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How Do You Know If Someone Likes You? 35 Ways To Tell

How Do You Know If Someone Likes You? 35 Ways To Tell

The ultimate question of all time: How do you know if someone likes you, if they want to be friends, or if they’re just being polite?

When you’re dealing with a person who isn’t so expressive about their feelings, the lines are quite thin.

The answer is especially tricky when you’re already crazy for someone. Your judgment skills no longer exist, and you can’t tell the difference between your desires and reality.

That’s why I’m here for your rescue: to give you all the not-so-clear signs of attraction to look for in another person.

Can you feel if someone likes you?

If you know how to read non-verbal signals, you can definitely notice when someone likes you without them having to say anything. Not only that: sometimes your gut is telling you that the other person has a crush on you.

Well, guess what: in most cases, it’s absolutely right!

How Do You Know If Someone Likes You? 22 Signs They Do

If your crush displays most of these signs, congratulations, you share a mutual attraction.

1. Eyes do the talking

Eye contact is everything! You can choose not to tell someone you like them, but your eyes will always reveal the truth.

When you look at someone you like, levels of oxytocin increase in your brain. Oxytocin is actually responsible for prolonged eye contact.

This person can’t stop looking at you. You constantly catch them staring at you without any reason.

They’re not only checking you out, they’re literally staring into your soul. When you two talk, they glance over your mouth or they look you deep in the eyes. Either way, they’re looking for signs you like them back.

2. They can’t get their hands off of you

In an article for Psychology Today, Dr. Jeremy Nicholson claims that people who like you romantically keep on finding excuses to touch you.

Whenever you two greet, they keep you in their hug a bit longer than necessary. When they’re passing by you, they put a hand on your waist.

When you two are talking, they grab your hand or they pick lint from your clothes. When they’re making a point, they put their hand on your knee.

The examples are endless, but the point is the same: they can’t seem to get their hands off of you. They crave physical contact with you.

They’re probably doing this unconsciously; it’s just a body language sign of how much they’re into you.

3. They want to know more about you

This person doesn’t just like you – it’s apparent that they’re in love with you. They’re interested in every little detail concerning you.

When you two talk, they truly engage in the conversation. They ask you a lot of questions, trying to find out more about your past, likes, and dislikes.

First of all, they’re interested in your mind and heart, and not just your body. Secondly, they want to see if you two have something in common or not.

4. Jealousy is an issue

How do you know if someone likes you? Well, they’ll get insanely jealous whenever you mention another guy or girl in front of you, let alone when they see you with someone else.

One thing is for sure: they have no right to be jealous. They know this very well, but they can’t help themselves.

The mere thought of you being in a romantic relationship with someone else breaks their heart. Their jealousy is a tell-tale sign that they’re crazy about you.

5. Undivided attention

You and your romantic interest can be in the most crowded room in the world. Nevertheless, they’ll have eyes for you only.

You get their undivided attention no matter what’s going on around you.

When they make a joke, they wait for you to laugh. When they state an opinion, they’re looking for your approval.

They listen carefully to everything you have to say. It’s like they’re not breathing when you’re around because they’re afraid they might miss something.

6. Being nervous around you

Someone can have the highest self-esteem ever, but we all get nervous around the person we like. Therefore, if you’re looking for obvious signs someone has a crush on you, pay close attention to the nonverbal signals they’re sending you.

Do they blush whenever you’re around? Do they get tongue twisted? Do they start sweating? Does their voice and hands start shaking?

If you can relate to your romantic interest, it’s a common sign he or she likes you back.

7. Complimenting you

How do you know if someone likes you? They can’t help but compliment you all the time.

They don’t do it to flatter you this person feels the need to praise you non-stop. Besides, they’re waiting for your reaction to their words.

If this is not one of the most obvious signs of attraction, I don’t know what is.

But, they won’t compliment your looks only; they’ll also tell nice things about your personality, heart, and brains. They’re fascinated by everything you say or do, and that’s a good indication that they’re into you.

8. They treat you specially

Maybe you two are good friends. Or, you work together. Either way, it’s likely that you’re mostly spending time with other people.

But, somehow, they always make sure to tell the world that you stand out from the rest. You’re special, and they treat you that way.

It’s about the little things: the fact that you’re the first one they greet when entering the room, how they always stand or sit next to you no matter how many people there are, and how they always defend you in front of everyone.

9. Feet pointed towards you

This is something only relationship experts know: when someone is into you, they’ll always stand with their feet pointed towards you. It’s another thing people do without being aware of it, but it’s a strong nonverbal clue of their feelings.

