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12 Amazing Tips To Turn On An Aries Man In Bed

12 Amazing Tips To Turn On An Aries Man In Bed

Satisfying any man in bed is sometimes mission impossible, so the best way to be successful in doing your thing is knowing what he prefers.

When we are talking about an Aries man in bed, the most important thing is that he is more into affection than into passion.

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There are things you need to know about his character in order to please him the right way.

And trust me, if you go the extra mile in doing the things that he likes, he will find a way to repay you.

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If you want, you can easily become an expert in pleasing an Aries man in bed and also learn more about Aries man in relationships. All you have to do is read on and follow my advice.

How Do You Arouse An Aries Man?

If you want to make this fire sign go crazy about you, you can never chase him. He enjoys games and he has to be the hunter in order to fall for you. Another thing he doesn’t like is shyness.

So, the best way to set him off is to send him hints. Don’t be too obvious because you want him to see you as a challenge.

But at the same time, you can’t be too subtle either, unless you want him to lose interest. Flirt with him, draw his attention. Then, take a step back, let him take over the control, and go after you.

If you want to seduce an Aries man, you need to make him think that he is in charge.

You need to do anything that makes him believe that he is the most desirable man in the world and that you only want him.

He needs to believe that you are the submissive one and he is the dominant one and that you will do everything that he asks of you.

That feeling can turn him on instantly because it will boost his ego and he will feel like he’s on cloud nine.

A Guide To Pleasing An Aries Man In Bed

Now that you’ve attracted an Aries guy, it’s time to make him stick with you forever. Whether we like to admit it or not, one of the most efficient ways to do it is through the bedroom.

Well, here are the exact ways to rock Aries’ world.

Play with his hair

This can be nice foreplay where you hold his head in your hand while playing with his hair.

It will stimulate him and he will feel so nice in your arms. For him, it won’t just be pure sex, but he will be able to form a deeper bond with you.

He likes when a woman dedicates herself to him completely, doing things that he likes.

That gives him the feeling that she really cares about him and that he is an important man in her life.

So, except for touching his head, you can also touch his lips and his nose.

If you see that he is enjoying this, you can continue touching his face all the way from his forehead to his chin.

You can do it with your hands, or your lips or you can make a mix of it which will be perfect. I am sure every Aries man will enjoy this wicked game!

Let him lead

If you want to turn on an Aries man in bed, you need to give him the lead. That’s the way to seduce him!

They like to take the lead in seducing you and they want you to fight for it.

So, play with him by teasing him and asking him what will happen once he catches you.

He will enjoy that game of hide and seek and it will be fun for him to chase you all around.

It will make him think about all the things he wants to do to you and it will be an enormous turn-on for him. And once he gets you, he will be thrilled with his enormous success.

This way, he’ll see you as a challenge he needs to win. That’s the way to always remain interesting for an Aries guy.

Being rough is what he wants

An Aries man likes when a woman is a little bit rough in bed, so don’t hesitate to slap him or to bite his ear while you are licking it. I know that this is something you probably don’t do in the beginning with a new guy.

You’re scared of his reaction and worried if he’ll think of it as too much. But trust me- these concerns are unnecessary when it comes to an Aries man in bed.

Even though he prefers being in control, he’ll love to see your aggressive side. You don’t have to overdo it- just show him that you’re more than an innocent girl. Show him that you know exactly what you’re doing under the sheets.

By behaving this way, you will show him who the real boss in bed is and that will make him want you even more.

This sign likes when a woman takes charge from time to time and when she feels good doing it.

He likes when you are wild and when you show him that you are enjoying every second in his company.

If you pretend that you’re having the time of your life while you’re actually waiting for him to get it all over with- this horoscope sign will see right through you.

There isn’t a bigger turn-off for an Aries than this. So, don’t do anything you don’t want just to please him unless you want to chase this guy away.

Sex in public places

An Aries man likes to have sex in public places because the amount of adrenaline is at a high level. This is something that will skyrocket your sex life for sure.

Even if you’re not into public sex, at least try it and see if you can grow to love it.

He will do it quickly—somewhere where he will be safe from the eyes of the public but while knowing that there is a possibility that someone will see him. He doesn’t actually want to be caught. After all, he is not an exhibitionist.

But the mere possibility of someone else seeing you two doing it is more than enough to get this man over the edge.

It will really get him going to do it with you in an open space because that is the way he likes it the most and because it gives him an ego boost for trying things that others are scared of.

If you really want to impress him, be the one to initiate outdoor sex. You don’t have to plan it- just start making out once you get the chance to do it.

Trust me- even if he hasn’t done anything about it, this is his secret desire- he is probably just scared to suggest it.

