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10 Signs You Should No Longer Give A Damn About Him

10 Signs You Should No Longer Give A Damn About Him

Not all relationships are meant to be happily ever after and not every movie has a happy ending.

And sometimes, no matter how hard we try or how much effort we put into a relationship, it’s worth nothing if we’re the only one doing it.

It just ends up breaking our heart over and over again until it shatters into millions of pieces.

We’re stuck on the edge of our breaking point, wondering whether it’s better to let go of it all or to keep on fighting just a little bit longer.

In the latter case, all it takes is a little push for us to melt down completely, to lose that solid ground under our feet and fall down.

To save yourself and your heart from that happening and to prevent him from taking away another piece of you, it’s time you decide to let the guy go and to put yourself first for a change.

Look for these signs screaming that you should no longer give a damn about him.

He lies to you

sad woman listening to man in cafe

You caught him on several occasions lying to you about the most ridiculous things.

Why he’s late to dinner, what he’s doing at work, with whom he went to the bar (even if it’s just colleagues from work).

It makes you wonder if he’s lying about the important stuff as well—about the future plans he has with you, about the love he feels or about his loyalty.

Compulsive liars are the worst and they’re so good at their lying game that they actually make us feel like we’re losing our mind.

Kick his lying ass out of your life, he’s not even worthy of being in it in the first place!

You can’t remember the last time you were happy

sad woman looking away

If you seriously need to sit down and try hard to think of the last time you were genuinely happy, why are you with him at all?

If he’s not making you happy, if he’s not making any effort to put a smile on your face, he doesn’t deserve to put tears there either.

And if you’re constantly feeling exhausted and drained after spending time with him, he’s nothing but an emotional leech.

You don’t feel appreciated

worried woman in deep thoughts

No matter what you do and how hard you try, it looks like he never sees it.

He only sees the things he has done and he sings his own praises all the time, while belittling your efforts.

That’s just a sign of a selfish man who will never acknowledge the things you do for him and for your relationship.

That’s a man who doesn’t know how to say, “Thank you,” without rubbing your nose in something he did better.

He cheated on you

sad woman crying with hands on the face

Getting over infidelity is hard and things are never like they once were.

You’re always wondering if he’s going to do it again or you’re looking for signs of him cheating.

And trust is so hard to earn but so easy to break that it’s completely normal if you’re having a hard time getting over it.

This one completely depends on you and the situation you’re in.

If you’re married and you really want to make it work and he’s honestly sorry about it, maybe he does deserve a second chance.

But if you suspect that he will never change and that this wasn’t just a one-time thing, the only person you should give a second chance is you.

Walk away and give yourself a chance to be happy again. It can be painful and scary in the beginning but it’ll be worth it.

He makes you feel inferior

man yelling at woman

Never, and I mean never, should you put up with someone who makes you feel inferior.

He’s not a god, these are not the fifties and you are a remarkable human being who deserves to be treated equal and respected.

And this doesn’t apply only to your relationship, it applies to your whole life! Remember your worth and remind yourself of it every day.

Keep your head held high and don’t ever let anyone take your worth away from you. No matter how much you love them, you need to love yourself more.

Your trust keeps on being broken

unhappy couple sitting on the couch

When we love someone, we trust them with our heart and emotions, trusting that they won’t hurt us, trusting that they won’t betray us.

And if that trust keeps on being broken, if he’s hurting you over and over again, making you think that you’re not good enough or if he has someone else, it’s time you see him for who he really is.

I know that letting go sometimes looks scarier and harder than staying in hell, but it’s the best thing you can do for yourself.

And always remember that you deserve to be happy too. You deserve what’s best for you and he’s not it.

7. You feel anxious when you think of your relationship

anxious woman sitting in cafe

If anxiety keeps on kicking you in the gut every time you think about him or when you get back home to him, then something is seriously wrong.

Butterflies are great, excitement is amazing and being turned on is through the roof. But anxiety is wrong.

Anxiety is a living hell. Especially if his temper and behavior are the reasons behind it. Darling, why are you doing that to yourself?

He wouldn’t do it for you and you know it. And a man who isn’t ready to walk through fire for you doesn’t deserve to walk in the sunshine with you.

You keep on getting hurt

couple in argue sitting on the couch

It can seem insane that anyone would stay in a relationship where they keep on getting hurt, but we do crazy and stupid things for love.

Because of the memories of how it once was and how happy we were, we stay and keep on fighting.

But if you keep on getting hurt and he doesn’t seem like he even notices, ditch his ass. He’s not worthy of your tears and pain.

He expects you to sacrifice your future and beliefs for him

couple arguing in the kitchen

What kind of a man even expects that? One thing you should never sacrifice in a relationship is yourself and who you are.

If you dreamed of becoming a teacher or having your own company and he has this idea of you being a housewife and wants you to leave that dream alone, the only thing you should be leaving is him.

Compromise is the key to a successful relationship but only as long as you make it together.

One person is not meant to put their life on hold so the other one can thrive.

You are supposed to thrive together.

You’re the only one who still gives a damn

sad woman sitting on bed while man laying

It takes two for love and a relationship should always be a two-way street. If it’s not, if it’s a one-sided relationship, then it’s not worth it.

Nothing and no one is worthy of your love if they’re not ready to love you back.

And especially not if they deceived you and used the fact that you love them to get what they want.

Honey, if you’re the only still fighting, stop it. Fight for yourself this time.

10 Signs You Should No Longer Give A Damn About Him

10 Signs You Should No Longer Give A Damn About Him