10. Leaning in

Here is another body language sign that someone is into you, revealed to us by Jack Schafer, Ph.D. in his piece for Psychology Today. Namely, if someone likes you, they’ll be leaning in towards you all the time.

They’ll whisper something in your ear or get closer to hear what you have to say.

This is especially true for those who don’t have the courage to engage in actual physical contact.

They do their best to respect your personal space, but their need to be as close as you as possible is stronger than anything.

11. Trying to make you laugh

How do you know if someone likes you back? The answer is pretty simple: they do everything in their power to make you smile and laugh.

Some people mask their fear with humor. They try to hide behind their jokes, and think that it’s the best way to keep their true feelings a secret.

Others just want to make you feel good around them. Also, some ask for validation, and think they get it when they succeed in making you laugh.

12. …and laughing at everything you say

The same goes for your jokes. You can say the cheesiest and the silliest line ever, but they’ll die of laughter.

Do they pretend it’s funny just to please you? Sometimes. But, most times, everything you say really is funny to someone who likes you.

13. Making you jealous

You’ll catch this person mentioning another guy or girl in your presence. Don’t worry about it – they’re just trying to get some kind of reaction from you.

Basically, they’re trying to make you jealous. If you do get jealous, it’s a confirmation you like them back – as simple as that.

14. The little things

This person remembers every little detail about you. They know some random stuff like the name of your childhood best friend, or every single thing about your pet.

When you come to think about it, they probably know you better than your closest friends and family members.

Why is that so? Do they stalk you? Absolutely not – they just pay close attention to everything you’re saying.

15. Blowing your phone and social media up

When you post an Instagram or Snapchat story, who’s the first one to watch it? Who’s the first one to like and comment on every single photo you put on social media?

Well, that’s probably the person who is into you.

The same goes with your phone. They keep on sending you good morning and good night texts, calling you to catch up, and texting you throughout the day. Sometimes, you feel like you’re already in a romantic relationship.

16. Making excuses to see you

It’s clear that they don’t have enough self-esteem to ask you out on a proper date. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean they don’t have the need to spend time with you.

So, they make excuses to see you. Suddenly, you’re the only one who can give them some advice, or they want to spend their lunch breaks with you, or they were passing by your apartment.

Sounds familiar? These are all good signs that a girl or a guy likes you.

17. Mirroring your facial expressions

Here’s another secret relationship coaches are familiar with: when someone is into you, they’ll mirror your facial expressions. If you’re laughing, they’ll follow your lead. If you’re angry, they’ll put on an angry face as well.

After some time, they’ll adopt a lot of your body language as well. Don’t get me started on your vocabulary!

No, they’re not trying to copy you or steal your personality. It’s just something that all humans do subconsciously.

18. Drunk calls

The drunk mind speaks the sober heart. Just because this person has no courage to open up about their feelings during the day doesn’t mean they won’t drunk call you in the middle of the night.

This is the only time when they pour their heart out and get completely honest about their feelings. You probably don’t take it seriously, and think of it as some blabbing, especially because they act as if nothing happened the next morning.

But, trust me – this is a clear sign of their love for you.

19. Interested in your love life

Are you dating anyone? Are you currently in love? What are you looking for in the perfect girlfriend/boyfriend? Is there anyone special in your life?

These are all questions most of your friends will casually ask you. But, they won’t be nosy about it – they’ll just mention your love life if the topic pops up or if you ask for relationship advice.

However, this person is different – they’re especially curious about your romantic status. They’re obviously terrified that you’ll find someone, and that they’ll lose you.

20. Dilated pupils

Here is another nonverbal sign of affection: our pupils dilate when we look at someone we love. How do you know if someone likes you?

Just pay close attention to their pupils they’ll tell you everything you need to know.

21. You’re included in their future plans

In this person’s mind, you two are already romantically involved. They make short-term and long-term plans that include you.

It doesn’t matter if they’re talking about the upcoming weekend or the next vacation; you’re always there. It’s pretty clear that they can’t picture their life without you around.

22. Others say so

Everyone thinks of you two as a couple, even though you’re not officially a couple. Your mutual friends tease you for being an “old married couple” and even your family thinks that you’re perfect together.

So, what exactly are you waiting for?

How do you know if a guy likes you? 4 Clues

This is how you know that a guy likes you:

1. Doing you favors

He will run errands for you and do the favors you didn’t even ask for. He wants you to know you can rely on him. No matter what happens, he’s your person, and you should always count on his help.

