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This Is How You’ll Walk Away Even When It’s The Last Thing You Want To Do

This Is How You’ll Walk Away Even When It’s The Last Thing You Want To Do

Snap your fingers and wake up from the crazy dream.

That’s the first thing you need to do. Stop living in delusion and stop hoping he will finally pay attention that you exist and that you love him. 

Stop running toward him. Stop making plans according to him. Stop planning your life in sync with his because he would never do the same thing for you.

Moreover, he would crush you just to make himself happy, and he probably already did something like that before. 

You’re just denying it because you’re refusing to accept the truth. The truth is too painful for you to face. 

Stop asking why!

There is no particular reason why. There is no prediction for when it will stop or that God is punishing you for something bad you’ve done.

Sometimes life hands you a crappy hand and you have to deal with it. Sometimes, there is no reason why something happened, it just did.

Instead of wrapping your mind around why this misfortune happened to you, ask yourself why you can’t forgive and forget.

Ask yourself why you can’t ou move on with your life, burying the memory of devastating love deep in your past. 

Face the truth!

Even you know deep inside that the man who broke your heart wasn’t the right man for you from the moment you met him.

Even you had this gut feeling that things were going to fall apart later on but you ignored it because it was tempting.

That relationship was different and new. He gave you the attention you always dreamed of having.

You were someone who mattered for the first time in a long time. That is what led you astray.

That is what smudged your eyes and blurred your clear vision of the future. 

You could have made a better decision but the question is, would you have learned the same lesson?

Everything happens for a reason. Your heartbreak happened for a reason, your struggle in making the right decision is happening for a reason.

Sometimes what we’re going through is totally unrelated to the present, it’s unimportant for what is happening right now but it’s of crucial importance for what’s coming next.

Make the first step—it’s just like ripping off a Band-Aid. 

Sure, it’s the most painful and the most difficult step to take. But it’s the most liberating one. You simply have to cut yourself off from him without thinking about it twice.

You have to delete all the messages he ever sent you. Delete him from all social media. In fact, delete everything that reminds you of him. 

What about his words rumbling their way through your mind? 

You can get rid of them too. You can get rid of them very easily. Make yourself realize his words never meant anything.

Nothing he ever said to you was true, nor did it come from the heart.

It was a bunch of lies, a bunch of empty promises said to get you into bed or to get whatever he needed from you at that moment.

It’s merciless to think this way but I’m afraid it’s the cold and harsh truth.

The sooner you realize you were just a casualty to him and never nothing bigger than that, the sooner you’ll be able to rip yourself from him and move on with your life the way you deserve it. 

The Band-Aid can sting only after you take it off. 

The aftershock is coming! Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’ve done it on the first try. It’s never that easy.

You’ll be like a junkie without your drug for too long. You’ll want the dose, you’ll want the fix because you need it.

In those moments, you would do anything just to see him and touch him again. In those moments, you would walk all over yourself and lose all your dignity just to hold him once more and feel him around you.

Fight it with everything you have because that feeling doesn’t last. It’s just a moment of weakness followed by…

Remembering your life before him. 

You remember that life is not about him.

You remember who you were before you met him and you compare that with who you are today. Those are two very different people and I know you hate the one you are now. 

However, in order to become the confident and happy woman you once were, you have to ditch him and every memory you have of him.

Remember the plans you had before you met him. Remember the goals and dreams you wanted to achieve but were put on ice when you met him.

You can do all of that now. You’re free to do whatever you want now.

The only thing you have to do is to take that step forward into the future you deserve.

The rest is up to destiny. 

You’re not going to be alone for the rest of your life but you don’t have to worry about it either. Karma brings presents at just the right time. And you’re in for a big surprise.

Everyone who has suffered and didn’t deserve it will be rewarded sooner or later. You’re up next, trust me. 

God will reward you because you’re honest. 

You haven’t done anything wrong. This time, you are just a victim of a cruel reality. Leave the rest to God.

God will make sure you get your justice. 

Whatever happens to the man you loved, don’t sweat it.

Don’t even think about it. Even if he apologizes to you and begs you to come back, even if he changes or if you never hear from him again, don’t think about it.

God will take you on the path you were supposed to take. 

In the end, not knowing what will happen is always more fun.