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What To Talk About With A Girl? 111 Great Topics

What To Talk About With A Girl? 111 Great Topics

Believe it or not, most men are actually afraid to approach women. They don’t know what to talk about with a girl.

Even if they’re brave to approach them, they’re afraid of an awkward silence or being rejected by a woman they like.

What they need are some great conversation starter topics. However, there is nothing to be nervous or afraid of.

Being a good conversationalist doesn’t require having any extraordinary skills; the only important thing is that you always prepare some interesting and useful conversation topics to talk about.

Most women like small talk, and they’re always willing to talk about everything, even those things they don’t actually prefer.

So, the bottom line is, it’s pretty simple to start a conversation with women; you just have to prepare some good topics and a good sense of humor is always welcome.

Also, good conversation is a foundation of every healthy relationship.

It’s crucial to pay attention to good and healthy communication between you and your partner.

What to talk about when you’re with a girl

Our dating coach offers you some great conversation topics to help you overcome that fear.

Check them out and always be ready to start a good conversation with a girl you like.

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Favorite things to do in your free time

Ooh, those lazy weekends, the favorite part of the week for everyone.

Most people are free on weekends and they have some hobbies or other things they do in their free time.

This is an excellent question for a girl because we girls always think of something new to do when we have some free time and maybe you’ll get an idea for how to use your weekend or leisure time.

Life dreams and goals

We all have some dreams and goals we want to achieve and we should have because it’s our motivation in life.

Maybe you have some similar life goals and you can give one another some advice on how to achieve those.

Trust me; if you use this topic, you’ll have something to talk about the whole date because women are very ambitious.

The importance of family

Ask her about her family; you know, the usual questions, like how many siblings she has, whether she is the youngest/oldest child in the family, how strong their bonds are and so on.

Then, she’ll probably ask you about your family and you should talk about them.

It’s important to emphasize how important your family is for you because family is the main priority for most women.

The city where she lives

This one, you’ll probably ask her over text message before you even go out on a date.

Ask her about the town or city where she lives or where she grew up.

Ask her to send you photos of some exciting places to visit in that city.

You can also ask her if she likes living there or where she would instead be living right now if she could choose.

How does she imagine her future?

Besides her goals and dreams for the future, you can also ask her how she imagines her future.

It’ll be useful for you to know that answer because you’ll know whether you are interested in the same things.

Does she picture herself happily married with kids and a big house with a beautiful garden in the future or would she instead choose to have a successful career and to be a ‘married to work’ kind of businesswoman?

Her job

This is a great conversation starter. It’s a common question we all ask someone when we first meet them.

Besides asking her what she does for a living, you can also ask her whether she is content with that job or if she only does it for the money. Ask her what her dream job would be.

Personal interests and passions

No matter what we do for a living, we all have some other personal interests and passions, especially women.

You can ask your girl what she wanted to become when she was younger. Or maybe she’s doing something extra, besides her regular job.

What motivates her

We all have something or someone that motivates us and makes us keep going every day, no matter how difficult life gets.

Your girl also has something that motivates her and your job is to find out what that is.

Maybe it’s too personal for the first date and if the girl doesn’t want to answer it, respect her wishes. Perhaps she’ll leave it for the second date.

The worst things that happened to her at work

To break the ice (to make her feel less embarrassed), you can start talking about some bad and shameful moments at your job.

Then you can ask her to share some of her similar situations; of course, if she had any.


I think you were all guessing that this one would be in first place on our list but as you see, it’s not.

No matter what you think, fashion isn’t the most important thing for women. We all like to talk about it but it’s definitely not the only thing we talk about.

However, this topic of conversation is always a great choice because women do like to talk about it.

But please don’t force it too much and make it the only topic throughout your date.

Again, it’s something you can talk about with a girl but it’s not the only thing.


My husband always says that reading books is my job. He doesn’t like it, he’s more a movie kind of person but

I’m obsessed with them.

Books are one of the best topics for every conversation. There are a million questions you can ask about books.

