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How To Make A Libra Man Obsessed With You? 15 Smart Ways

How To Make A Libra Man Obsessed With You? 15 Smart Ways

Wondering how to make a Libra man obsessed with you? No worries because today you’ll learn everything you need to know about seducing this charming Zodiac sign.

Libra is one of the most loving and sensitive zodiac signs and since it is ruled by the planet Venus, you can rarely see them single. They live to love and be loved and they believe in unconditional love.

When they fall in love, they fall hard and there isn’t a thing they wouldn’t do for their significant one. Libras are known to be sweet, sensitive and the one who always goes the extra mile in love relationships.

But if you were wondering how to win the heart of that kind of perfect man, worry no more.

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Below you’ll find a list of the things every Libra man loves the most and if you practice them, you will be the one who will make a Libra man fall in love with you.

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In the blink of an eye, he will be head over heels in love with you and you can bet that he will do anything to make you feel good and loved. Trust me, a man like this is a true keeper!

Are Libras Obsessed?

Yes, we can say that Libras in a way can become obsessed with the idea of having a special person in their life (be it in a romantic or friendly way). Libras are not wired to be alone and they don’t enjoy solitude.

They are in need of entertainment, socializing, and connecting on a deeper level. When Libras want something, they don’t give up that easily. They become persistent to win that one special person to the extent of becoming, so to say, obsessed with them.

Still, this obsession often doesn’t last for long which can be either good or bad. Sometimes, Libras “decide” to redirect their obsession to something else or someone else if that one thing or a person is better or more interesting than the current one.

But you can be sure about one thing: If Libras TRULY like you, they will do anything for you and you will never have to question their affection or intentions. You will become their sweet obsession (in a healthy way).

How To Make A Libra Man Obsessed With You

Be confident

It is a known fact that Libra men are attracted to confidence, so if you don’t have it, you should work on that.

They like to have a partner who feels good in their own skin and who doesn’t give a damn about what others think of them.

They like girls who are down to earth and any kind of extremism will just push them away. They like girls who know how to rock their own style instead of blindly following trends.

So, how to make a Libra man obsessed with you? Simple. Just be confident enough and know your worth. Every Libra will recognize that and he will stick to you.

Be spontaneous

When you meet a Libra, you will see that they like spontaneity and that they enjoy crazy things. Simply staring at the ceiling with them is truly fun, let alone something else more adventurous.

So, when you are with them, you can relax a little bit more and do things you never thought of trying. As a matter of fact, Libras will expect that from you.

If you don’t know how to be spontaneous with them, they will not be impressed. Lucky you because Libra man has enough energy and adventurous spirit for both so all you’ll have to do is relax and go with the flow.

Libras simply like to see that their partner feels good in their own skin and that they are happy with their life. So, make sure to let him know that and he will literally become obsessed with you.

Compliment him

All the astrologist agree that Libra men like to be complimented so that can be your strongest weapon.

Compliment him about the things he does because you will boost his ego in that way and he will feel as if he pleases all your needs.

Compliment his personality, skills, achievements, mindset, and appearance. Let him know that he’s everything you ever wanted in a man. I mean, every man wants to hear that, but Libra man especially enjoys such flattering words.

Remember that compliments for him shouldn’t be only appearance-based. Focus on his personality and compliment how his brain works and he’ll become obsessed with impressing you which is exactly what you want, right? Right.

Dress elegant

Libra men aren’t really big fans of short skirts and tops but they prefer women who dress elegantly.

Taste is something that has a high price to such a man and he cherishes women who can dress elegantly and still be seductive. Do you think you can do that?

I’m sure you can. Still, keep in mind that you shouldn’t change your style drastically only to appease him. Just avoid wearing clothes that reveal too much.

Libra guys like mystery so keep that one in mind. If you want to learn to seduce such a man with minimum effort, remember that less is more. Apply this rule to everything including dressing and he’ll be yours in no time!

Play hard to get (occasionally)

Looking for ways on how to make a Libra man obsessed with you? Well, play hard to get (but don’t overdo it).

When you see that a Libra man is interested in you, start a new tactic of seduction. Tell him that you have your own things going on and that you will meet him after.