Also, he likes to experiment a lot, so you can expect some new positions to try.

Touch his face

It is already known that Aries likes his hair to be touched but let’s not forget his face as well.

Remember that this horoscope sign is symbolized by the Ram. Actually, to be exact- both an Aries woman and an Aries man carry the symbol of Ram’s head. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that their face is their erogenous zone.

He is extremely sensitive to touches with hands and lips and he will moan every time you kiss him, all the way from his forehead and down to his chin and his neck.

While you touch him, ask him some things such as what he would like to do to you when you stay alone or what his favorite position is.

It will be a fun game of words and touches, and he will like your approach to him.

If you want to completely satisfy your Aries man in bed, try these tips. I am sure he will be pleased with every touch and kiss.

Experiment! A lot!

If you’re wondering what’s the quickest way to chase him away, all you have to do is turn your sex life into a routine. In the blink of an eye, he’ll be bored and you’ll probably never see him again.

This sign is known to try new things with different partners. He will never settle before getting what he wants, so if you don’t like to try new things, he is definitely not the man for you.

He likes sex sessions, so you can expect him to come and in 5 minutes be ready to do it again.

What a beast, right? So, you will probably sit there and ask yourself where the hell he finds the energy for the next round. I know it looks funny but that’s the way Aries likes it.

Have sex a lot!

Let’s get one thing straight: every Aries male is crazy about sex! I’m not saying that you should sleep with him when you’re not in the mood but if you really want to rock his world, there are no “headaches” at night.

I know what you’ll say: everyone loves sex. That’s right, but Aries man loves it more! After all, his ruling planet is Mars so his passionate nature shouldn’t be a surprise.

Whenever you want to have sex with him, he will want it, too. He doesn’t know what it feels like to live without sex for a day and sometimes if he has time, he does it multiple times.

In fact, he will sometimes try to catch you when you least expect to have sex with him.

He can hide in the bathroom while you take a shower and show up from nowhere—all turned on.

It’s nothing unusual for him to give you a ring while you’re busy working and suggest a quickie- as a break from all that work. These are the things you’ll have to get used to. Most importantly- I’m sure you’ll learn to love them.

Even if he sometimes acts like a child, deep down he just wants to enjoy life as much as he can.

An Aries man has a large sexual appetite, so if you want to keep up with him, you will need to work at it a lot. He’s never tired of doing it but that’s actually great.

Let him be on top

Let’s be realistic—whoever is on top has better control in sex. So, if you want to satisfy your man completely, let him be on top.

Basically, this means that the missionary position works the best for him. This might come as a surprise since we’re all familiar with the fact that this Sun sign loves experimenting.

But hey, the missionary position can also be exciting if you spice it up with some of your favorite sex toys and sexual fantasies.

Let him do all that he wants to you and turn him on by saying something dirty from time to time.

It will just boost his ego and he will think that he is doing an amazing job.

Also, if you switch sides, be dominant and show him that you don’t want to be the submissive one all the time and that you can also take the lead. This will challenge him even more.

He will be thrilled how good you are at it and he will just lay there while you do all the work.

He likes quickies

When you start having sex with Aries, you will see that he is not into foreplay so much.

He has his own opinion about that—he would rather have sex in the time that his partner tries to turn him on by foreplay.

If you’re a Pisces woman who considers foreplay crucial for good sex, I have to disappoint you and tell you that the of you probably won’t be compatible when it comes to this area. The same goes for a Scorpio woman who is into fondling before the actual intercourse.

But hey, if you love each other, I’m sure you’ll manage to find some kind of a compromise.

The most interesting thing is that they like quickies because they are aware of the fact that in 2 hours tops, they will have sex again.

An Aries man can’t get enough of a woman’s body, so be prepared for him acting like a kid who saw the best toy ever when he started exploring your body.

He will touch you in places nobody ever touched you before and you will feel like on cloud nine with him.

One thing is for sure—they have a freakishly high sex drive. So, I am asking you: “Can you handle an Aries man?”

Intelligence is a turn-on

You don’t need to look like a top model to have sex with an Aries man. He is much more into intelligence, so if you want to seduce him, you will have to know what you are talking about.

If you dig a little deeper into his personality traits, you’ll see that he’s a smart man you can have deep conversations with. He’s much more than just a sex beast.

Ask him tricky questions and don’t give him a lot of time to give you answers. Tell him that he will be punished every time he gives you the wrong answer. This is another way for him to feel the thrill of the chase.

It will make him think faster, but maybe he will want to experience your kind of punishment, so he might say something that is not quite accurate.

