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How To Make Your Birthday Special For Yourself: Top 15 Ideas

How To Make Your Birthday Special For Yourself: Top 15 Ideas

Your birthday should be all about you, right? So when the day comes, make it yours. Instead of waiting for wishes and gifts from others, it’s a good idea to learn how to make your birthday special for yourself.

Whether your loved ones are planning something or not, or if you usually mark the occasion, taking a day and making it special for yourself will be fun. If you celebrate it the same way every year, with a dinner or a gathering, changing things up can be exciting.

You might be someone who has a lot of friends and a large family or a loner with a select few special people, it doesn’t matter. If you want your birthday to be a fun and special day, there’s a lot you can do on your own. Here are some ideas.

15 Ways To Party: How To Make Your Birthday Special For Yourself

If you don’t know how to make your birthday special for yourself, you can stop wondering. It doesn’t matter what type of person you are, there are plenty of ideas for an unforgettable day with the most special person you could be spending it with.

Go through these ideas to see which of them are the most appealing before your birthday because some of them need preparation, such as appointments and reservations ahead of time. When you’ve made sure that what you want to do will be available, you can be spontaneous with the rest.

There’s something you must do before the day comes if you want it to be the perfect birthday: take a day off from work or school, because here’s a list of ideas to fill up your whole day.

1. Don’t sleep too long

You don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn, but don’t let your special day pass you by as you sleep. Decide on the time you think will be good if you want to get enough sleep, but that gives you enough time for the activities you’ve picked.

Be spontaneous, but make sure you won’t be disappointed. Check when places open and close beforehand, especially if there’s something you’re particularly looking forward to. You don’t want to arrive at your favorite spot only to find out it’s closed.

Wake up early and wish yourself a happy birthday!

2. Pamper yourself

Get to the bathroom and indulge in a lengthy self-care routine. It doesn’t have to be anything out of your way, but take an extra moment to make yourself feel good. Spoiler: there’s a step that takes you to a spa, but if you’re not in the mood, you can skip that and really double down at home.

Take a longer shower than usual, use the best-smelling products you have, moisturize everything and really take your time. Your day will immediately look brighter if you’re feeling good and pampered.

Try to make it a habit to go all-in on pampering yourself at least once a week to stay refreshed and comfortable.

3. Dress up

This is non-negotiable! You have to look good on your big day. Wear something that makes you feel good about yourself. It can be something exceptionally flattering or something that makes you feel confident. It can be a brand new outfit or a tried and tested staple.

As long as it makes you smile when you look in the mirror, it works. Dressing up is a way to mark the occasion and make your day special. Wear that outfit you’ve been saving for a special occasion.

4. Go out?

The first three steps are done! You’ve finished what had to be done at home, and now, you can move on. Adventure awaits! Now you only have to take your pick of the activities that will make you happy. This, of course, starts with leaving the house.

But what if all you want to do is lie around? That’s perfectly fine, as long as you know you’ll feel great after. Rest is needed and healing, but don’t while away the hours just because you feel unmotivated.

The point of doing something on your birthday is to make it special and make the day count. It’s important that when it’s over, you don’t feel like you wasted time without doing anything that matters.

A meaningful day is one that makes you either happy or feel accomplished, so make sure your birthday makes you feel that way.

5. Get some food

Depending on the time of the day, this will be breakfast or brunch. Save some space for lunch and dinner, too. You can head down to your favorite restaurant and eat your favorite food or take a risk and check out a new place. Get the best food you can find.

(Make sure you tell your server that it’s your birthday because some places include a complimentary dessert for the birthday boy or girl on their special day.)

6. Buy yourself a birthday gift

Now comes the best part: getting yourself a gift. Whenever you look up gift ideas, you’re thinking of someone else. We all put more care into finding the perfect gift for another person, but when was the last time you decided to splurge on yourself?

You buy your family member the best possible version of something they’d like, and you buy whatever is on sale for yourself. It’s time to change this: from now on, buy yourself a birthday present every year.

Treat yourself! Here are some ideas on what you can get for the most special person in your life:

• That one thing you’ve been eyeing but couldn’t justify buying because you don’t need it and it’s expensive. You know the one.

