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15 Adorable Qualities Of A Good Husband Who Loves His Wife

15 Adorable Qualities Of A Good Husband Who Loves His Wife

What makes a good husband?

When we think about spending the rest of our life with one person, we want that person to have good qualities and be the best for us, and we want us to be the best for that person.

We’d like him to be caring, gentle, and loving. And we want to love him and take care of him. After all, isn’t that what a healthy relationship is all about?

Those are all extremely important qualities in a life partner. It’s a reassuring feeling knowing that your man is husband material.

And honestly, we want someone who’ll be able to put a smile on our face when tears are threatening to drown us. Someone who’ll cuddle with us forever and chase us even when we’re already his.

That’s not only a good husband, but that’s a great husband. We want a man who’ll make us the best version of ourselves, not just because he wants to do it, but because it feels right to him.

It feels right to always keep on going and moving forward. It feels right to always keep on changing and growing together.

We want someone who’ll be the only person who truly gets our sense of humor and who’ll be a great role model for potential kids.

It’s important that he has self-control, but when he sees us, he just can’t contain his excitement!

A wife wants a husband who’ll be her rock and her guiding star and one who makes his wife feel like she’s the only person in the room.

A hubby who is a good listener, a good father, and makes her want to be a better person.

It feels right having him by our side at all times and when he’s not there, it feels like a part of us is missing.

That kind of person is a true soulmate. That kind of person is someone worth fighting for and living for. That kind of person is The Joker to your Harley Quinn and John Legend to your Chrissy Teigen.

A man who understands the importance of core values – who wants to maintain and nurture a successful relationship and a long, happy life with each other.

And a good husband knows that in order to make the marriage work, both partners need to know exactly what they want from each other and work on their own spiritual growth, as well as preserving the sacred bond of their marital union.

So how to know if you’ve found that person? Well, here’s a list of 15 adorable qualities of a good husband and, honestly, if your husband possesses any of these beautiful traits, you are one lucky lady and should never let him slip away.

He puts effort into your relationship

It’s a known fact that it takes two for a relationship to truly work.

Obviously, if you wanted to do all the work, you would’ve married yourself; it’s much easier than taking care of someone else who isn’t worth it.

But if your man respects the effort you put into the relationship and he does the same, that’s a keeper right there.

And I don’t mean doing the dishes or taking out the garbage, although those are also incredibly helpful.

I mean that he acknowledges when you two have a problem and he works it out with you.

I mean that he knows when to share the silence with you and when to kiss away your tears.

That’s a man who took the time to get to know you – the way you breathe, think, and love – in order to be the best man for you.

He loves you for your flaws, not despite them

How many times have I heard someone say, “I love him even though he’s a little bit chubby.”

No. I love him because he is comfortable being the way he is. I love him because he’s been through shit and still trying to find the best way to deal with it.

I love him because he is not perfect but he is perfect for me, just the way he is.

His noise goes well with my silence, his fierceness goes along with my calm, and his adventurous spirit lifts my lazy ass up off of the couch.

That’s love. Knowing that neither of you is perfect yet loving each other like you are.

Because you two are imperfectly perfect together and that’s all that love is about. When your love is strong, nothing can break it.

And when you find a person who loves you for all your imperfections and not despite them, that’s when you know you’ve found a good man.

A man who knows what truly matters in life and what’s not worth the trouble.

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He’s your best friend

If he’s the one you share everything with, the one you text when you see a cute puppy on the street or when you have random thoughts, he’s your best friend.

And that’s probably why your relationship is stable and healthy. When you are best friends, lovers, and partners, there’s nothing you can’t work out.

That’s the jackpot of relationships many strive for but only a few find and preserve.

And when something happens to you, whether it’s good or bad, he is the first one you tell all about it.

And when you have a bond and a relationship like that, you know your heart is safe in his hands.

You are compatible on a spiritual, emotional, and sexual level. And honestly, what more could anyone possibly ask for in a life partner?

He knows how to make you laugh even when you’re falling apart

Sharing your pain and hard times with someone is probably the deepest and most special way of bonding with them.

When you bare your soul and the deepest part of your being to someone, you show him everything. You are stripped naked and hold nothing back.