Every Aries is turned on by a woman who knows how to play games in the bedroom and keep it interesting and fun. And of course, she will have to use her brain for all of that.

He likes a challenge

An Aries responds very well to challenges, so if a woman plays hard to get, it will turn him on instantly. The worst thing you can do is being too available.

In that case, he’ll get tired of you in a blink of an eye. It’s a harsh truth but this is the quickest way to losing a man belonging to this zodiac sign.

An Aries man loves feeling like a winner. Therefore, he needs to think that his charm managed to conquer you.

I have to be honest with you: this man is prone to taking people for granted. If he sees that you’re not going anywhere no matter what he does and despite the lack of effort he invests, he’ll stop trying.

The moment he stops seeing you as a challenge, he’ll move on to his next target. He’ll start paying attention to some other girl who isn’t paying attention to him.

Tiring, I know. But sadly, this is something you just have to deal with when it comes to this horoscope sign.

He is the same in real life and in the bedroom.

So, if you want to win him over, play a game or a challenge and tell him that you want him to fight for control in the bedroom.

Otherwise, you will be the one who will take the lead and you will tell him when he will be able to climax.

It will drive him crazy! Be a woman that he craves so much, but don’t let him have all the control over you because he will be bored in a short time.

Save your secrets for yourself and tell him only what he needs to know.

Try different positions

If any zodiac sign likes the Kama Sutra book, it is an Aries. He likes to try new positions and if you practice only two or three, he will soon get bored.

Yes, missionary might be a great option because it gives him control but it doesn’t stop at that. Try different acrobatics but always make sure to give him a chance to look you in the eyes while penetrating you. This guy loves intimate sex positions.

Of course, this is not possible in every position but it’s definitely something Aries enjoys more than anything.

What I’m trying to tell you is that in order to please him, you will have to go the extra mile and learn some new stuff that will make him scream and beg for more.

But make sure that you only do things that you like and if you don’t want to do something, let him know.

If he loves you, he will understand that. Try to please him but don’t forget your needs as well.

Trust me, when he gets what he wants, he will make sure that you get what you want as well!

Sex toys are a must

Another thing that will please an Aries man in bed is sex toys. Remember that he loves experimenting so being a little bit kinky is a must.

Don’t worry- he’s not one of those guys who’ll feel like less of a man if he sees you using a vibrator to please yourself.

It won’t make him feel threatened and he won’t doubt his abilities. On the contrary, it will make him go wild for you.

If you don’t introduce these toys into your bedroom, I assure you that he will. He won’t ask you what you think about it because these helpers are a natural thing for him.

He’ll just bring a toy during your next encounter and start using it on you or on himself.

Seeing things like this, it’s better to surprise him and bring the toys.

The same goes for dressing up and role-playing. If you really want to work him up, get yourself a sexy nurse or a teacher costume and watch him lose his mind.

BDSM is also something Aries doesn’t mind experimenting with. Of course, he is the dominant one while you’re the submissive partner.

Dirty talk gets him going

Aries is a smart guy who is attracted to intelligence. Therefore, it won’t be enough to get naked and start making out with him.

The best way to spice your sex adventures is dirty talk. It’s something that gets him going.

Be as imaginative as possible. He will connect this with your communication skills which finally, lead back to your intelligence.

The worst thing you can do is be ashamed. Trust me: he won’t think of you as weird or too kinky, no matter what you tell him.

Don’t think too much about the dirty talk phrases you’ll use. These things can’t be planned.

Instead, just go with the flow. Whatever goes through your mind at a given moment- say it out loud.

Where Does An Aries Man Like To Be Touched?

If you really want to strike a chord with him, touch his head, face and pay special attention to the area behind his ears. Most women don’t know that this is his erogenous zone.

But you won’t go wrong if you put your hand anywhere on his body. Have in mind that his love language is physical touch.

Why Are Aries So Good In Bed?

An Aries man is considered to be one of the most passionate zodiacs because he doesn’t see sex as just physical pleasure. For him, it’s an adventure that starts way before you hit the bedroom: the moment you two lock your eyes.

Also, this guy is every woman’s dream. He is the one who will carry you to the bedroom, throw you on the bed and show you who the man is.

Let’s be honest- which women haven’t had a similar wet dream at least once? Well, Aries is the one who’ll turn it into reality.

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Aries Man Compatibility

Compatible with: Sagittarius, Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, Gemini, Virgo

Not compatible with: Cancer, Capricorn, Libra, Pisces, Scorpio

7 Traits Of An Aries Man In Love

How does Aries act when he is in love? How can you tell when he just wants to get laid and when he wants a real relationship? Here are some of the ways to know this man is really into you (and not just into your body).