Flowers. Can you think of the last time you got yourself flowers? Not something to decorate the house, but something that’s just pretty and you want to look at. Also, you should note that flowers should be a side gift that goes with whatever the real gift is.

• Treat yourself to a shopping spree. Go on Amazon, or even better, visit all your favorite stores and get whatever catches your eye or what you’ve wanted. Set aside a maximum budget if you with this one, though.

Something really high quality. Skincare, clothing, a purse, a household item, it could be anything, as long as it’s the best possible kind.

• An experience. Splurge on a concert to see your favorite band, tickets to a destination you’ve wanted to visit, or anything else that comes to mind. You probably already have an idea of what to do.

7. Do something for yourself

This sounds vague, but it’s not. Taking time for yourself on your birthday won’t be the same for you as it would anyone else. So what is it that you can do for yourself?

It could be something that you don’t set aside the time to do, something you haven’t done in a while, or something that you’ve been meaning to do. It could be something you do all the time but that you love to do.

Whatever you choose, as long as it truly brings you joy, it’s a good choice. Indulge yourself and just do what you want to do.

• If you want to binge-watch some show you’ll forget by tomorrow or rewatch your comfort movie for the 10ᵗʰ time, go ahead. There are no rules about what makes you feel fulfilled.

• Don’t watch your weight. Eat whatever you want and add more butter. Get some ice cream, but make it the best you can find.

• Have a spa day full of pampering. Include a massage.

• Enjoy the day outdoors, taking in the fresh air.

• Spend the day with your pet. Fun and companionship!

• Read a book. Curl up with a favorite for maximum enjoyment.

• Drink a whole bottle of wine.

Pick one of these suggestions if you can’t think of one of your own, but you probably already have an idea of what it is you’d like to do.

8. Do something for others

Gratitude makes you appreciate your life more, and when you do something for others, you become more aware of all the things you should be thankful for. You lived through another year and came out of it wanting to celebrate the next one, which is another reason to be grateful.

Share your blessings by spending time with family members, giving a donation, or volunteering. By doing something good for others, you’re not only helping them, but you also start to like yourself more.

Your activities don’t have to be anything special: go shopping for groceries for your neighbor, play board games in a retirement home, or tutor a neighborhood child. As long as you put a smile on someone’s face, you’re good.

9. Reflect on the past year

What’s a birthday celebration without a little existential crisis?

Birthdays are inevitably joined by an occasional thought about our own mortality and the way we live our lives. Everyone questions their accomplishments, worries about reaching milestones, and questions their decisions.

To help fight this train of thinking, reflect on what your life has been like since your last birthday, then turn forward. Instead of downplaying your achievements, dedicate a portion of this special day to counting and celebrating everything you’ve done in the last year, no matter how big or small.

• Even if you’ve done nothing but manage to get out of bed every morning, it’s something to celebrate. You could have not done it, yet you did.

• Remember all the ways you’ve grown as a person and everything you’re grateful for.

• Think about your goals and which ones you’ve reached. Consider all the effort it took to get there. Think about how far you’ve come with regard to those goals that are still in the future.

After you’re done looking back, look forward.

• Imagine what you’d like the next year to look like. Use this to create goals and plans for the next year. When you have something you want to achieve, it’s easier to focus and move towards it.

• Think about any plans for the future you might already have that you’re looking forward to. If you’re about to graduate this year, it’s a great push forward. If you’ve already bought a ticket to visit New York City next year, why aren’t you packing already?

• Where do you want to go from here? What do you want to do? What can you expect? Create anticipation by thinking about your future in a positive way.

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10. Change something

This is the first day of the rest of your life. How should you mark the occasion? A good idea is to do something refreshing and new: to change or start something.

“New year, new you” is an expression more related to the holiday, but it’s very much appropriate here. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do and didn’t because you were afraid, embarrassed, or because you worried about what people would think, go for it.

Set things in motion for a new beginning and progress ahead.

Make memories by ticking things off your bucket list. If you don’t have one, start it. Live with no regrets. Start working on your mental health. Get a new hair color. Take a class in something you don’t know anything about. Meet someone new.

11. Create something

Getting in touch with your feelings and expressing them is a great activity to do on your birthday because it honors and celebrates the deepest parts of you. In our daily lives, a lot of what we have to say remains unsaid because other things take precedence.