Don’t answer immediately when he calls or texts but let him chase you. If he sees you are easy to get, he will lose interest immediately. That is why you need to protect yourself and be one step ahead.

However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t overdo it. Don’t let him wait for too long and don’t act like you don’t give a damn about him.

Show interest but don’t let him know how crazy you are about him. Play hard to get with a Libra man from time to time only to make things even more interesting for him. Libra men LOVE winning women so you have to give him some space to do so.

Don’t be clingy

The worst thing that you can do is to be clingy around a Libra man. He loves his freedom the most and if you act all needy, he will lose interest in you. The same thing applies to Libra women.

Even though Librans like to spend a lot of time with their partners, they still want to see that you have your own life as well outside the relationship.

If you want to make him fall in love with you, show him that you are good on your own and that you are having fun even if he is not there. That will show him that you are independent and he will like you even more.

If you can spend time on yourself and live your life without relying on anyone else, then you’ll surely attract the attention of a Libra. Show him that from the first date and you’ll seduce him like a real queen.

Be mysterious

If you want to learn how to make a Libra man obsessed with you, you will need to master the art of being mysterious. I’m sure every astrologer will tell you that.

You don’t need to tell him all about yourself. Keep some things for you only and make sure that he makes some effort to get to know you better.

The men born under the zodiac sign Libra are suckers for mysterious girls. If you tell him all about you at first, you won’t be interesting to him and you will just push him away.

I know how much you want to impress him and make him crazy about you but oversharing things in the early dating stages will not bring you anything good.

Instead, be smart and leave some things for yourself only. You’ll thank me later.

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Keep it simple

When you meet a Libra man, you won’t be able to make him open up to you emotionally right away. That’s why you should be patient and try to win him over in a different way.

Invite him for dinner, light some candles and walk with him in the moonlight. Look deeply into his eyes, listen to his every word, hug him.

That kind of traditional romance will definitely make him fall for you.

This vintage approach will awaken a gentleman in him and sooner than you know, he will find himself in a romantic movie where he’s going out of his ways to win a woman’s heart. Or should I say your heart?

Get out of your comfort zone

In case you didn’t know, Libra is an Air sign which means they are curious by nature and they like to learn new things.

So, if you want to win his heart, don’t just stick to the familiar things, but make sure that you try something you thought you would never do.

Aries men and Libra men LOVE challenges. Show him that you are ready for some challenges and action and that you are not afraid to deal with new things in your life.

Become his biggest inspiration, tickle his mind with thought-provoking questions and always be on the lookout for new ways to spice things up and make them more interesting.

He will admire you and it will make him fall for you. Who wouldn’t?

Surprise him

Every Libra man likes small surprises. It can be dinner prepared just for him, tickets to his favorite movie, or a hug when he least expects it.

These unexpected happenings will mean a lot to him. If you do this, he will cherish you and he will see you as wife material.

If there’s one thing Libras are totally scared of, it is falling into a rut. So, once he sees that life with you is getting more and more exciting every day, he will be happy to have someone like you around.

He will go the extra mile to keep you as a part of his life and make you feel special. He will become a real gentleman and he will never get bored of courting you.

Be kind when you are with him

How to make a Libra man obsessed with you? If you want to make a Libra man fall in love with you, you should be honest and kind. You need to show him that you’re a woman with a gentle heart.

When he sees how devoted you are to helping others, it will make you an inspiring woman in his eyes and he will fall head over heels in love with you.

Libras are inspired by strong people and it will mean a lot to him to have an honest and amazing partner like you. He will know how much value you’ll bring into his life as well.

Don’t pressure him

If you want to make a Libra man miss you and like you, then don’t pressure him.

It is a known fact that you can’t push any man to do things he is not ready for and you won’t be able to do that with Libra as well.

So, how to make a Libra man want you? If you see that he is not ready for some things, for example commitment, give him time to make up his mind.

Be his best friend before anything else because if you pressure him to do something as soon as possible, there is a chance he will just walk away.

Instead, give him some time and space for himself. Don’t force him to text you or call you all the time. Don’t expect him to spend all of his free time with you and neglect his friends.