What genre does she like to read? What’s her favorite book? Why?…

First dates

I think that the first date goes awkward for most couples. We don’t know what to say, how to behave or how not to show how nervous we actually are.

Ask her about her first dates. Maybe you have some fun stories to share about that first time you went out with someone.

It’ll be a great conversation starter and a little humor will make you both more relaxed.


You can talk about relationships in general or you can talk about your past relationships, whichever option works better for you both.

If you ask her about her past relationships, you have to talk about your exes too.

For example, you can ask her how long her longest relationship was and why it ended.


This topic is connected to the previous one, so if you start talking about one of these topics, the other one will come up for sure.

You can ask her what her definition of love is and then you can give yours.

Also, you can ask her if she believes in a forever kind of love and if she has ever truly been in love with someone.

Online dating

Maybe one of you will have had a fun experience from one of those dating sites and you can share it and laugh together.

Have you ever tried online dating and if you have, how long was your relationship with that person?


This is a great topic to talk about because you’ll get to hear some bad moments she had to go through in life.

Ask her if she was ever disappointed by someone she loved or cared for and how she endured it, if she forgave that person and if she still hangs out with them.


Friends are a huge part of our life and they definitely take a special place in our heart.

Even if you’ve already met her friends, friendship is one of the best topics to talk about with a girl.

You can ask her if she has a best friend and who that person is, when they met and how important that friendship is to her.

We all know that true friends are really rare these days, and if you have one, you should consider yourself very lucky.

Female friends vs male friends

Is male friendship better than female friendship? Are male friends better than females? These are questions that you can discuss for hours.


Let me be clear with this one; it’s definitely not one of those topics of conversation that you’ll want to use the first time you go out with someone.

It’s too private and for some women, it’s painful and inconvenient to talk about it with their new partner on their first date.

Leave it for some other time or let her mention it first.


Most women are into astrology and they believe in horoscopes.

You can ask her what her zodiac sign is and after you find it out, you can check if you’re a good match according to astrology.


Some women like sports and you should never avoid that topic when talking to a girl.

Maybe she isn’t into football that much but there may be another sport that she may like.

Also, there are so many questions you can ask her about sports. For example, who’s her favorite athlete or which club does she support?


Unfortunately, we don’t pay too much attention to our health and that’s a mistake.

You can bring up this topic and ask your girl for her opinions about health.

You can also ask her if she has any unhealthy habits and what they are.

Or maybe you can give her advice, or vice versa, if you have any health problems.


Women like to pay attention to their looks and they want to keep in shape and that’s why most women do exercise.

If you exercise too, you can invite her to go to your gym and maybe you can do it together.

Exercising is really beneficial for you, both for your physical and mental health.


While you’re texting, you can send her some photos of cool tattoos and wait for her reaction.

If she likes tattoos but doesn’t have one, you can ask her whether she would like to and if she would, you can ask her what she would get tattooed.

If you have any tattoos, you can also show them to her and explain why you decided on those in particular.

You know what people say, every tattoo has a story behind it and you can tell her your story.


It’s always good to find out some new and exciting hobbies. Hobbies are the best way to spend your free time.

Who knows, maybe you even have similar hobbies or the same ones and from now on, you can do them together.


Another misconception is that women don’t like to talk about cars because they don’t know anything about them.

It’s the total opposite, however, because many of us also love good cars as much as men do.

Maybe we don’t know that much about cars but we know just as much as we need to know.

You can ask her what her favorite brand of car is or which car she has right now.

An important tip—don’t show her photos of your vehicle or brag about it too much because that’s something women hate the most.


This has become an unavoidable topic in all our conversations.

Technology is all around us and every day, some new device is made and we just have to talk about it.


Talk about your favorite item of clothes, whether she prefers heels or flats, a more elegant or casual style. There are a million things to ask her about this topic.


Every woman pays great attention to self-care and we should because we aren’t getting any younger and we have so many obligations every day.

We need to rest sometimes and take care of ourselves.

You can ask her for some advice on how to take better care of your mind, body and soul because you’ll definitely get more than one piece of advice.


