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10 Signs It’s Not Your Body, But It’s Your Soul That Is Tired

10 Signs It’s Not Your Body, But It’s Your Soul That Is Tired

We often confuse the signs of feeling wasted, sleepy all the time and being disoriented with the need for rest.

We think that it’s our body that is tired, and we try to cure ourselves by hitting the gym or drinking some supplements to help us come back to life.

But, we forget that being tired doesn’t have to mean that we’re drained physically. Our soul can get tired, too. Even though we’re not able to see it, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Our souls have the same capacity of being overloaded with negative emotions and stress.

And when that happens, the soul needs some time to repair just like any broken part of your body.

You should never ignore the signs warning you of your tired soul, and here’s how you’ll recognize them.

10 signs your soul is tired and needs healing

All you want to do is rest

You find it difficult to get up in the morning even though you’ve slept enough. Your only wish is to stay in bed and rest all day because you feel drained.

Don’t confuse this with physical tiredness because it means your body is lacking energy, and your soul is the one that is tired.

You’re also no longer interested in the activities that you’ve enjoyed before and because of that you’re not willing to do anything that is not connected with resting.

The lack of energy you’re feeling is preventing you from doing anything.

You feel disoriented

Even when you find the strength to get up from your bed, you immediately start feeling disoriented.

You sometimes forget to do things someone asks you or you go for something only to realize that you’ve forgotten what you wanted in the first place.

The feeling of being disoriented is overwhelming, and you find it hard to concentrate on anything you’re doing.

You’re extremely emotional

You feel like you’re either super sad or super happy, and no gray area exists here. You find it hard to digest your emotions, and you feel like you’re not in control of them.

The most trivial things can easily upset you and lift you up as well.

You feel like you’re drowning in your own body, and nothing can save you from the feeling of being helpless.

You feel lonely all the time

Even when you’re among other people, you still feel lonely. You simply cannot indulge yourself in conversations like you used to do before.

The feeling of loneliness remains omnipresent whatever you say or do.

And that is why sometimes you avoid hanging out with people because these gatherings only make you feel worse. You think the best option is to go to sleep, and wait for everything to pass.

You feel exhausted physically

This is the most confusing one.

When our souls are tired, we suffer some physical conditions as well, but this doesn’t have to mean that we need to heal our bodies instead of souls.

When your soul is tired, you will feel exhausted physically because you are depleted of energy, and this influences how your organism functions.

You will feel like you have overworked yourself physically even if you haven’t done anything.

You’re always on high alert

You find yourself overthinking everything, and wherever you look, you only see consequences of possible actions.

You’re always on high alert and afraid of what might happen.

You find it impossible to relax and enjoy the movie or something you like doing because you’re overly stressed about everything.

You want to run away from everything

You feel like you want to pack your things and go as far as possible to the unknown.

You’re not satisfied with anything going on in your life, and you’re not satisfied with yourself.

You think happiness is miles away from you, and no matter what you do, nothing will change.

You fight hard to find reasons to get up in the morning and do all the chores or go to your job.

You’re not interested in helping others

When you see that someone needs your help, you don’t bother helping them—not because you don’t want to but because you feel like you need help, too.

Sometimes you feel so indifferent to other people’s sufferings that you don’t recognize yourself anymore.

It’s really hard for you to understand their wishes and desires because you’re too occupied with saving yourself.

You cannot let go of the past

You find yourself living in the past or daydreaming about some events from your past. You cannot concentrate on the present and the things you’re doing.

Perhaps you’ve gone through a breakup or other event that left you emotionally scarred, and that is why you feel unable to let go of that.

You keep seeking answers and reasons why something happened because you cannot accept things as they are.

You cannot let go of those who disappointed or hurt you because you want them to apologize or explain why they did it to you.

You don’t feel loved

Nothing and no one can make you feel loved because you’re not in touch with your emotions.

You don’t understand what is going on around you and even if someone is showing you affection, you will not be able to recognize it.

And that is why you feel alone and like no one is able to understand what you’re going through.

Even though love seems miles away from you and the state you’re in, don’t lose hope in the better days that are about to come because they will.