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10 Types Of Fuckboys All Single Girls Should Ignore

10 Types Of Fuckboys All Single Girls Should Ignore

The one who thinks he is above you

There are guys out there who consider themselves Godsent gifts for women.

They believe that they are so great, handsome and unique that every woman should be more than grateful to date them.

It’s ok to be confident, but they are taking it overboard. They need to be grounded and the best way to do it is to ignore them completely.

The one who only loves himself more than he will ever be capable of loving you

Self-love is a good thing, but it shouldn’t exclude the love you have for other people. This is a common trait of a narcissist.

And becoming a narcissist is the path that this fuckboy has taken.

They are so self-absorbed that they are incapable of giving love back. So let them love themselves—you need someone better.

The one who pulls off a disappearing act

Ghosting goes side by side with fuckboys. They will go out with a girl a few times and then go no contact for a certain period of time.

They will want to come back just to see if they still can. Deprive them of the satisfaction of knowing you have been waiting for them.

If he chose to ghost you, let him stay invisible forever when he gets the urge to come back.

The one who is not into labels

He knows his way with words. So he will probably try to convince you that labels aren’t important and that you should be into something more casual and see how things are going to play out.

When he says he is not into labels, all you can do is say you are not into guys who are not into labels, wish him good luck and wait for someone who is into something real.

The one that gives you nothing more than lonely late night calls

He will only call when he is lonely—usually after midnight when emotions kick in and he needs someone to share his thoughts with.

Don’t answer those calls. Wait for someone who will call you regardless of the time and his emotions.

Someone who wants you close all the time and not just to fill the void in his heart late at night.

The one who usually calls when he is drunk and alone

Usually the ‘lonely late night call’ guy and ‘drunk and alone’ guy are one and the same.

Alcohol makes him emotional and brave enough to call or text, saying all the sweet things you want to hear.

But as soon as he wakes up the next morning, he will not recall saying anything or give the excuse that was the alcohol talking not him.

Don’t waste your time on him.

The “bros before hoes” type

This type of fuckboy doesn’t need a girlfriend because he is already in a committed relationship with his friends. He is the one who stands you up every time his friends call.

He is the perfect guy when you are alone but when you are around his friends, he is ignoring you or just being an ass.

He is afraid they might make fun of him or something. Ignore him right back. He is too immature to be in a relationship.

The utterly lazy one

He often cancels plans under some lame excuse, but you know he has nothing going on. He is just lazy.

That’s probably something that won’t change and if you end up with him, you will always be the one who has to pull all the strings while he sits and does nothing.

That’s probably something you don’t want, so it’s best to leave him be before you fall for him.

The one who thinks being mean is flirting

When we were kids, a boy picking on a girl meant that he liked her. We are grownups now and that’s no longer the case.

You will probably find his words insulting and not flirty at all, and he will be completely oblivious to why that is so. Wave him goodbye.

He still needs to grow up. And you need a man who will treat you right—not a boy who uses mean comments to show his affection.

The one that likes to play the field

He wants to be with you, but he wants to keep seeing other women. If you are in an open relationship where you are both seeing other people, that’s ok.

But if you want something that includes just the two of you, that is based on commitment and investment, he is the guy you should definitely ignore for good.

The guy who likes to mess around is not someone you can build a relationship with.