Be there for him but also let him know that you have your own life as well and you won’t pressure him to do anything he’s not ready for yet or feels uncomfortable about.

Be thankful

I am sure your Libra does his very best to make you feel good, so you can also try to be kind and thankful to him (if you haven’t already).

Don’t forget to tell him that you cherish all his attention and the things he does for you. Make him feel like he’s your superhero and you’ll win his heart.

He will be glad to hear that he helped you with something and that you’re grateful for that. And if you continue with that kind of behavior, you might succeed in making a long-term relationship. Yay!

Stay positive

Libras are known for their optimistic nature and open-mindedness. They look for the same qualities in their potential partners as well.

If you want to have a great vibe with such a man and make him fall for you, you need to have a positive mindset about everything.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should be happy and smiling 24/7 but try to be as optimistic as possible. Even if something bad happens, know that it’s not the end of the world and always try to look on the bright side of life.

Find your silver lining, never stop showing amazement for the little things in life and he will be mesmerized by your inspiring personality. He will fall for you sooner than you think.

Be patient

A guy with this star sign is known as someone who changes his mind 100 times in a day and in the end, you really don’t know what he wants. My advice to you is to be patient because he doesn’t know how to act differently.

He is trying the best he can to have a normal relationship with you but sometimes he just needs more time to make up his mind. And if you give it to him, he will cherish you more than you think.

It’s important to understand that such men are not insecure like other signs in the horoscope, but still they need some time to sort out their feelings.

Don’t worry, they are not legit commitment-phobes like the majority of Scorpios and Pisces (well, most of them aren’t).

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A Libra Man Compatibility

Compatible with: Leo, Aries, Gemini, Aquarius, Taurus, Sagittarius, Scorpio.

Not compatible with: Virgo, Cancer, Capricorn.

What Are Libra Males Attracted To?

A Libra man is attracted to someone who complements him in every aspect. Such a man values women who are strong, sophisticated, gentle, intelligent, curious, ambitious, and fun to be around. Also, they value honesty more than anything else.

Given that a Libra male is an air sign, if you want to attract him, you need to figure out how his mind operates. In other words, you need to be on the same wavelength as him when it comes to lifestyle, personality, and other things in life.

If you want to attract a Libra male, you need to allow him to impress you.

Show gratefulness when he does something nice for you, compliment his skills, personality, and appearance (especially when he goes out of his way for you).

If you want to win his heart, you need to give him some space to amaze you. Libra males love challenges and winning a woman’s heart is not an exception.

When they really like someone, they would do anything for that one person, so all you need to do is allow them to do so. You shouldn’t be clingy or pressure him in any way.

Be yourself, have your own life and add some mystery into the equation. Don’t reveal everything about yourself too soon but preserve the mystery and he’ll be even more inclined to learn more about you and prove himself worthy of being with you.

If you want to attract a Libra male, you need to impress him as well.

You need to be a great conversationalist because such men love women who have their own opinion on any topic. When it comes to dressing, LESS is MORE. Don’t reveal too much because that way you will not be mysterious or attractive to him.

If you want to attract a Scorpio man or Libra man, don’t forget to establish intense eye contact from time to time because this will help them open up to you and build a stronger emotional connection.

Libra males are not types of men who are only impressed by a girl’s appearance.

Instead, they appreciate traditional values (or should I say real values) that go beyond a physical look.

If you want to attract a Libra man, pay more attention to your words than your hairstyle. Pay more attention to establishing a meaningful connection than impressing him with your outfit.

Even though physical appearance is also an important aspect when it comes to attracting Libra males, keep in mind that it’s not essential but complementary.

How Do You Know If A Libra Man Is Playing You?

You know that a Libra man is playing you if he’s faking his emotions and is not genuinely interested in anything serious with you. Here are a few red flags to pay attention to:

He hides his feelings and avoids eye contact

If a Libra male never talks about his feelings, then you know he’s playing with you. Otherwise, he would surely tell you how he feels about you, or at least he would show it with his actions.

Avoiding eye contact is another sign of his indifference toward you. A man who can’t establish eye contact with you (be it a Libra man or someone else) is a man who is hiding something from you.