Please, don’t take advantage of this man because he truly is one of a kind. If you won’t give him a chance, don’t treat him like your mechanic, pool boy, or gardener.

2. Playfully teasing you

You know how little boys treat little girls they like? Yes, I’m talking about kindergarten or middle school.

They playfully mess with them, tease them, gently pull their hair, push them while passing by, or tell slightly inappropriate jokes. Well, guess what: some men never grow out of this phase.

So, if a guy is playfully teasing you and messing with you, one thing is for sure: he likes you so much that he’s scared of his feelings.

3. Alpha body posture

A guy who likes you wants you to think of him as the manliest man in the world. He wants you to think of him as a dominant and powerful alpha man.

So, he’ll keep his shoulders wide open, straighten his back to appear taller, and take as much space as he can get. This posture helps with his self-confidence.

4. Hero instinct

How do you know if a guy is interested in you romantically? Well, your well-being suddenly becomes his number one priority, and his hero instinct awakens.

He gets all protective of you, and he starts taking care of your safety. He sees you as a damsel in distress, and himself as your Prince Charming who needs to rescue you from all the world’s evils.

How do you know if a girl likes you? 4 Clues

This is how women act near the men they’re into.

1. Puts extra effort into her appearance

Whether they like to admit it or not, most girls get their self-confidence from their appearance. Therefore, a girl who likes you will put extra effort into looking her best whenever she’s around you.

Pay attention to the way she is dressed when you bump into her. Take a close look at her.

Then, compare that appearance to the way she looks when she knows she’ll spend time with you.

I bet there is a huge difference.

2. Gets shy when you’re around

Even if she’s an Alpha female, she’ll lose her coolness in front of a guy she likes. If she’s a girl who stands up against everyone, is always the loudest and the most dominant in the room, but suddenly changes when you’re around, everything is clear.

She becomes all shy and vulnerable when you’re next to her. She is so in love with you that she loses her self-confidence.

3. Preening herself

This girl keeps on preening herself. She nervously plays with her hair, fixes the collar of her shirt, or checks to see whether her jacket is buttoned the right way.

This girl is constantly worried that she’s not good enough. And, we’ve already established that she wants to look her best every time you’re around.

At the same time, she lacks confidence, and constantly finds something that needs to be fixed.

4. Meets you with her friends

When a girl likes you, she can’t wait to hear what her friends have to say about it. Don’t worry she already showed them all of your social media profiles, but she wants them to meet you in person so she can get the final judgment.

So, she makes different excuses to get you all together. If they give her the green light, she’ll probably never fall out of love with you.

How can you tell if someone likes you, but is hiding it?

An extra shy person will probably never approach you upfront, but they’ll definitely show you their affection in some subtle ways. Here are the most common ones:

1. Looking away

Remember how we talked about eye contact? Well, the fact about shy people is that they probably won’t stare directly into your eyes.

Instead, they’ll look away every time you show up. They’re embarrassed to maintain prolonged eye contact, let alone something more.

2. Talking uncontrollably or being quiet

When someone is hiding their feelings for you, they’ll either be completely numb when you’re around, or they’ll start talking uncontrollably.

Whatever happens, it’s a sign that this person feels something more for you. They get so nervous when they see you that they forget to act properly.

Besides, they panic that you’ll see right through them, so they either get quiet not to say anything wrong or talk too much to change the subject.

3. Always there for you

You know that good friend in the shadow who always finds a way to help you without you having to ask for it? Well, it’s time to reconsider their feelings despite them not displaying any flirty behavior.

They watch you from a safe distance. The last thing they want to do is intrude into your life.

However, they’ll appear the moment you need someone.

4. No other girls or guys involved

This person is faithful to you, even though you’re not together. They struggle with their emotions, but don’t think of dating other girls or guys. You’re not dealing with a player here.

You’ll never hear about a random hookup or a casual fling from them. If they can’t have you, they would rather be alone.

5. Trying to impress you

They use every chance they get to impress you and to show you that they’re worthy of your attention. After all, what other choice do they have?

They secretly hope that you’ll realize they’re the one without them having to actually do something about it.

To Wrap Up:

Now that you’ve got the answer to the question, How do you know if someone likes you?, everything is much easier.

If you have realized this person is into you, approach them upfront. Don’t wait for them to make the first move unless you don’t want to spend another eternity waiting.

On the other hand, if these good signs help you understand that there is no mutual attraction, at least you know where you stand. Give up on them and move on with your life!