But being able to share laughter with him, even when you’re standing naked in front of him, is a completely different level of closeness.

You feel safe enough to laugh with him when you’re hurting, because just spending time with him makes you smile. And being naked and vulnerable doesn’t seem so scary anymore.

Nobody before him ever knew how to disarm you the way he can. Nobody ever made you feel so safe in your vulnerability. With him, nothing is scary and daunting. Not anymore.

Everything is just right and he makes you laugh when your whole world is falling apart.

It took you ages to find someone like this and you’ll be damned if you’ll ever let him slip away.

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He considers you when he’s making decisions

No matter how small or big a decision is, he always makes sure that you are involved in the decision-making process.

Because even the smallest decision can have huge consequences and when you’re sharing your life with someone or you’re planning to, you want to make sure that that person knows it all.

That your partner is okay with the decisions you’ve chosen to make and is ready to follow you wherever the road leads, or create a completely new road for you two.

And it’s also a sign of the incredible respect he has for you and your knowledge and abilities.

He knows that you two are equals and he respects your opinions. You’d be surprised how rare this one is, unfortunately.

In this day and age, when men still feel like they’re entitled to more than a woman in their position is, it’s so comforting and reassuring to find a good man who appreciates all his wife does.

A man who’d never let her efforts go unnoticed and her opinion unheard.

Respect is his number one quality in a person, and that’s exactly what he gives you every single day of your marriage.

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You two have incredible communication

No matter how tired you are at the end of the day, you still have the strength to listen to him talk about his day and tell him all about yours.

No matter how busy you are, you make sure that he knows you’re okay and he does the same for you.

And no matter how difficult the times get, no matter how huge the problems you’re facing are, you find a way to talk it through.

You find a way to discuss it even when every word you say hurts like thousands of knives. That’s how you know he’s genuinely in love with you.

And when your relationship is built on good communication, everything else follows.

You trust him

This is being able to trust someone – and not just in a way that you trust that he won’t cheat on you.

When you can trust him with your deepest fears, emotions, and dreams – when you trust him in a way where you can be completely open and honest with him – that’s the kind of trust we all aspire to have.

This trust needs time to be built and taken care of. This is the trust that turns love into that extraordinary one.

The kind of trust where he gives you zero reasons to doubt him and a million reasons to have faith in him.

This is the kind of relationship that stands the test of time. The kind of marriage that weathers all storms.

Without trust, you have nothing. So knowing he’s got your back and vice versa is what marriage is really all about.

You feel like yourself when you’re with him

When you’re with him, you don’t have to pretend to be anything other than what you already are.

You can wear your sweats all day long and have your hair in a messy bun, and he’ll still make you feel like you just walked off the runway.

You can be moody and nervous and he’ll still find a way to make you feel better.

When you feel yourself around someone, it means that person accepts you the way you are and loves you for who you are.

Not for who you can become or for who you were, but for who you are in that given moment.

It’s easy loving someone when they meet all of your expectations and needs at all times.

But what happens when your partner’s having a bad day? What happens when they’re difficult to love?

That’s when you distinguish a good husband from a bad one. A man who will love you through all of your moods, ups, and downs and never make you question his devotion. Now THAT’s the man every woman deserves to find.

He goes out of his way to help you

Admitting that you need someone or their help is sometimes hard, especially when we are taught to be independent and prefer to fight our own battles and take care of ourselves.

But with him, it’s so easy to admit that you need help. And you know that he’ll drop whatever he’s doing and rush to you the moment you call him.

Not because he feels pressure to do so, but because he wants to!

Greatness in people can be found in the way they help you in times of need, and he does it even when it’s inconvenient for him.

Because he doesn’t care about the things you can do for him or the things you can give him, he cares about you and making you feel good and loved.

And when a woman feels loved, respected, and taken care of in such a selfless way, she becomes the best version of herself.

That way, both partners are happy, in sync, and making each other a better person.

He still dates you

Even when it feels like you’ve been together for ages, he still finds ways to surprise you and take you out on a magical date night.

Love is not something you can stop working on once you find it, and luckily he’s aware of it!