Well, do I really need to talk about this one? I think you already could have guessed it.

Actually, you don’t have to talk about it and you should just take out your credit card from your wallet and give it to her.


People say that jewelry is a girl’s best friend and they’re absolutely right. We all love it and we can never have enough jewelry.

It would be great for you to ask her what her favorite piece of jewelry is because you’ll find out what present you can give her for her birthday or some other special occasion.

Social media

You can also talk about social media and its advantages and disadvantages for all of us.

Ask her what her favorite social media apps are and you can send her friend requests and continue your texting there.


This topic will probably come up when talking about the previous topic.

Whether we like social media or not, the fact is that our privacy is often invaded because of it.

Tell her a good joke

Having a good sense of humor is what makes you a great conversationalist. Prepare some good jokes before you go out with her and tell her them.

Making her smile is how you’ll make her fall in love with you too.

Ask her for fashion advice

This is necessary! She’ll be glad that you appreciate her opinions and she will be flattered because you think that she has good taste in fashion.


Again, most people would say that women hate to talk about politics and that is an absolute lie.

We vote and we want better rights and better things for our country too.


You can ask her who her favorite painter is and what her favorite painting of all time is.

Maybe art is actually one of her hobbies and you should let her tell you about it.


You can ask her one general question, like if she believes in God. If she doesn’t, you should ask her why because there should be a reason for it, right?


There are so many things to talk about with this topic.

For example, what her favorite holiday is and why, if she knows the history of all the holidays, which holiday she doesn’t like to celebrate, etc.

The most important thing about the holidays is that the whole family are together and you should emphasize that because all women like family-oriented guys.


Again, this is a good conversation topic that will never allow your date to become boring. Opera, pop, rock; what’s her favorite genre?

Then you can continue by talking about your favorite song, a song that can always change your mood, etc.

Favorite singers

Ask her who her favorite singer is. If you’re both into music, then you don’t need to look for other date ideas anymore, as a karaoke night is the perfect choice for you.


I don’t trust people who don’t like animals. I really can’t understand why someone doesn’t like them.

It’s okay to be afraid of some animals but hating them or hurting them are simply crimes.

You can ask her what her favorite animal is and why that is so. Again, there is another date idea for you guys—going to the ZOO, yay.

Funny (embarrassing) things you have done while drunk

I think we have all done some pretty embarrassing things while we were drunk. We’ve all done some things we aren’t proud of but hey, you can always blame it on alcohol.

Tell her some of your funny stories of stupid and embarrassing things you’ve dome while drunk. You’ll make her laugh for sure.


You can ask her whether she likes dancing and you’ll already know if going to a club is your next date idea.

Maybe she knows some good moves and she can show you them or vice versa.

If you don’t know how to dance at all and she invites you to go to a club with her and her friends, accept the invitation and just let her lead you.

Favorite bands

If you choose to talk about this topic of conversation, you should later remember who her favorite band is and maybe you can surprise her with tickets to her favorite band’s concert one day.


If she is a nature lover, then you’ll always have some great date ideas for you two.

You can invite her on a picnic in nature or a walk in the park or maybe you can even jog together in nature if that’s what you both like.

Exploring new things

Is she spontaneous and is she open to new experiences?

There are so many things you can explore together if that’s so. Trying new things is what makes life exciting.

Get out of your comfort zone and try something that neither one of you has attempted before—bungee jumping, zip-lining, skydiving, anything that will get your adrenaline pumping.

Pet peeves

There are some things that are annoying to most people so you can ask her what her biggest pet peeves are.

Maybe you have the same ones and that’ll be an even more exciting topic to talk about.

My worst pet peeve is people who chew very loudly. I swear I can’t take it, as much as I try. Maybe it’s only me but I hate loud chewers.


Forgiveness and second chances are great topics to talk about with a girl.

Do all people really deserve to be forgiven and be given another opportunity?

You can ask her if she has ever forgiven someone and gave them a second chance and if that person only disappointed her again.

