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10 Times You Get Mad At Your Boyfriend But Shouldn’t

10 Times You Get Mad At Your Boyfriend But Shouldn’t

Relationships are generally awesome, but sometimes they can also be a real pain in the ass. When things are going smoothly, you feel like you’re on cloud nine.

You laugh, you dance, you do stupid things that make you laugh some more. You create your own little world made of love, fun and appreciation.

But, every relationship has its own bad moments as well, and this is completely normal. But, what really matters is how you deal with those moments.

Do you go crazy instantly at every single thing that is not how you imagined it to be? Does your madness evoke the beast inside you, and you start questioning the validity of your relationship?

Well, sometimes your madness is totally justified because of the seriousness of his actions. But, there are also times when you just overreact for no apparent reason.

To keep this from happening, here are 10 times you get mad at your boyfriend but shouldn’t!

When he wants to have “chill out time”

I understand that you want to visit all the shopping malls, restaurants or have some fun outside, but you need to also understand his need for “chill out time”.

Sometimes your boyfriend will want to spend some time under the blanket watching movies or TV shows, and you will get mad for him not wanting to go out.

But, just like every human being out there, guys also have the need for some alone time or “chill out time” when they will just vegetate and do nothing in particular.

And to avoid any unnecessary conflicts, you can arrange going out with your friends or you can consider joining him. After all, maybe chill time is exactly what you need, too.

When you’re hungry

When we women are hungry, there is not a single person in this world who can save us from ourselves.

And sometimes your boyfriend will tease you or do something a little bit annoying just when you’re hungry, and you are not you (as told by Snickers).

And you will go mad instantly and yell at him for no apparent reason.

But, to keep this from happening, it is important to understand the cause of your “temporary lunacy” and suppress yourself from doing or saying things that you might regret.

When he fails to notice something

Let’s face it. Guys’ perception of details is really bad to the extent that is literally nonexistent. And we women are pretty much good at it.

We notice every single trace of dust in our apartments, if our lipstick is one shade lighter and any possible change out there.

And when our boyfriends fail to notice our new haircut, nail polish or outfit, we go instantly crazy and blame them for not paying attention to us.

But, the truth is that they are literally unable to notice any of it because their perception of things is completely different from ours.

When he doesn’t want to watch the same TV show as you

You know what they say: De gustibus non est disputandum (“In matters of taste, there can be no dispute.”) Sometimes your boyfriend will want to watch Breaking Bad or Vikings while you will be more interested in watching Game of Thrones or something else that doesn’t match his preferences.

No matter how hard it is to decide which one you shall watch, you shouldn’t really get mad at him just because he wants to watch something completely different that doesn’t suit you.

Appreciate his wish, and try to compromise because there is really no point in making things worse than they are.

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When you’re in PMS

Ah, PMS. From my personal experience, I cannot think of any PMS period when I didn’t want to literally kill my boyfriend just for eating my sweets.

When you’re at that time of the month, you cannot think clearly. Your mind becomes totally irrational, and you do things that you would never think of doing were you “normal”.

So, try not to get mad at your boyfriend, and keep in mind that it will pass.

When he acts like a dude

You’re probably wondering: What does it mean to act like a dude? When a guy acts like a dude, it includes the following things: not washing dishes for 5 days, not cleaning his apartment, not giving a damn about the remains of pizza all over the place and so on.

And when he acts like a dude, there is simply no point in accusing him for it. If you get mad at him for that, he will get mad at you for not understanding his “dude tendency” to live like a pig.

So, there’s nothing really that you can do except for cleaning all of it by yourself and hoping that he will not repeat the same mistake any time soon.

When he forgets to do something

Have you told him to deal with the trash, and he still hasn’t lifted a finger for a few days now? Have you told him to wash the dishes, and he’s simply forgotten it (like every time so far)?

When your boyfriend forgets to do something, trust me, he doesn’t do it on purpose. So, you shouldn’t really get mad at him for that.

Instead of yelling, just give him some more time to organize himself, and I’m sure that everything will be just fine.

When he doesn’t respond to your text immediately

Oh, this one brings memories. I bet there isn’t a single guy on this planet who at some point didn’t respond to a text immediately.


When you find yourself waiting for his response, just remind yourself that there’s probably a valid reason behind it. Don’t jump into conclusions just yet or get mad at him because there’s really no point in doing it.

When he goes out with his friends

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean spending all the time with your partner. Your boyfriend, just like you, has needs to socialize with his friends.

So, when he goes out with his friends, don’t freak out immediately.

Instead, organize a night out with your friends as well. Since this is a prerequisite to having a healthy and happy relationship, you should never bring it into question.

Just relax, have fun with your girls, and enjoy life.

When he doesn’t compliment you

We women can be really insecure at times, and therefore, constantly ask our boyfriends for validation. When you wear that special dress and he doesn’t compliment you, please do yourself a favor and don’t get mad at him.

The only reason why he sometimes doesn’t compliment you is because he already thinks that you know you look awesome, and he simply doesn’t see the point in repeating himself. (Yup, that’s exactly what my boyfriend stated recently.)

So, if you keep this one in mind, you will definitely succeed avoiding all of that unnecessary drama.