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15 Signs You Are In A So-Called Karmic Relationship

15 Signs You Are In A So-Called Karmic Relationship

At least once in our lifetime, we have been in a romantic relationship that is known as a karmic relationship.

Most people tend to say that their karmic relationship was actually the first serious relationship in their life and that it messed them up really badly.

What is a karmic relationship?

A karmic relationship is there to teach you important lessons from your past.

Most of the time, that partner is a soul who you have met in one of your previous lifetimes and is there to help you heal experiences from a past life.

These relationships are extremely dangerous, heartbreaking, and challenging, but in my opinion, still so worth everything we go through.

Sometimes, you can be connected to this person emotionally throughout their entire life, without even being in a relationship anymore.

But keep in mind that these relationships are here simply to teach you a lesson, to make you stronger and more confident about the real deal—meaning the relationship with your soulmate.

Signs of a karmic relationship include:

1. You feel like you’ve known them forever

It’s something like when you meet your twin flame love. They seem awfully familiar to you when you first meet them.

You simply look at them and you feel like you are having a flashback but you can’t really describe the feeling.

He seems to be looking into your soul. Even if it is just a picture on his social media that you are looking at.

2. It seems like there is no end to it

Starting a karmic relationship is like willingly surrendering yourself to a very, very long roller coaster ride because it constantly goes up and down without any particular reason.

You two continue to repeat the same arguments and you have said ‘goodbye’ to one another so many times that you have even lost count.

That is what happens in a karmic relationship; it makes you relive a certain time, a relationship, enough times until you realize that you have learned your lesson.

3. You can’t see past your own needs

Don’t get me wrong—your needs are extremely important and you can’t stay in a relationship where you are not able to express your own wants and needs.

But the moment you realize that your entire relationship with this person has been you two always pushing your wants first, without you empathizing with your partner and without being able to look at your partner’s needs sometimes, or vice-versa, you will know that you are in a true karmic relationship.

Is this the moment when you can start your relationship from scratch and can you really and selflessly love your partner? If the answer is ‘no’ then you are in a real karmic relationship.

Most of the time, only one partner is being selfish but there are very often cases where both partners in the relationship only look out for themselves.

4. Your partner is a control freak

Dealing with a control freak in a relationship is the worst thing ever. Why, you may ask?

Well, after some time, you do not even know what your emotions are or what are some patterns that you have learned from him.

You turn this person into the center of your universe and everything you do is about them.

Sometimes it’s not even a conscious decision.

5. You feel like you belong together

The entire relationship, no matter what happens, you feel like you two are destined to be together.

Somehow, you see your relationship coming along through all these nasty things that keep on happening to you. You see you two as fighters who want it all to work out.

You keep on asking yourself why it continues to fail but you can’t find a valid answer.

You two love each other, don’t you? So why doesn’t it work?

The relationship and that partner seem to be coming back to you wherever you are and the only reasonable explanation you have is that destiny is pulling you together.

6. The relationship is abusive in every way

Your partner says he loves you and he throws a tantrum when you tell him that you have been thinking about leaving the relationship.

But what is actually happening is so strange and so painful for you, because he keeps on abusing you in every way imaginable.

From emotional abuse to physical and sexual. The humiliation never stops!

After a while, you might even start to believe that your emotions do not even matter anymore and that there is nothing you can do to be worthy of love.

He throws himself at you, he makes you want to have sex with him even at times when you are not feeling too great.

He does all those things that everyone has warned you about but do you listen to anyone but him? No, you don’t.

7. You become obsessed

At one point, this relationship becomes all you can think about.

No matter what you’re doing, you are always thinking about this relationship.

It’s not even that cute stage when you are so in love that you can’t stop thinking about the man whom you adore.

This is the dangerous part of a karmic relationship where people lose control because they are so obsessed with the relationship.

You might even start losing friends, people who actually might care about you.

8. They make you face your fears

The partner you’re with in a karmic relationship makes you face all your biggest fears. For example, the fear of rejection or fear of abandonment.

They see right through you into your soul and no matter whether they are doing this on purpose or not, the way the relationship is going is changing you from the core.

9. You get jealous

Even though you are not someone who gets jealous usually, in a karmic relationship, you will be.

Jealousy could easily go in the previous point because of the fact that it is actually a fear of someone being better suited to your partner and someone who will interrupt your relationship.

But jealousy deserves a special place on this list, because it makes you feel insecure, it makes you develop low self-worth and you become very sensitive with and intoxicated by this feeling.

He might be the most loyal man out there (which he is probably not) but you still feel that constant sensation inside your chest telling you that he will leave you for another woman very soon.

10. You become dependent

At one point in your karmic relationship, you will become extremely dependent on this person.

You will ask yourself questions like: How could I have ever lived without him?

And also say things like: I will never be able to love anyone but him.

In the end, these things result in you being dependent on him to the point where your independence won’t show itself, not even when it comes to stupid little tasks.

You will start to ask him if he ALLOWS you to color your hair, you will ask him for permission for the most stupid things. But it is not your fault in the end.

You can’t help it.

11. You argue all the time

Every little thing sounds like he is provoking you to make you angry and everything you say he hears in another tone and starts a fight.

You can’t seem to have a moment of rest and you constantly feel like you’re on edge, so you can’t relax, not even for a moment.

You have to be very careful with your words because they might offend him easily.

12. You can’t recognize yourself

A karmic relationship can go on for years, or you might break up and get back together, but no matter what the case is with you two, you simply cannot recognize yourself.

You start to think about the you who you were months ago and you see two completely different people.

This relationship changes you to the core. It makes you see parts of yourself that have never shown themselves before and you end up not knowing yourself anymore.

You might even go as far as to say that he knows you better than you know yourself.

13. You forget how to love yourself

All your time, energy, love and affection goes toward this person and you forget how to love yourself.

You forget about the one person you should be doing everything for just to make her happy.

You forget about yourself, because now the whole world revolves around him and your relationship.

Of course, his abuse plays a big role in this because he uses harsh words to make his point come across and there is nothing inside you that you can counter him with when he says that you are worthless.

You forget about your own beauty, you forget about how fearless you once were.

14. It doesn’t last

As said at the beginning of this article, this relationship doesn’t last.

Thankfully, this relationship is only there to teach you valuable lessons about life and love and how to treat someone and yourself.

A karmic relationship isn’t like a relationship with your soulmate but rather something to show you what you deserve.

The relationship might go on for years but in the end, no matter how painful the break-up might be, you finally split up.

If you’re now remembering a relationship in your life that matches all of the signs above and it simply did not work out for the two of you, then you have been in a karmic relationship without even knowing.

15. You become stronger

The most positive part about this relationship is the fact that you get out of this stronger than you have ever been before.

A karmic relationship teaches you that you can’t allow someone to treat you like a doormat. It teaches you that loving yourself is the best thing you can do.

No matter how hard it is or must have been, this karmic relationship is what will teach you so many valuable lessons that you will hold on to for the rest of your life and you should be thankful for that.


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