Obviously, he’s trying to hide his ulterior motives. Another reason why he avoids eye contact is the fact that he doesn’t have feelings for you so he doesn’t feel the urge to lock his eyes with yours.

He flirts with other women

Is he using every opportunity to flirt with other women (even in your presence)? Then you can be sure that he’s playing with you.

When a Libra man is totally smitten by you, he doesn’t flirt with other women but he’s solely focused on winning you. If he’s trying to impress other women more than he’s trying to impress you, then you know something’s just not right.

He never really misses you

When you’re not together, he seems to forget about you. He never tells you that he misses you or that he’s thinking about you. Also, he rarely calls or texts you.

If he acts that way, it is a legit sign that your absence doesn’t really mean anything to you. In other words, he never really misses you because he’s not as fond of you as you’re fond of him.

He doesn’t care about your needs

He puts his needs before yours. He never asks you about your day or whether you need help with something. It’s evident that he doesn’t care about making you happy or being an active participant in your life.

He neglects you, takes you for granted, and still expects everything from you. That’s a true sign of a dysfunctional relationship and lack of effort by his side.

He plays mind games

He’s a sweet talker and he charms you within seconds. He knows exactly what to say at a certain moment and he knows how to hide his lack of effort with perfect excuses.

He plays with your feelings by acting selfishly and treating you as an object of pleasure. If he constantly makes you overthink and question his intentions, then you know he’s playing mind games with you.

He ghosts you whenever it’s convenient for him

He rarely shares his whereabouts with you and sometimes he goes missing for a few days, weeks, or even months. After that, he comes back again to tell you how much you mean to him.

Don’t fall for that because it’s a trap. If a man acts like this, know that you’re not his priority, and he only cares about himself. Playing mind games and acting selfishly is his style which makes him a legit player.

How Do You Know If A Libra Man Misses You?

If a Libra man misses you, he will be straightforward and tell you. Libras value honesty more than anything, so there’s no need to overthink things.

When a Libra man truly misses you, he doesn’t wait. Instead, he makes sure to let you know that be it via text, in person, or on social media.

If a Libra man is your ex-boyfriend who misses you and wants you back, he will try to contact you. He will do it through some mutual friend or he’ll simply call you or text you.

Such men don’t waste their time waiting for things to fix themselves.

They don’t assume that you know what’s going on in their head and they don’t expect you to.

Given that Libra is a very social person, chances are he misses you more than you miss him. Still, if you miss him, don’t shy away from letting him know that. Every Libra male will appreciate that regardless if you’re on the same page or not.

The bottom line is that a Libra man will never play with your feelings if he genuinely likes you or misses you. He will be an open book and you’ll never have to overthink anything.


Learning how to make a Libra man obsessed with you is not quantum physics. All you need to do is give him some space to win you and impress him with your inspiring personality.

Don’t be needy, and don’t pressure him. Be yourself, appreciate little things in life, and impress him with your uniqueness and a positive mindset.

Show him that you’re not afraid of adventures. Be mysterious. Don’t fall for him too soon but also don’t wait too long to express your feelings.

“Be a girl with a mind, a woman with attitude, and a lady with class.” – Unknown

  1. Libra Man says:

    A lot of this is garbage. Playing “hard-to-get” is a huge, instant turn-off for me. It makes me feel you’re not as interested as I am, so I will definitely not put any further effort into it. Teasing is for hairstyles.

    • Lana says:

      Hello Libra man!
      I completely agree. Hard to get is not cool. What I think works – simple honesty: if I like you – I’ll tell you and show you. But it didn’t work for me. I’m in love with Libra man, we were so great for a year of so, but few weeks ago he told me that he just wants us to be friends because he didn’t reached the point in his life that he can make promises (job/career wise). I didn’t asked for any promises, din’t ask for anything – all I wanted is to be with him, love him and care for him. I never pressured him, I gave his everything I could possibly give. Now I feel as my life was shuttered… I’ve agreed to be his friend. But sometime I think its not a good idea.
      I felt that I overwhelmed him, but he keep saying “its not about you, believe me”.
      I don’t know what to do…