You can also talk about the things you would never forgive anyone because, indeed, some things can’t be overlooked.

The worst things that happened to her that day

Ask her about her day, what happened at her work or what she had for lunch, etc. Another interesting question

you can ask her is what the worst thing that happened to her that day was.

If something really bad did happen to her that day, you should listen to her and show that you’re there for her if she needs anything.

The worst pick-up lines

I’m sure this one will be fun because you just won’t believe some of the creepy pick-up lines some guys use to ask a girl out or to get her phone number.

For example, one guy approached me in a club, sat on the chair right next to me and said, “You know, I’m really not this tall. I’m just sitting on my wallet.” I just couldn’t believe my ears.

Favorite movies

Movies are also one of the best topics for conversation because we all like to watch them and we can talk about them for hours.

You can talk about your favorite movies and then you can ask her what hers are. Maybe you’ll even recommend one another some good movies to watch.

TV shows

You can ask her what the last TV show she watched was or you can find out what her favorite show is.

Here is an excellent question for both of you: If you could bring back just one TV show that was canceled, what show would that be?


You might consider this a funny topic to talk about with a girl you like but the truth is we all watch some cartoons from time to time.

Even if she doesn’t, you can ask her what her favorite cartoon or cartoon character was when she was a child.

Dream vacations

Did anyone say vacation? Ooh, I swear that is my favorite word and my favorite topic to talk about.

You can talk about your last vacation or you could ask what her dream vacation looks like.

Favorite season

My favorite season is summer and will always be summer. Nothing can be compared with beautiful sunny days and vacations by the sea.

You can ask your girlfriend what her favorite season is, what she likes in particular about that season and if she likes to take seasonal vacations.


If you like traveling, you can show her all the places you have visited by now.

You’ve probably taken some photographs on your trips, and you can show them to her.

You can ask her where she plans to travel next and what are some locations she would like to visit in the future.

Maybe you can plan to travel together somewhere.


No, this is not a boring topic to talk about with a girl.

If you’re into history, you can tell her some interesting historical facts about the city you live in or you can ask her who her favorite historical figure is and why.


This is a profound topic to talk about. You can ask her what happiness means to her because it definitely means something different for all of us.

Is it a healthy family or maybe it’s to be a successful and wealthy person?


You can find out if she was ever betrayed by someone she loved and how it affected her.

Did she manage to heal entirely after that betrayal and did she forgive that person for their disloyalty?

Favorite actor/actress

While you’re talking about what kind of movies you like, you can ask her who her favorite actor or actress is.

We all have one or several of them, right?

Different cultures

Learning about different cultures is fantastic.

There are so many traditions and customs of people around the world and each one of them is unique and very interesting.

You can explore the culture and traditions of other people together.


Ask her where she goes (or went) to school and also share some of your own experiences from school.

You can ask her what she thinks about how the future of education will be or what she feels about homeschooling or online education.


You can ask her what she does to relax. If you’re into meditation or yoga, you can show her some positions and postures to help her relax when she is stressed.

If neither of you knows how to do it, you can take some meditation classes together and learn some techniques for relaxing.

The Internet

What does she think about whether the Internet is perfect for us or if it has more bad sides than good ones?

Can we really become addicted to it?

The most useful apps

We all use some apps every day. They help us stay in contact with our friends and help us with our everyday obligations.

Ask her what her favorite apps are and what apps she uses the most. Maybe she’ll recommend one that can be useful to you too.


If you have any pets, you can add a photo of them to her while texting and then you can ask her whether she has any or if she ever has.

If she has, you could ask what it was and what its name was.

Body language

First, I have to give you a tip.

While you’re talking to a girl, you have to take care of your body language because women pay great attention to those nonverbal signals.

However, body language can also be a great topic of conversation.

You can ask her for her thoughts on your body language and some advice on how to make it better.

Talents and skills

Ask her whether she has any special skills or talents.

Maybe she has played some sport before and was particularly good at it or perhaps she knows to paint or sing, for example.


Talk about your childhood. Tell her some funny stories from when you were a little kid, some silly things you did as a child.

