This is why you could combine mindfulness and gratitude and sit alone appreciating all the things God’s grace has given us. This will deepen your religious connection.

31. Sit in stillness

Another relatively new way of reaching out to our spiritual side is sitting alone and contemplating God in stillness. This is a goal, just like meditation and mindfulness, you can try out if you want a new approach to religion.

32. Think outside the box

You can try to reach into your everyday life by thinking outside the box. Mostly, our thoughts tend to be one-sided or too simple.

This way, you can give your brain a push to look at the world from a different angle and develop new ideas that can help you thrive.

33. Don’t label

Another way you can train your brain if you’ve started seeing negative thinking patterns is to try not to label everything and everyone around you. This goes for feelings, thoughts, and people, as well as events in your life.

34. Don’t let your thoughts wander

Controlling your emotions and thoughts and how they affect your emotional state is a great starting point for better mental health. Try to control what you think about and eventually how these thoughts make you feel.

35. Forgive

You can set an extremely powerful goal to forgive and forget the little injustices other people did to you. First, it can be road rage, and after that, bigger issues that still need healing.

36. Listen to your intuition

Your intuition tells you a lot of things your mind is sure to dismiss but later turn out to be true. In fact, you can make listening to your intuition more a spiritual goal.

37. Discerning is the goal

Another goal you can set for yourself is to understand right and wrong better or become more discerning in your everyday life. For this, you will first need to understand yourself and who you are.

38. Connect with nature

Nature is God’s masterpiece, and I believe he wants us to enjoy every moment of it. So, try to enjoy nature on a picnic or a short forest walk.

39. Begin therapy

Therapy is a great way to ease your pain, and addressing all of your emotional and psychological baggage can be the final goal you wish to reach.

40. Don’t play the victim

A victim mentality can get us into more trouble than we might think. In fact, we begin to think nothing is our fault anymore, so we’re not accountable for our own lives. Your goal can be to wipe out this type of thinking.

41. Enjoy music

Another way to praise the Lord is by enjoying music celebrating His presence on earth. If you feel fit, you can also try to write your own verses.

42. Read the Bible

Another spiritual goal is to make a Bible reading plan. Regardless of whether you’re just going to read one book or the entire Bible, God will be pleased with your intention. So, read the Scripture if it is still on your religious bucket list.

43. Join a Bible study

It can be a local bible study or one specialized in your community. The main goal is to connect with others, talk to them, and praise the Lord for His blessings.

44. Appreciate art

Just like music, art is another thing that praises the Lord. There is beautiful art out there, from paintings to sculptures, that you can also try to make.

45. Seek answers

A great way to reach your spiritual goals is to seek out all the things that interest you. Google or research the questions you have and try to take every opinion into account, from scholar to blogger, and then form your own.

46. Make a prayer routine

Making your spiritual life more fulfilled means improving your praying routine. You can add meditation, mindfulness, and a prayer journal to your routine.

47. Try a prayer walk

If you want to step up your prayer game and think outside the box, take some time out for a prayer walk. It can be a public prayer walk or even your private stillness walk.

48. Visit the local church

Another great way to get out there and meet other like-minded people is to join the local church. It can also be a small group of like-minded people you can talk to God with and feel connected with.

49. Don’t control everything

Most of us wish we could control every aspect of our lives to simplify it. Of course, that would make our lives dull. Try to fight this urge and trust God to get you through it.

50. Try fasting

If you wish to deepen your belief in God in a Scripture-approved way, why not try fasting? Fasting can be in physical form, like not eating, and it can be in a mental form, for instance, not thinking negative thoughts.

51. Lead a prayer journal

Leading a prayer or gratitude journal is a great way to appreciate how much you’ve been through and see patterns in your thoughts and dreams.

52. Join a small group of Christians

If the local church is not your deal, try joining a prayer group. You might make some good friends and connect. But you could also try to find an accountability partner who is willing to share their thoughts with you too.

53. Choose daily Bible verses

Regardless of whether you use verses from Hebrews or Philippians, the Bible is a source of joy for us every day.

Why not make it your goal to choose a daily Bible verse to motivate you? I tried this and recommend it to everyone around me now.

54. Join an online Bible study

If your Bible study is too far away, why not try an at-home Bible study that lets you reach out to people from around the world? These online studies connect you with Christians from anywhere on the globe.

55. Focus on spiritual growth

Finally, one of your goals can be to grow spiritually. Regardless of the examples you choose, it can be something from this list or something you wish to do with your family. Make sure it adds spiritual worth to your life.

Choose A Goal And Grow

These goals are here to move us closer to God and allow us to have a better relationship with Him. We set spiritual goals because spiritual goal setting creates moments of occasional wellness in our lives.

So, I recommend we all choose a goal we can carry on and become better people. Remember, these goals are there to teach us more about God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus, and ourselves.