Whether you make yourself a birthday cake or a playlist containing songs that make you happy, write a poem, or start a DIY project, doing something creative is always accompanied by a sense of accomplishment.

Taking the time to be creative is a necessity: the feeling that something exists because you made it is fulfilling and gives you a sense of purpose. Even when it’s something small and seemingly insignificant, it’s meaningful.

12. Take a trip

For a really indulgent birthday celebration, spoil yourself with a birthday getaway. Going with a significant other or a friend is always fun, but going on your own is a special treat.

When you go alone, you don’t have to accommodate anyone else. Go on your own schedule, visit a destination you want to see, and do what you want to do. Leave the obligations and responsibilities of your daily life behind and enjoy some downtime.

For a truly carefree trip, organize everything beforehand and make all decisions you’d have to make before you go. Make reservations, organize any activities you’d like to do, decide on transportation, and anything else that might come up.

If you prepare everything in advance, you’ll be able to really let go during your trip without having to think about any boring details. All you’ll have to worry about are the fun and spontaneous decisions instead of having to worry about the logistics.

13. Enjoy solitude

Usually, when you’re trying to think of birthday ideas, spending time on your own is the last thing you’d consider, but give it a chance. When was the last time you took time for yourself and really enjoyed your own company?

Spend this time checking in with yourself and taking a breath without having anyone else’s expectations hanging over you. You can do things, or you can do absolutely nothing – it’s up to you. The point of taking a moment to yourself is that it’s all up to you.

Turn off your phone, for real. No social media, no phone calls, no texts. Take a nap, read a book, have a cup of tea, meditate, go for a walk, work out, have a staycation – do whatever you want and ignore everyone else.

14. Spend time with people

As much as it’s necessary to take time for yourself, it’s as important to surround yourself with people you like to have close. On your birthday, avoid anyone whose company makes you anxious, unhappy, or irritated.

Your birthday is a ‘good vibes only’ day! Spend it with the people you love and the people you like. Get in touch with the people you miss. If they’re not around anymore, find a spiritual way to connect with them that comforts you.

Consider sharing each meal with different people you know. Have breakfast with your family and dinner with your friends, but go out alone for lunch and talk to people you don’t know. This is a great way to briefly connect with someone and brighten their day and yours.

15. Throw yourself a party

In the media, a one-person birthday party is often a sign of loneliness, with the protagonist waiting for people to show up, only they never do. In real life, celebrating your own birthday alone isn’t a sad occasion.

First of all, you can invite other people if that’s what you want, but you can also throw a fun party that’s all yours to enjoy. If you’re an introvert who likes doing things on their own, you’ll probably love this.

Solo party

How do you throw a party for one? By definition, a party includes more than one person, and what we consider a party involves socializing. So if you take out those two components, what’s left? Whatever you want!

There’s only one rule: make it fun. Even if your solo party is just watching TV, turn it into a special event. Make popcorn, and make it the good kind. Have a drink you love. Create a mood with lighting and sound: dim the lights and turn up the volume. Get cozy, comfy, and cushy.

Virtual party

You can also have a Zoom birthday party if the people you’d like to spend your day with live long-distance. Some virtual party ideas include games, such as trivia, a cocktail party where everyone has the same drink, or a movie night.

The important part is seeing each other’s faces and spending time together doing fun things you enjoy, even if it’s impossible to do so in person.

Classic party

If you decide to throw a birthday party and invite guests, it can be the perfect ending to a whole day of celebrating your birthday. When you’re the one who organizes your party, you can do whatever you want. When someone else does it, you go along with whatever they think of.

You can indulge in any way you want and invite whoever you want. Hang out with just your best friend. Do something that you’ve always wanted to do at your birthday party but never had the chance. You can think of fun ways to spend time with your loved ones or just go to dinner.

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Happy Birthday To A Very Special Person!

How to make your birthday special for yourself: by showing yourself love.

Self-love is sometimes about being gentle and sometimes about being strict, but it’s always about being kind to yourself. For your birthday, love yourself by doing the things that make you cheerful and that give you joy.

Spending your own birthday alone is all about taking the time for yourself to do things you want to do. It’s about celebrating the year of life that went by and welcoming another. Reflect on the past year and prepare for the next one.

Celebrate yourself because you deserve it!

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