Then ask her about her childhood memories or some other good memories she has.

What is her inspiration in life?

What inspires her in life? Does she have a role model or some person in her life who inspires her to be better every day?

Whatever her answer is, once she falls in love, it’s going to change because you’ll be each other’s inspiration.


Fight for women’s rights. This is a topic every woman likes to talk about.

You can ask her whether she has ever experienced injustice at her workplace or anywhere else, how she handled it and how she fought for her rights.


I’m sure you have many questions you would like to ask about women’s obsession over make-up and why women wear it. You can ask her whatever you would like to know.

Oh, of course, you should compliment her make-up and natural beauty while talking about this topic.

Tea or coffee?

I split people into two groups, those who drink tea in the morning and those who drink coffee. You can ask her what type of person she is.

Favorite food

This is probably the best conversation starter. Ask her what her favorite food is and once you find out the answer, you can maybe cook it for her on your next date.

I’m sure she’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Eating at home or eating out? Which type is she?

Ask her what her favorite restaurants are and find out about some excellent restaurants in her area.

Fruit or candy?

Well, I think the answer to this question is pretty simple and probably the same for most girls. We like candy.

But still, you can ask her and find out what her favorite fruit or candy is and you can buy it for her the next time you go out.

Fast food

Does she like fast food or does she prefer to eat healthier food?

If she likes fast food, then the perfect location for your next date is McDonald’s or a similar fast food restaurant.


You can find out whether she’s into cooking and you can maybe share some recipes or ask her to cook something for you.

Of course, the crucial ingredient must be love.


How many languages does she speak? Does she like to learn new languages?

If she does, ask her what language she would want to learn next and why that one in particular.

Life lessons

We all make mistakes in life and we all have some bad moments too. It’s healthy because it’s how life teaches us some valuable lessons.

You can ask her what the most important lessons are that life has taught up until now and you can also share yours with her.


Why do guys feel uncomfortable talking about this topic? You shouldn’t be because women need your support through those days of the month.

You can simply ask her whether she is in pain and if you can do anything to help her.

Maybe you should try by buying her chocolate or ice cream?


We all form stereotypes even though we won’t admit it. You can start by sharing some of yours and then ask her to tell you hers.


I think we have all met at least one hypocrite in our life. You can ask her if she has ever met a person whose actions and words didn’t match and her opinions about those people.

Staying friends with an ex

Ask her how her relationships with her exes are.

Did she remain friends with them after they broke up? Does she think it is a really good idea to stay friends with an ex?

Any strange habits

All people have some strange habits and most of us don’t want to talk about them.

You don’t have to ask her what her strange habits are but you can talk about some weird habits that people have in general.


We can’t run from our age but we can try to slow down the aging process a bit.

Ask her whether she is afraid of aging and what she uses to slow down that process. Also, compliments are required here too.


You can ask her if she has any addictions she would like to get rid of.

Maybe one of you has had an experience with a person who is an addict and you can talk about how it affects that person and the people around them.

Inner beauty

I think that inner beauty is way more important than physical attraction. Talk about the importance of it and why it should be more important than outer beauty to all of us.


While you’re talking or texting, you can share some photographs you’ve taken by yourself or others who you like.

Also, photography can become a mutual hobby, something you can do together.

Her kind of having fun

What is her kind of fun? Does she like clubs, loud music and dancing or is she an introvert type of person who likes more peaceful movie dates at home?


What was the last great party she went to? Does she like surprise parties for her birthday or would she rather spend it in a circle of her closest friends and family members?

What are her biggest fears in life?

No matter how brave we are, we all have some fears in life.

Ask her what her biggest concerns in life are and whether she thinks that those hold her back in life.


This can be a great conversation topic because girls sometimes like to talk about unusual names and their meanings.

If you don’t know the meaning of your name, you can check it together.


Does she like surprises? What were the best gifts she has ever received? Is there something she would like to get for her birthday?

If she reveals it to you, then you already have the perfect gift for her birthday.