As you already probably know, it takes time, work, and devotion. And if your man is doing everything he can to keep your love healthy and blooming, he is a keeper.

Let’s be real. Sometimes all we need is someone to tell us what’s so special about us that he loves.

And your man sure knows how to keep winning you over, even though you’d never be anyone else’s!

The trick to having a healthy relationship is to never let that spark disappear.

Make an effort to organize a special day just for your partner. Take them away on a weekend getaway and devote all of your attention solely to them.

It’s truly miraculous how much those little things end up meaning to a person.

A little bit of effort goes a long way and your man always knows the way to your heart.

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You share the same beliefs and values

If you two share the same values and the same rules you live by, then you have a greater chance of making it work.

Differences are okay, sometimes they’re the things that spice up your relationship but when it comes to connecting on a spiritual, emotional and value level, there shouldn’t be many inconsistencies.

When you two are on the same page, you feel more confident about your bond, about your relationship and love in general.

When you agree on those crucially important core values, it becomes easy to navigate life together because you know you’re working toward the same goal.

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He’s responsible and ambitious

There’s probably no worse trait that a man can have than irresponsibility.

When a man is irresponsible, he has no respect toward you, your relationship, or the efforts you’re giving that are holding you two together.

When there’s no respect, there’s no loyalty or honesty. But if a man is ready to match your efforts, to work it out with you – if he’s ready to make sure that you have everything you need – that’s a man you want to have around.

And if that man is not interested in staying in one place for the rest of his life but instead working his way to the top and pushing you with him, that’s someone who’ll always be ready to go out of his way to make your life good.

Not just for himself and you, but for the possible children you two may have.

Loving an ambitious man can sometimes seem hard, but it’s definitely worth it. A man with ambition is a man with a plan.

And who better to plan your life around than a man who’s got it together and going to provide everything you and your potential children may need?

That’s a hubby worth fighting for. Whatever happens, know you’ve got a good man by your side.

With his ambition and your determination, nothing can break your bond and no one can stand in the way of your love.

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He’s honest with you

You know everything about him and he isn’t afraid to tell you all of his fears and failures.

When someone respects you and the love you feel for them, they’ll make sure that you never have to doubt their love or loyalty.

They’ll be sure you know you’re the only one for them, which is why he’s totally honest with you.

When you find that one person you click with, there’s no need to lie or hide anything.

You simply know you can be honest, genuine, and your raw, unedited self with them.

Anything less simply isn’t worth it. Luckily, your hubby leads by example and honesty is his top quality.

He sees you two as equals

You’d be surprised how many men find it hard to treat women as equals.

Many men believe that they should be taking care of the family and his woman. and thus they see themselves as the masters who are stronger and more skillful.

But if your man has no problem with you taking the initiative and is always there to support you when you do it, you’ve got yourself true husband goals.

Especially if he calls you to ask for advice, because he values you and your opinion.

It’s easy saying that he respects you and your opinions, but it’s a whole different ball game actually proving it with his actions.

And he does. He genuinely wants your input in everything you do as a couple and he wouldn’t dream of undermining or undercutting you. He appreciates you far too much to stoop so low.

You can’t imagine life without each other in it

When you think about your future and you being happy, he’s by your side.

When you imagine being without him, your body literally hurts and you can’t breathe.

The idea of waking up alone and living without his laughter or kisses terrifies you.

He’s become a part of you and you don’t want to give that up, now or ever.

And the best part? He feels the same way about you. That’s what true love is really about. That’s the kind of love definitely worth living for.

Final Thoughts

Having a good husband isn’t about finding a man to take care of you. It’s about finding a person who’ll respect you enough to let you take care of yourself, while making sure you know he’s got your back every step of the way.

A good marriage is all about two partners whose worlds collide in the best way possible.

One where you complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and pick up the pieces when one partner is down.

If your husband has most of the qualities above, he’s a keeper you should never stop fighting for.

The going will get tough, fights will crop up, but with this man, it’s worth every sleepless night and every bad day.

Because a man of this caliber would put you first even when the whole world is against you.

Be the wife your husband deserves to have and he’ll be the best partner you ever dared to dream about.

It’s all about reciprocity and mutual effort. And with this guy, you’ll never lack in that department.