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12 Red Flag Signs He Isn’t Worth Your Effort

12 Red Flag Signs He Isn’t Worth Your Effort

You can’t be yourself with him.

You feel the constant pressure to pretend to be someone you are not just so he would like you.

When being with him, you don’t feel comfortable and you walk on eggshells just to please him. Your feelings and wishes are not a priority.

He doesn’t want to put a label to your relationship.

He told you so many times that it is better to chill that way and that he doesn’t need to put a label to your relationship to prove his love to you.

Even if you already know that, you are scared to leave him because life without him would be more painful than this one where he hurts you every day.

You feel that he is just using you.

When you are with him, you feel that he calls you just because he needs something from you.

He never calls you to actually spend some quality time with you but just to get what he wants.

And no matter if he says that he truly loves you, don’t trust him but make him show it with his actions.

He doesn’t cherish all that you do for him

If you want to please him by helping him and handling stuff that he should do, he never gives you credit for that.

He stays the same selfish asshole who doesn’t give a damn about you.

And that can hurt really badly. So instead of trying to please him, leave him and show him what he lost when he let you go.

He puts effort into another woman

When he is with you, he feels that he doesn’t need to put any effort because you are already his.

He doesn’t think he has to chase you because he has you near.

But when a new woman comes, he will want to charm her and show her that he is a dream man just so she could like him.

And I don’t need to mention that while doing this, he won’t even feel remorse for hurting you.

He is not interested in your stories

Whatever you say seems not good enough. It looks like you are living a boring life with boring friends and a boring job.

But when it is his turn to talk about himself, he wants all your attention.

This is just a sign of high selfishness and if he isn’t giving you what you need, you shouldn’t be giving him second chances.

He is totally immature

A guy who is in love will never show any sign of immaturity, but the one who plays games—like your relationship is nothing serious—is definitely not worth any of your time.

He will never be hubby material and if you stay with him, you will never get the love you deserve.

He criticizes you

If he is constantly criticizing you, you won’t be able to relax and enjoy your relationship.

A man of your dreams should be supportive and loving, not making you feel bad.

Nobody deserves to do something like that to you because you are giving your best to be a high value woman.

And the one who has the right to do it, will never make you cry.

He chooses others over you

For a man like this, a night out with his friends is more important than staying at home with you and watching a good romantic comedy.

He just thinks about himself and his needs, and comes to you only when it is convenient for him.

That is definitely not boyfriend material, so you should think twice if you will stay with him or not.

 He never does cute things for you

For him, you are simply not a priority and it is not your fault. He will be the same to every woman engaged with him in a romantic relationship.

He thinks you are the only one who should make him feel good and that you should consider yourself lucky because he chose you to be his girlfriend.

He doesn’t put you first

Every man in love will put his girlfriend first because he loves her more than anything.

He wants her to feel special in every moment he spends with her and he doesn’t regret that at all.

But a man who always puts himself first is not someone you can rely on. He thinks about his needs only and doesn’t think about your wishes and needs.

He breaks his promises

If he constantly plans things with you and then leaves you hanging, trust me, he isn’t worthy of your time.

That is a sign of disrespect and you are allowed to be angry.

You should know your value and leave him because he doesn’t deserve you and he doesn’t do anything to actually keep you in his life.