Does she like hiking? When was the last time she went?

If it was long ago, then both of you should go together because nothing can be compared to walking through nature and breathing clean air.

It helps you to relax and to take a break from everyday life.


When was the last time she had a good massage? Is it time to get one now? Maybe you can go together because it’s always time to get a good massage.


Most people are afraid of death and most don’t even like to talk about it. So, you should be careful how you use this topic or else she might consider you creepy.

For example, you can share with her how you lost a person who meant so much to you and talk about that pain after losing your loved one.

Ask her to describe herself using only three words

As simple as that. She needs to tell you three of her most important personality traits. You can find out a lot about her from her answer.

After that, of course, you have to be honest and describe yourself in three words too.


We all have dreams but most people don’t remember what they have dreamed about.

To make her feel more comfortable, you can share some of the funny or weird dreams you’ve had and then you can ask her what her dreams look like.

Fun games

Playing some fun games is always a great way to get to know someone.

You can play Never Have I Ever or Truth or Dare or some similar games.

That’s how you both will be more relaxed and feel more comfortable to talk about yourselves.

Besides those games for couples, you can also talk about some social games. Maybe she likes playing video games and you can play some together.

Favorite drink

Cosmopolitan cocktail, please. Oh, sorry you weren’t asking me, right? Just kidding.

Talking about drinks is always exciting. You may even get a recipe for a new cocktail.

Conspiracy theories

This is another interesting topic. I think that there is a conspiracy theory about every single thing and person in this world.

It’s exciting to read and find out some strange things, especially if you do it together so you can talk about it and explain to one another some of those theories.

What’s her type of guy?

You can simply ask her what her type of guy is or what kinds of guys she falls for.

It doesn’t mean that you should change yourself to become her type and get her to like you but it’s good to know what she is looking for.


Nearly every woman is into design. We all like to see and hear new interesting design ideas from other people because we basically redecorate our houses every month.

You can ask her for some advice on how you can decorate your apartment or house. I’m sure you’ll immediately get your own private decorator for free.

Guilty pleasures

Don’t pretend please, we all have some guilty pleasures and that’s perfectly normal.

You should feel free to tell her your guilty pleasures and you should ask her what hers are.

My guilty pleasures are McDonald’s and eating in bed.

I like those and I don’t think I’ll ever stop doing them, no matter how fat I become.


I’m not saying that you should scare her off with some serious talk about weddings or proposing and don’t talk about it on the first date because she might not understand where you’re coming from.

Weddings are a great topic because most women like them and you both probably have some fun stories from some weddings you’ve been to.


Helping other people is something we should all do in our leisure time. You can ask her whether she has volunteered anywhere.

If she hasn’t, you could try to do it together one weekend. You’ll see how great and calm it’ll make you feel. It’s absolutely unbelievable.


Even though most men wouldn’t probably admit it, we all daydream all the time.

We imagine that we are somewhere else, where we don’t have so much work or so many obligations and so on.

You can ask her about her daydreams. What does she daydream about?

Is she pleased with her life or would she like to change it and if that’s why she frequently imagines that some things are different?

Strange beliefs

Have you ever heard of some strange beliefs? If you have, share them with her.

If you haven’t, you could ask her to search for some together on the Internet.

There are some really creepy and awkward things that some people believe in.

However, it’s fascinating to explore them.

The purpose of life

Have you ever asked yourself what your purpose in life actually is? What do you want it to be?

This is a kind of philosophical question and both of you will have to think well before you’re ready to answer.

These are the best topics to talk about with women. I hope they have given you an answer to your question—what to talk about with a girl.

It’s up to you how you’ll use them. Each one of them is great as a conversation starter, especially if you’re on the first date.

Now you know 111 excellent conversation topics and you have nothing to be afraid about. Just relax and don’t ever think about where the conversation is going.

Even if you get rejected, it’s not the end of the world.

Get used to it because it’s perfectly reasonable that not all girls will like you.

Don’t let that discourage you because one day, someone will see how great you are and fall madly in love with you, just as you deserve.