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10 Things Making You Really Unattractive

10 Things Making You Really Unattractive

Let’s face it. We live in times in which physical appearance has overshadowed everything else and become the main focus of our attention when we want to impress someone.

Many people think that being attractive means having a perfect body, perfect hair, perfect nails, and, of course, the perfect outfit.

But, this is not true at all. Even the hottest girl/guy in the room with a perfect body and outfit can appear really unattractive if their attitude and personality are repulsive.

Speaking of that, I remember going on a date with a guy who looked really hot (black hair, handsome, blue/green eyes that can easily distract you, and well-dressed) but the moment I heard him complaining to the waitress that he’d been waiting too long for his order (and we hadn’t even waited for a minute), I immediately realized that his exterior certainly didn’t match his interior (and on top of that he was also full of himself).

Even though he looked hot on the outside, his attitude and personality were so repulsive that I had to make up an excuse to leave.

I told him that I’d just realized I had left my oven on and I was in a real hurry to go home and turn it off.

This is just one example, but the truth is that there are tons of other things that can make us look really unattractive regardless of our perfect exterior.

To make sure that you don’t fall into such behavior, here is the list of things making you really unattractive!


1. You don’t connect with people

10 Things Making You Really Unattractive

Do you smile to other people when you greet them or look them in the eye when talking to them?

If you’re only interested in exchanging information without exhibiting human traits and asking them how they are doing, then you’re not connecting with people which is really repulsive and a little bit annoying.

2. You don’t express gratitude

10 Things Making You Really Unattractive

When someone gives you a present or when a waitress brings you your order, you never express gratitude by simply saying: “Thank you!”

Also, when someone goes out of their way to help you, you don’t express your amazement by showing them that you appreciate their gestures.

If all of this sounds familiar to you, then you should definitely work on it because you don’t want other people to see you as selfish or spoiled and feel insulted by your unwillingness to show gratitude.

3. You’re jealous

10 Things Making You Really Unattractive

Jealousy is a real pain in the ass and the sure destroyer of relationships, marriage, and what not.

If you’re constantly exhibiting signs of jealousy by deliberately downplaying other people’s importance and looking for their flaws, others will think of you as an immature person who lacks confidence and self-respect.

4. You’re inserting yourself into other people’s personal lives uninvited

10 Things Making You Really Unattractive

Do you constantly have the urge to give other people advice and offer your assistance on important matters?

Even though your intentions are let’s say positive, inserting yourself into other people’s personal lives uninvited is nothing but being intrusive.

If others didn’t ask you for advice, do not offer them any. Otherwise, they will seriously think of reminding you to mind your own business.

5. Belittling those who serve you

10 Things Making You Really Unattractive

Appreciating those in higher positions and belittling those in lower ones are extremely unattractive traits.

Treating everyone with the same amount of compassion and gratitude proves that you have manners, and there is nothing more attractive than that. No matter the circumstances, always remember that.

6. Pretending to be something you’re not

10 Things Making You Really Unattractive

Pretending to be something you’re not means deliberately ignoring your own qualities and traits only to give other people a false picture of yourself.

This includes copying other people’s outfits, hair, behavior, etc.

If you want to be really attractive to others, then you will have to show them who you really are because genuineness is far more powerful than fakeness.

7. Talking too much about yourself

10 Things Making You Really Unattractive

If you talk too much about yourself, it means you’re not interested in what others have to say but only in what you have to say to others about yourself.

Being full of yourself is really an  unattractive quality, and it makes other people think there’s no point in wasting their time with someone who is only interested in themselves.

8. Gossiping

10 Things Making You Really Unattractive

Gossiping is another form of sticking one’s nose where it doesn’t belong.

If your main topic of every conversation is gossiping about other people, then you definitely have a problem and people will no longer trust you.

If they see that you always have something to say about others, they will know that you’ll do the same thing to them.

If you want to look really attractive, then expanding your topics and minding your own business is a good start.

9. You don’t believe you’re attractive

10 Things Making You Really Unattractive

Not believing that you’re attractive will make you unattractive because thinking only negatively about yourself means you lack confidence.

If you have difficulties looking other people in the eye and if you’re constantly anxious about your appearance, other people will see you as insecure.

They will definitely not see you as attractive despite your perfect outfit or hairstyle.

10. One-upping the conversation

Do you have this tendency to constantly tell others that you’ve experienced worse things and that their problems are nothing because you’re always the one who has or had it worse?

One-upping the conversation means downplaying other people’s problems and making yourself look selfish and self-centered.

But, listening to them carefully and understanding their problems will make you look warm and attractive!

10 Things Making You Really Unattractive