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11 Signs He Isn’t Good Enough For You, Even If You Love Him Deeply

11 Signs He Isn’t Good Enough For You, Even If You Love Him Deeply

He has a low response rate

Every time you text him, you feel a bit anxious because you are scared he won’t text back. He has a habit of ignoring your texts for hours or even days.

He texts when it’s convenient and when he wants something from you.

He doesn’t have to respond right away or text you 24/7 but we all know how someone who is seriously in love will behave.

He’s not nearly enough for you and you have all those unanswered or delayed texts to prove it.

He’s putting in minimal or no effort

While you are out there giving your best, he barely does anything. He is there but he always has one foot out of the door.

He is giving you just enough to hold on to but not enough to be happy and that just doesn’t cut it.

Don’t settle for mediocre men, low investments or drops of love. You deserve so much more.

He’s immature

Although being a bit childish can be adorable, some men take it too far. It’s bad if you feel like you have to be a mother to your significant other.

Pay the bills, clean the apartment, take out the garbage and similar phrases should be something that’s understood and not something you should have to remind him of often.

It’s especially difficult to live with an immature partner. You need someone to be your equal, not someone you need to raise.

Talk to him, be honest about what’s bothering you with his immature behavior and if he steps up his game, there might be hope for you yet.

He’s flaky

He cancels plans last minute. He says he will do something and never gets around to it.

He is dishonest and his word doesn’t mean much to you since he has lied so many times before.

Don’t waste your time on someone you can’t trust.

He’s, “Meh,” about everything

Or in other words, he is passive. He always relies on you to take the initiative. You are the one who has to come up with date ideas .

You are the one going the extra mile to make your relationship more fun and engaging and he would prefer to do nothing at all.

Even a simple call can be too much for his lazy ass.

Just imagine your life with him 10 years from now, it will only get worse, you will always have to push him to do something, go somewhere, display affection and show you he genuinely cares.

And that’s not good enough. That’s not the life you want for yourself. You need someone who will meet you halfway.

He betrayed you

If you ever even think about forgiving a cheater, remember one truth—soulmates don’t cheat on each other. Not ever.

Once he betrays your trust like this, there is no going back. His actions can’t be undone. You will always doubt him. You will be suspicious of his every move.

Sadly, just because he did something horrible doesn’t make love go away all that fast, you will need time to heal your heart. You deserve so much more than a cheating bastard .

He is inconsiderate

At times he becomes so selfish that you start thinking he is incapable of feelings. He lacks empathy and he never sees how his actions affect you.

All he cares about is his convenience and happiness. He’s not there on your bad days. He doesn’t stick around through your meltdowns.

He is there for the good times and nowhere to be found when you need him the most.

He plays the victim masterfully

You can’t believe your ears when you hear yourself apologizing for something you know haven’t done. He manipulates every fight by placing the blame on you.

For him, this is easier than admitting that he hurt you and saying, “I’m sorry”. He simply doesn’t believe that anything is his fault and he will do his best to convince you of the same.

This is extremely emotionally draining and not to mention unfair. If it’s up to him, you are always going to be the one who gets him wrong and lacks understanding.

He has a habit of making you feel bad about yourself

Life is hard as it is without having somebody who belittles you and makes you self-conscious all the time.

Your forever person will never prey on your insecurities to make you feel less or to boost his ego.

Your forever person should be your safe haven, someone who makes you feel beautiful and unique, someone who makes you feel like you are on cloud nine for the most part and nothing less.

He’s not ready

Sometimes love can cloud your judgment and you keep hoping that the future will transform him into someone who is not scared to commit and someone who will be all you need.

That hardly ever happens and before you know it, years have passed by and you are still stuck in an almost relationship.

So, if he says he’s not ready, believe him. He will never be and he will just string you along.

He is more concentrated on getting into bed with you than getting into your heart

Great sex and powerful chemistry are not things that should be underestimated. But if your relationship revolves only around sex and lacks substance, it won’t last very long.

Only when you find a person who is interested in you entirely, both in and outside of the bedroom, will you have something worthwhile.