Your own personal Prince Charming

When you’re dating an Aries, you get yourself a personal Prince Charming. Every man turns into a protector when it comes to the woman he loves but an Aries is special.

According to him, your safety and well-being is his concern. He’s ready to do whatever it takes just to guard you against every possible danger.

This guy sees you as a damsel in distress. He thinks of you as fragile and vulnerable and goes out of his way to prevent anyone from hurting you.

Whenever you’re in trouble, he’s the first one to show up. He’s there to spoil you, to meet all of your needs and to turn your every dream into reality.

Don’t be offended by his behavior- you should actually be flattered. He’s not doing this because he sees you as submissive.

He knows very well that you’re a strong, self-sufficient woman who doesn’t need any help from a man. But he just wants to be there to give you a hand, even when you don’t need it.

This is Aries’ way of showing affection. He is an Alpha man and he sees as his Princess he needs to rescue from all possible evil.

A people pleaser

You might find this strange but deep down, Aries is a people pleaser. This can especially be seen in relation to the people he loves.

It’s not that he doesn’t have an opinion of his own. He won’t agree with random strangers because he is afraid of confrontation.

This personality trait sources back to his enormous love for you. He wants you to be happy and is ready to do whatever it takes to be the cause of that happiness.

What does that mean? Well, first of all, he’ll ask about your opinion regarding a lot of things in his life.

Don’t mistake this for his immaturity and indecisiveness. It’s just that you’re his partner and he wants to consult you before making any major life decision.

You’ll start noticing this with seemingly little things. You two will always go out to the places you prefer, he’ll choose your favorite destination for your next vacation and you’ll order takeout from your favorite restaurant.

None of this makes him weak. He is still a macho man- he just doesn’t have a problem with making sacrifices to please you (which, ironically, makes him even more masculine).

Let’s be real: what more could a woman wish for?

A real gentleman

This man is an old-fashioned gentleman. You know the kind- the kind you see in black and white movies and romantic comedies.

He’s like this with everyone around him. He is the guy who will help an old lady cross the street and the one who will always give up his bus seat.

But the moment he falls in love, this side of him starts to show even more. When you meet him, you wonder if he’s real.

This man definitely stands out from all those immature boys you’re surrounded with. At first, you might even think that these are his false pretenses and a way to get under your skin and in your pants.

Nevertheless, trust me when I tell you that this is the real him. He’s not deceiving you- he just wants to make sure you always feel like a lady next to him.

This is the guy who will open the car door for you, who will bring you flowers on your first date and who will escort you back to your porch. He will hold your coat and pull back your chair in a restaurant.

He will show you that chivalry is not dead. Finally, a man who treats you right from the very second you meet.

Romance is not dead

Having this in mind, the fact that he is a hopeless romantic shouldn’t come to you as a surprise. He won’t wait for Valentine’s day, your anniversary or your birthday to get you something.

He doesn’t need a special occasion to throw you a huge romantic surprise. He won’t take you out to the nearest coffee shop on your first date. Instead, you can expect a fancy, candlelight dinner in an expensive restaurant.

The problem is that Aries is prone to exaggerating when it comes to romance. For some women, this is a huge turn-off.

I won’t lie to you: he is that cheesy guy who declares his love for you in an essay-long text message. He’s the one who proposes to you on a big screen in front of the entire stadium of people.

If you’re not into this kind of thing, just see it as his way to prove his emotions for you. He loves you so much that he can’t help but show it to you on every occasion.

Making you a part of his life

An Aries will never shut you out of his life. Instead, he’ll use the first chance he gets to meet you with his friends and family.

He wants you to feel accepted. He wants you to know that he’s proud to hold your hand in front of the world.

What a refresh, after all those guys who tried hiding you and refused to make things official, isn’t it?

Respecting your personal boundaries

Once you learn how passionate and dominant an Aries man in bed is, you’ll probably think that he is pushy when it comes to bedroom activities. Well, I have a surprise for you: he is everything but that.

I assure you that this is the most respectful man you’ll ever get the chance to meet. Yes, he is crazy for sex but he’ll hold his impulses down and wait for you to be completely ready.

He’ll never push you into something you don’t want to do. Instead, he’ll respect your boundaries and give you as much time as you need to take things to another level.

To Wrap Up

In the end, I hope that you will have a great time with your Aries man in bed.

But whatever you do, don’t forget to enjoy yourself and to satisfy your needs as well.

If you give everything that you’ve got, he will know to recognize that and he will give you what you deserve as well.

The most important thing is that you have a healthy and stable relationship and that you understand each other.

If you can communicate with your words well, there is no doubt that you will be able to do that in bed also!