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When She’s Truly Done With Your Bullshit, There Are No More Second Chances

When She’s Truly Done With Your Bullshit, There Are No More Second Chances

When she loves… it’s with everything she’s got. She doesn’t know any other way. She loves deeply, greatly and selflessly.

She is not like many other women you’ve met before. Her heart is a temple that can withstand a lot… but when you break it, there is no going back.

This woman is a one of a kind type of gal, one that is capable of enduring a shitstorm and still coming out of it the other end.

One that can take a shitload of heartbreak and pain and still not have her spirit broken.

But there’s one other thing you need to know about her…

Her huge heart, her kind soul and her forgiving nature do not make her a fool.

serious mindful woman sitting by the table

Her ability to see through your shit and find it within her to cut you some slack should she deem it acceptable does not mean she doesn’t see what you’re doing.

See, she sees everything. She knows when she’s being taken advantage of and when that’s the case, believe me when I tell you, it won’t last for long.

If she’s letting you get away with shitty behavior, it’s only to test you and see how long you think you can actually pull it off.

She’s got boundaries. And when she’s truly done with you, there are no more second chances.

No matter how much her heart is suffering, no matter how much her body aches for you and no matter how much she wishes to forgive you… when she’s done, she’s done for good.

One of the worst things you can do is take this woman for granted.

pretty serious woman posing

There aren’t many girls left with such a profound capacity to love.

Finding somebody as pure and genuine as her is like winning the lottery… only better.

Money runs out… her love never does.

This woman is not a casual summer fling you can have your fun with and then forget she exists once the summer’s over.

This woman is not somebody whose commitment and passion you can take for granted or someone you can leave when it starts getting real.

You need to treat her with dignity and devotion.

beautiful woman sitting outdoor

You need to show her the same amount of love and respect she gives you.

You need to know how to appreciate her open mind and her willingness to turn the other cheek.

Because when this woman decides to leave, it’s because you’ve taken all of your chances and gambled them away.

It means you’ve seriously fucked up and there’s nobody to blame but yourself.

It means she’ll never let a man hold her back.

She’s put up with as much crap as she could’ve, the damage has been done and there’s no going back!

young woman sitting by the window

She’s strong enough to love, regardless of how much it hurts her on the inside.

And she’s got enough self-respect to leave a man who couldn’t give her what she deserves.

Don’t be mistaken though… she’s going to be hurting. She’s going to break apart…

Somebody will have to pick up the shattered pieces of her broken heart… but it won’t be you!

She’s going to repair the damage you’ve done to her all by herself.

It’s going to be with tears streaming down her cheeks and her stomach hurting from the incessant crying… but she’ll pull through.

young sad woman crying

She’s never going to come back for more. She’s never going to pick up the phone and call you crying.

She’s going to want to… but she’ll refrain from doing so. She knows she’s better than that.

Her mornings are going to be tough and her nights are going to be lonely… but with each passing day, she’s going to be returning to her full strength and one day, she’ll be able to think about you without the gut-churning sensation in her stomach.

Your name will pop up into her head and she’ll just smile and think to herself, “Boy… have I dodged a bullet with this one,’’ and she’ll return to whatever she was doing, without ever thinking about your weak ass again.

young woman relaxing on the couch

See, she’s going to come back from this… and she’ll be stronger, tougher and smarter than before.

And you? You’ll be the same piece of shit you’ve always been.

The only difference is she’ll know never to go back, while you’ll be stuck in your crappy ways for a long, long time.

And you’ll finally realize one thing… She won.

When She’s Truly Done With Your Bullshit, There Are No More Second Chances