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4 Surprising Reasons Why Overthinking Is Your Strongest Weapon

4 Surprising Reasons Why Overthinking Is Your Strongest Weapon

In most cases, you’ll hear that your overthinking is, to put it lightly, bad for you. It is a burden you can’t get rid of and something you can’t seem to control, no matter how hard you try.
I know because I am an overthinker myself. I am a girl who can’t relax and who constantly worries about every little thing.

However, instead of seeing my overthinking as my flaw, I’ve decided to accept it as a part of who I am. I’ve decided to start looking at it as one of my advantages over the rest of the world, and I advise you to do the same.

1. You overlove

I am not sure whether this one is your biggest weakness or strongest weapons, but the truth is that the ones who overthink also overlove. Even though your capacity to care for others and to always put them first brought you a lot of pain in your past and even though this is something you would probably like to change about yourself, the truth is that it is actually a blessing not many are gifted with.

What makes you stand out is the fact that when you love someone, you are all in, and you never enter a relationship with just a part of your heart. Instead, your love for your dearest ones is always unconditional and non-negotiable, no matter what. And that is exactly what makes you so damn special.

2. You read through people easily

One of the first reason why overthinking is actually great for you is the fact that you don’t get deceived as easily as other people. Being overly careful and having trust issues may bring you a lot of trouble, but it also saves you from many wrong choices, and it helps you keep toxic people out of your life.

When you have a habit of overanalyzing everyone around you and dissecting every single word they say and move they make, it is quite unlikely for you to miss seeing when someone doesn’t mean you well. You don’t let your guard down for just anyone, and this helps you sense whether someone is right or wrong for you.

Besides, you are an empath who has the ability to feel whatever the people around you are feeling. You can always tell if the person you care about is going through a rough patch, and you see when something is bothering them, without them having to confess anything and sometimes even before they realize it for themselves.

3. You rarely make bad judgments

If you have the characteristics of an overthinker, you are someone who thinks through every decision thoroughly before making it. Even though some might call you indecisive due to this quality, the truth is that you are just wise enough not to let some bad choices ruin your life.

All of this helps you with all of your decisions and judgments. Thanks to your overthinking, you always have in mind the best and the worst case scenario of every possible situation as well as all the potential risks associated with it.

Yes, there are situations in which your lack of spontaneity burdens you, but there are also cases when it saves you from a lot of trouble. So, I guess that not going with the flow isn’t as bad as it might seem, is it?

4. You are reliable

When you are an overthinker, people can’t help but notice that you are always the one who stands with her feet firmly on the ground and the one whose head is never up in the clouds. Therefore, it is of no surprise that you are usually the first person everyone comes to in order to get some advice or help with their problems.

Your qualities make you an extremely reliable person. Simply, people around you believe that you’ll always tell them how things really are, even if the harsh truth is the last thing they want to hear. You are the one who will always direct them toward the right path and the one who will dedicate her time and energy to their troubles, as if they were your own.

Being someone who analyzes people, you are a person who observes everyone as the unique individuals they are. You have the ability of walking in other people’s shoes which helps you understand them more than anyone else. Consequently, this makes you a person everyone can always count on if they want an honest opinion and advice about what is best for them.